Tyco produced a series of Sesame Street playsets with PVC figures.

The following playsets were produced:

  • City Playset with figures of Big Bird, Oscar, Ernie and Cookie Monster (street set with cars)
  • Farm Playset with figures of farmer Big Bird, farmer Grover, farmer Bert and farmer Ernie, Barkley, Muppet Horse (perhaps Buster), Muppet Cow (perhaps Gladys), Muppet Sheep, Muppet Pig
  • Circus Playset with figures of ringmaster Big Bird, clown Ernie, and animal trainer Cookie (plus circus tent, cage and animals)
  • Garage Playset with figures of mechanics Big Bird, Elmo, Oscar and Cookie Monster
  • Funfair Playset with figures of Cookie Monster with cookies, Ernie with candy, Elmo with spun sugar and Zoe with lollipop
  • Caravan Playset with figures of hiking Big Bird, Prairie Dawn, Ernie and Elmo reading newspaper

Car And Figure Playsets:

  • Mailman Big Bird with van and letterbox
  • Grocer Ernie (figure from farm playset)
  • Mechanic Cookie (figure from garage playset)
  • Camper Elmo with car, campfire and canoe
  • Camper Bert with canoe