Siegfried Böhmke and two of his Astututli puppets

Siegfried Böhmke is a German puppeteer who operated Uncle Traveling Matt and Gobo on every episode of Die Fraggles, the German version of Fraggle Rock. His wife, Eva Böhmke, also worked on the series.

Böhmke began his career at a young age, working at Munich puppet theatres at the age of 12. Following his collaboration with Jim Henson on Die Fraggles, the puppeteer continued to work on television, playing such characters as the title character in Gustav and Bino the mouse in Bim Bam Bino. He currently serves as head of the Das Münchner Marionettentheater, where he directs, scripts, builds puppets, and performs, in such diverse offerings as the Bavarian folktale Astutuli and Winnie the Pooh (playing the title role).

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