Fraggle AlbumCover ShineOn
Songs from Fraggle Rock
Released 2013
Format digital download
Label Beta Petrol/Jim Henson Company
Cat no.

Shine On is a 2013 digital album that features covers of Fraggle Rock songs by indie rock artists. The album was released by the Jim Henson Company as part of the show's 30th anniversary.

Track List

  1. "Why" - Red Fang
  2. "Helping Hand" - City Lights
  3. "Brave Boy Jump" - Chalk and Numbers
  4. "Treasure of the Fraggles" - Dabrye
  5. "I'm a Little Stewpot" - Hairy Vetch
  6. "Pukka, Pukka, Pukka Squeedly Bonk" - Flash Hawk Parlour Ensemble
  7. "Let Me Be Your Song" - Sleepy Sun
  8. "Dixie Wailin'" - Spencer Moody
  9. "See Water Run" - Mosquitoes
  10. "Shine On" - Corin Tucker Band
  11. "Voodoo Spell" - Mr. Tube & The High Flying Objects
  12. "The Wind and the Pond and the Moon and Me" - Cynthia Nelson
  13. "Let Me Be Your Song" - transmissions
  14. "Dance Your Cares Away" - Residual Echoes
  15. "The Terrible Tunnel" - nick dewitt
  16. "Turn Your Buttons Down" - Frontier Ruckus
  17. "You're On Your Own" - Paul Brill
  18. "I've Seen Troubles" - Thee Oh Sees
  19. "Yucky" - PC Worship

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