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Sing Along title card

Sing Along's featureless title card.

Sing Along is the 1987 home video release of Sesame Street Episode 2443 in the "My Sesame Street Home Video" series. In it, Big Bird, Hoots the Owl, Bob, Gordon, Maria, David and the kids go to the roof of the 123 Sesame Street building to have a sing-along. They close the sing-along with a show-stopping finale, "What's the Name of That Song?".

Meanwhile, Biff and Sully are up on the roof trying to fix a TV set, but every time it gets fixed, something goes wrong, causing the set to be broken again.




Scans of the song book from the original VHS release.


Linking Footage

Bob, Gordon, David, Maria, Big Bird, Hoots the Owl, Biff, Sully, The Kids and Ernie (voice only for the "Rubber Duckie" intro)


Muppet Performers

Human Cast

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