Songs from Sesamstrasse
Released 1976
Format LP
Label Poly
Cat no. 2432 160

Sesamstrasse, Folge 3 (Sesame Street, Volume 3) is a soundtrack album for Sesamstrasse, the German co-production of Sesame Street. It compiles songs and sketches from the show, using the original voice track from the show, including a dubbed voice for Bob. The German street scenes, and related human cast, would not arrive until the following year.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Der, Die, Das (Sesamstrasse Theme) - Children's choir and orchestra
  2. Ernie und Bert teilen sich eine Banane (literally 'Ernie and Bert share a banana'; Sharing a Banana) - Ernie and Bert
  3. Schneewittchen und die 6 Zwerge (Snow White and the 6 Dwarfs) - Snow White, Schnuppi, Schlucki, Blacky, Schlicki, Schlampi and Schleichi
  4. Q wie Quatsch (literally 'Q as in nonsense'; The Q Game) - Bert and Ernie
  5. Kermit hält einen Vortrag über Frösche (literally 'Kermit gives a lecture on frogs'; Kermit and the Bullfrog) - Kermit and Bob
  6. Ernie kann nicht einschlafen [Leicht wie ein bunter Luftballon] (literally 'Ernie can't get to sleep [As light as a colorful balloon]'; Imagination) - Bert and Ernie

Side Two

  1. Krümelmonster hat eine Kekszählmaschine (literally 'Cookie Monster has a cookie counting machine'; Cookie Counter) - Cookie Monster and Ernie
  2. Lulatsch hat ein Geheimnis (Herry has a secret) - Herry, Grover, Rosemary, Pamela and Fenwick
  3. Schlemihl singt das Lied vom O (literally 'Lefty sings the song of O'; Would You Like to Buy an O?) - Lefty and Ernie
  4. Die Geschichte vom "Unglücklichen Königreich" (The story about "The Sad Kingdom") - A storyteller and the King's subjects
  5. Ernie und Bert sind am Strand (Bert and Ernie are at the Beach) - Bert, Ernie and Lefty
  6. Ernie zählt Schäfchen (Ernie counts sheep) - Ernie and Bert

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