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Package of cards




In 1992, Idolmaker produced a set of 100 Sesame Street trading cards. The cards were sold in packs of 10, with 36 packs to a box. The cards included series on numbers, letters, trees, the circus, the wild west, and animals.

Card List

  1. The Count counts
  2. Big Bird 1 Balloon
  3. Herry Monster 2 Dolls
  4. Ernie 3 Kites
  5. Prairie Dawn 4 Cars
  6. Betty Lou 5 Apples
  7. Sherlock Hemlock 6 Feathers
  8. Amazing Mumford 7 Rabbits
  9. Bert 8 Socks
  10. Grover 9 Cups
  11. Cookie Monster 10 Cupcakes
  12. Grover 11 Blocks
  13. Oscar 12 Cans
  14. The Count 13 Bats
  15. Betty Lou 14 Jacks
  16. Fifteen Twiddlebugs
  17. Ernie 16 Flowers
  18. Grover 17 Butterflies
  19. Bert 18 Bottle Caps
  20. Cookie Monster 19 Cookies
  21. The Count 20 Stars
  22. A Grover and an Airplane
  23. B Bert and Ernie on Bicycles
  24. C and D Grover's Mommy and her Cat and Dog
  25. E Little Bird and an Egg
  26. F Oscar the Grouch and a Fish
  27. G and H Grover and his Guitar and Horse
  28. I Ice Cream, and J Jack-in-the-Box
  29. K Sherlock Hemlock and a Key
  30. L and M The Count with Lantern and Moon
  31. N Big Bird and Little Bird and a Nest
  32. O Ernie and an Octopus
  33. P and Q A Piano and a Queen
  34. R Cookie at the end of the Rainbow
  35. S Bert on Skates
  36. T Monsters and Telephones
  37. U Ernie with an Umbrella
  38. V The Count and his Violin
  39. W Grover riding a Wagon
  40. X Cookie Monster and a Xylophone
  41. Y Bert with a Yo-yo
  42. Z Prairie Dawn and a Zipper
  43. Oh, Oh! Oscar's favorite camp is very messy
  44. Grover and butterflies love flowers
  45. The girls help Grover plant a little tree
  46. "Someday our tree might be that big."
  47. Colorful fall leaves are fun to play in
  48. Tide pools are fun for Elmo and Grover
  49. "Gee, Bert, this looks kind of fishy."
  50. The Sesame Street gang goes to the circus!
  51. Elephants like peanuts, don't they, Ernie?
  52. The Ringmaster welcomes them to the Big Top
  53. That's a great bubble, Elmo
  54. Cookie, you should be twirling a plate
  55. "Are you hungry, baby elephant?"
  56. Bert and Ernie are doing very well...
  57. Oh, what fun!
  58. The gang gets ready for their own circus
  59. The Sesame Street performers are great
  60. Sesame Street gang goes West by train.
  61. They're off on the treasure hunt.
  62. "Back up a little more, Bert."
  63. Hey, Buddy. We're lost!
  64. In the canyon, the gang pans for gold...
  65. We're going into the mine
  66. "Hey, pardners! I think we struck it rich!"
  67. Finding a treasure calls for a fiesta
  68. A present for Ernie
  69. Kitty gets a drink of milk
  70. Kitty's fur is silky after brushing
  71. Good night, Bert. Good night, Ernie.
  72. Oscar says, "Is your shell like a can?"
  73. Bert's pigeon with Big Bird's macaw?
  74. Grover's puppy
  75. Herry Monster's goldfish wins first prize
  76. Our friends visit the petting farm
  77. "Baby goats are nifty," thinks Bert
  78. Farmer Grover feeds a lamb
  79. Ernie feeds all the duckies
  80. "Pigs are my favorite animals", says Oscar
  81. "It's time to feed bunny. Mm, good carrot."
  82. Prairie Dawn's chicks eat corn
  83. "Come on up, Big Bird. The weather's fine."
  84. Did you know a sea lion barks like a dog?
  85. The macaw is a long-tailed parrot
  86. Big Bird likes the Australian koala
  87. The serval is a very high jumper
  88. A cheetah can hide easily in tall grass
  89. The camel stores fat, not water, in its hump
  90. Oscar loves his green friend, the iguana
  91. The tortoise lives on land," says Bert
  92. A playful otter
  93. The jackal is a wild dog from Africa
  94. Boa constrictors are kinda scary looking
  95. "Okay, gang, time for the safari to start."
  96. A rhinoceros has poor eyesight but good hearing
  97. Zebras belong to the horse family
  98. Each giraffe is different
  99. A big elephant is really very graceful
  100. Gorillas are called gentle giants

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