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Buckley poses with a Kermit puppet.

Simon Buckley is a British puppeteer and marionette performer who has worked on a number of Muppet and Creature Shop productions. His other credits include numerous British television shows and theatre productions; his best known character may be Nobby the Sheep from the show Gimme 5.

Muppet Credits

Non Muppet Puppeteering

  • Spitting Image (most of it. In the later series he puppeteered but did not voice the Tony Blair puppet amongst many others)
  • The Spooks Of Bottle Bay (Seasons 2 and 3 only)
  • Gimmie Five (Nobby The Sheep)
  • The Pig Attraction


  • According to his official website, Buckley is also an Anglican priest licensed to St Anne's Church in Soho (London).

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