Questor Education Products Company contracted with Children's Television Workshop in 1973 to produce a line of Sesame Street toys.

In 1971-72, CTW had contracted with Educational Toys, Inc., a subsidiary of Topper Corp., who produced a line of six Sesame Street finger puppets. When the contract with Topper ended in mid-1972, the finger puppets were distributed for six months by Gabriel Toys.

Questor produced new versions of the six Sesame finger puppets -- Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Grover, Cookie Monster, Ernie and Bert. In 1974, they added another three finger puppets to the set -- Roosevelt Franklin, Sherlock Hemlock and Lefty the Salesman.

The toys were produced by Child Horizons Inc., a division of Questor, under the Child Guidance label.

In 1978, Questor and the Child Guidance label were acquired by CBS Toys, who continued the original line of six finger puppets under the Gabriel Toys label, and added two new characters -- Herry Monster and Count von Count. See Sesame Street finger puppets (CBS Toys) for more.

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