Simcha Barbiro (b. 1967) is an Israeli voice actor who voiced Gonzo in Hebrew dub of The Muppets. He reprised the role in the dub of Muppets Most Wanted, along with other roles. He has been heard in other Muppet/Creature Shop dubs and, from 2012 onward, voiced various characters on Rechov Sumsum, including at times Telly Monster.

Active in dubbing since 1992, Barbiro dubbed Sylvester and Elmer Fudd in Looney Tunes projects for several years, Popeye and Eugene the Jeep on Popeye and Son, Ludwig von Drake on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Harvey Bullock on Batman: The Animated Series, Dinky on The Littles, Vernon Fenwick on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the narrator on Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, and the male voice trumpets on Teletubbies.

Feature animation roles include Mr. Snoops in The Rescuers, Skinner in Ratatouille, Yeti in Monsters University, Robespierre in Mr. Peabody and Sherman, the cook in Titan A.E., and the Tapper bartender in Wreck-It Ralph.

Muppet/Henson dubbing credits