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Applause produced Sesame Street tin canisters illustrated by Joe Mathieu.

Hooper's Store

One tin is designed to replicate the building on Sesame Street that houses Hooper's Store. Above the Hooper's awning are two Honkers while Grover serves ice cream from the storefront. The side of the building facing the courtyard sits a fat blue man feeding pigeons as a boy tosses a paper airplane down from a window. On the opposite end of the building, where the Fix-It Shop would normally be, a freshly baked pie cools on the windowsill above a man using a telephone booth. The back of the building features a doctor's office, across which Snuffy is walking while giving a ride to Prairie Dawn. Two characters sit on the roof of the structure having a picnic and enjoying music from their boombox.

Applause-tin-JoeMathieu Mathieutin-top
Mathieutin-front Mathieutin-right Mathieutin-back Mathieutin-left


Cookie Monster works at a bakery serving (and eating cookies), while Farley and Roosevelt Franklin compare ice cream cones from the windows above. Around the corner to the right, Barkley is playing chase with a smaller dog while a Fat Blue is hanging laundry out on a clothes line. The back of the building finds Sherlock Hemlock investigating a Twiddlebug as Prairie Dawn places a "Quiet Please" sign at the end of a red, horned monster's trombone. Herry Monster walks by the left side of the building with a stack of grocery bags, to which a Lavender boy helps himself to some grapes. On the roof, a boy treats a neighborhood cat to a saucer of milk.

Tinbakery Tinbakery-top
Tinbakery-front Tinbakery-right Tinbakery-back Tinbakery-left


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