Rubo Toys produced a series of Sesamstraat plush dolls in 2005. The following characters were made:

The dolls are made of a very soft and fluffy material. This doll series marks the merchandise debut of Purk. The Pino and Ieniemienie dolls look like they're based on the designs of the Mattel Sesamstraat Dolls from the previous year. Later in the year, miniature keychain versions Pino, Purk, Bert and Ernie were released as promotional toys for Célavita potatoes.

In 2007, Pino, Tommie, Ieniemienie and Purk got changed a bit. Pino's neck was a bit thicker, and Purk's diaper changed darker blue. The second version with the white with blue flowers on the diaper, was produced in Brasil, but selden arrived on the Dutch market.

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