IMG 1414

Canadian Count Puppet with Box, Wand and Cape

Educational Toys, Inc., a division of Topper Corp., produced the first line of Sesame Street toys in 1971, including a set of five hand puppets -- Big Bird, Ernie, Bert, Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster. A sixth puppet, Roosevelt Franklin, was added in 1972. Count von Count was also made, but was only sold in Canada.

The Ernie, Bert and Roosevelt Franklin puppets had vinyl heads, with stuffed arms. The Roosevelt Franklin puppet came with a plastic "wand", which could be attached to the puppet's wrists to move its arms.

The Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch puppets were made of plush fabric, and they had a ring that could be pulled to move the puppets' arms. The Big Bird puppet was a full-body plush doll.

Questor acquired the license in 1973, and produced a new line of Sesame Street puppets under the Child Guidance label. Questor's 1973 line was very similar to Topper's, and used similar "How to play with this puppet" instructional material on the boxes.

1971 line

1972 line

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