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Music by Al Piantadosi
Lyrics by Felix A. Feist
Date 1910
Source The Echo (musical)

The song Skid-dy-mer-rink-adink-aboomp (Means I Love You), known to most as Skinnamarink, originated in the 1910 Broadway musical The Echo, a comedy production by Charles Dillingham.

While the show closed after a few months, the song endured, and was repopularized in the 1950s by Jimmy Durante. In the 1980s, the song's chorus became synonymous in Canada with children's entertainers Sharon, Lois & Bram, who after featuring the song in every episode of The Elephant Show, started a series called Skinnamarink TV.

Spellings of the title include "Skid-dy-mer-rink-adink-aboomp", "Skiddy-Mer-Rink-A-Doo", "Skinamarink", "Skinnamarink", and "Skiddamarink", the original.

In Ernie's Show and Tell, during episode 3980 of Sesame Street, Ernie asks his friend Raj to sing a song. Raj chooses "Skinnamarink", which Ernie doesn't know.

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