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The first Muppet-related stamps were issued in 1996 by the Netherlands to honor the 20th anniversary of Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street. Two different stamps were printed—a ƒ 0.70 stamp featuring Bert and Ernie, and a ƒ 0.80 stamp featuring Tommie, Ieniemienie and Pino's legs. Both stamps where designed by Laurent Linn, who later designed the 33¢ USA stamp of Big Bird as part of the 1999 se-tenant issue Celebrate the Century: 1970s.

In 2003, the Netherlands issued two more Sesamstraat stamps—one featuring an image of Sien Diels and the other an image of Tommie. Both stamps have a face value of € 0.39 and were printed in positions 5 and 10, respectively, as part of a se-tenant sheetlet of ten called tien persoonlijke postzegels (ten personalized postage stamps.)[1][2]

In 2006 the Netherlands issued another €0.39 stamp to honor the 30th anniversary of Sesamstraat. These stamps were printed in a se-tenant sheetlet of ten entitled KEUZE VAN NEDERLAND (Chosen by the Dutch) and were chosen by a pole of the Dutch people. The sheetlet contains two each of the Sesamstraat stamp—which bears the images of Pino and Purk—along with 2 each of 4 other stamps.

In 2008 the Netherlands issued a €0.44 stamp and feature a picture of Ernie and Bert.[3] These stamps are part of a series called de jaren: 50,60,70 nostalgie in postzegels (of the fifties, sixties, and seventies: nostalgia in postage stamps) and were printed in a sheetlet of ten identical stamps. The stamps could only be bought by subscribing to the complete series, which was spread over 3 years and comprised 75 different sheets of stamps, each having a different theme.

The most recent Sesamstraat stamps were issued in 2011 with the new mark on it. Stamps in the Netherlands now showing a 1 (€0,37) for values to 20 grams or 2 for values from 20 to 50 grams postages. The stamp features our grumpy and kind of posh meneer Aart. To celebrate the show in the series: Discover 60 years of Dutch Television. It was number 29 from 36 and came with an audiopen wich played the show tunes when you pointed at it.

Notes and Sources

  1. The standard sheetlet of tien persoonlijke postzegels contains ten different stamps, including one each of Sien Diels and Tommie. However, for an added fee, postal customers could have a single, personalized image printed on all 10 stamps.
  2. These and other personalized postage stamps issued in the Netherlands and some other countries actually comprise two pieces separated by perforations—the actual postage stamp, which contains information on the denomination and country of origin (in this case, the Netherlands), and a tag that serves a purely decorative purpose. Thus, the 2003 Sesamstraat stamps are valid for postage even if the tags (images of Sien Diels and Tommie) are removed.
  3. In 2009, the Netherlands issued a se-tenant sheetlet of three €0.44 stamps honoring Dikkie Dik, an orange cat featured in children's picture books by Jet Boeke. Dikkie Dik picture stories have been read aloud by cast members on Sesamstraat since March 8, 1978.

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