Gund produced a series of Sesame Street mini holiday plush in 2005, medium size holiday plush in 2006, and large holiday plush in 2005 and the two consecutive years.

Mini Holiday Plush

The Mini Holiday plush are based on Gund's Sesame Street Mini Collection. Each plush figure is approximately 6 inches high.

Medium Holiday Plush

Gund produced three medium size holiday plush in 2006.

Large Holiday Plush

Gund produced a large Cookie Monster holiday plush in 2005, followed by an Elmo holiday plush in 2006, and a Borders exclusive Elmo holiday plush in 2007. They continued to make Elmo plush in subsequent years also.

Musical Holiday Collection

Gund produced four plush toys in the Sesame Street Musical Holiday Collection in 2010. Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster and Grover are dressed in Christmas-themed costumes; the toys play "Jingle Bells".

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