Sight & Sound was a company that reissued Sesame Street albums on cassette between 1983 and 1990. These albums had previously been released on Sesame Street Records. It is not known if these were only available through educational suppliers or if they were sold in retail stores. One known new title was called The Best of Sesame Street, and it was also released on CD, and may also have been issued on vinyl. Dating these titles can be confusing, since some titles only have the original year of release on them, even though they came out after that, while others have two dates: the original year, and the year of reissue.

Known Sight & Sound titles

Sesame Street sing along pack

(Might also be named "Sesame Street sing along gift pack")

6 Cassette Pack

A 6-cassette set which includes The Count Counts, Every Body's Cassette, What Time Is It on Sesame Street?, For the First Time, The People in Your Neighborhood, and Havin' Fun with Ernie & Bert.

Big Bird's Music Pack

A 3-cassette set which includes Numbers!, The Muppet Alphabet Album, and Getting Ready for School. It comes in a plastic holder shaped like a jukebox, with Big Bird's picture on it.