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Questor produced a set of Sesame Street hand puppets from 1973 to 1978 under the Child Guidance label. This was a continuation of Topper's Sesame puppet line, which used similar designs.

The first line produced in 1973 included the same six characters that Topper had produced -- Ernie, Bert and Roosevelt Franklin with vinyl heads and stuffed arms, plush fabric Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster puppets, and a full-body plush Big Bird. Questor added a seventh character to the line, a plush fabric Grover.

Ernie, Bert, Roosevelt Franklin and Grover were packaged with a plastic "wand", which could be attached to the puppet's wrists to move its arms. The Oscar and Cookie Monster puppets did not have a plastic ring that would move the puppets' arms, as the Topper puppets did.

Over the next few years, Questor added three more puppets to the set -- the Count, Herry Monster, and an Anything Muppet, which came packaged with eyes, noses and hair that could be attached to the doll to create different characters.

By 1977, three of the puppets had been redesigned -- Ernie, Bert and Big Bird became regular plush fabric hand puppets. The Roosevelt Franklin puppet's vinyl head remained unchanged.

CBS Toys purchased Questor in 1979, and continued the line of Sesame puppets under the Gabriel Toys/Child Guidance labels.

The toys were distributed in Canada by Irwin Toy Limited.[1]

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