Simon Moore in a Gulliver's Travels documentary

Simon Moore (b. 1958) is a British screenwriter, playwright, and sometime director. He scripted the Jim Henson Company TV production Gulliver's Travels, winning an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries or a Special. He wrote for other Henson-involved projects, including the Creature Shop-effects TV movie The Snow Queen and the 2017 Henson Co. co-produced animated feature The Star.

Moore authored the stage musical Up on the Roof (later directing his own film adaptation in 1997) and wrote the BBC series Traffik (with Bill Paterson, Lindsay Duncan, and Julia Ormond). The series was later adapted as the Hollywood film Traffic. Moore went on to write and direct Under Suspicion (with Liam Neeson) and as writer only for The Quick and the Dead (with Sharon Stone).

Following Gulliver's Travels, Moore scripted a spate of Hallmark Entertainment fantasy miniseries and movies, including The 10th Kingdom.

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