Songs from Sesame Street
Released 1996
Format CD
Label Sony Wonder
Cat no. LK 67333
LK 67469

Sing-Along Travel Songs is a Sesame Street album featuring songs about traveling by car, as well as other forms of transportation.

"Let's Sing A Song That Everybody Knows" has a small edit that is different from the version from Sesame Street Sing-Along!.

Track listing

  1. Sesame Street Theme - Elmo and Zoe
  2. Goin' for a Ride - The Anything Muppets
  3. Ninety Nine Bats (In My Car Today) - The Count and Prairie Dawn
  4. Let's Go Driving - Gordon, Susan, Ernie and Bert
  5. Standing at the Bus Stop Sign - Hoots the Owl
  6. Forty Blocks from My Home - Farley
  7. Drive My Car - Elmo
  8. Forty Three Bats (In My Car Today) - The Count and Prairie Dawn
  9. How Do You Get from Here to There? - Big Bird and Zoe
  10. Medley: Let's Sing A Song That Everybody Knows/The Bear Went Over The Mountain/The Eensy Weensy Spider/Alphabet Song/George Washington Bridge/Let's Sing A Song That Everybody Knows (Reprise) - Ernie and Bert
  11. Down Below the Street - 14 Karat Soul
  12. Stop! - Biff, Roxy Marie and Benny Rabbit
  13. Are We There Yet? - Elmo
  14. Take the Hand of Someone You Love - The Oinker Sisters
  15. One Last Bat (In My Car Today) - The Count and Prairie Dawn

Other releases

  • LT 67333 (Sony Wonder cassette, 1996)
  • LT 67469 (Sony Wonder cassette, 1996)

International releases

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