Deleted scenes from Sesame Street productions.

Street Stories

Picture Episode Description
Episode 4106 A Muppet caricature of Donald Trump was described to appear in the episode as a taxi driver,[1] but no such scene was included in the broadcast.
Episode 4426 Stinky the Stinkweed, left out of a plant encyclopedia, wonders what species he could be instead. Gina passes by with her dog, giving him the idea he might be a dog.
Cut from the broadcast version, this scene was re-inserted into the story on the DVD Elmo's Favorite Stories.
Episode 4519 After serving the Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe's children some smoothies, Telly and Alan give them dessert. The empty tray and dishes are visible during the street story's conclusion.
Episode 4618 Cookie Monster, trying to find a suitable gift for Mother's Day, acquires a cookie-shaped pillow, which he ends up eating. The remains of the pillow are visible on the table as Grover approaches them with his locket.
Episode 4632 The chase between Elmo-Fish, Abby-Fish and the Cowabunga Cookie Shark was trimmed down in the televised version, where the Cookie Shark exclaims, "Come back here with me sea cookie!"
The full scene was restored for its release on Elmo and Cookie Monster Supersized Fun.


Picture Production Description
"Imagination" A prologue, where imaginary monsters torment Ernie as he tries to sleep, leading to the song, was originally filmed, but test screenings found the segment's message was lost because of the opening segment.[2] A new opening was filmed, which was then woven into footage from the original shoot.

Other Productions

Picture Production Description
20 and Still Counting Two scenes involving Kermit reporting on the street do not appear in the final version of the special. One scene involved an appearance by the Honkers (they can briefly be seen during the first news segment, entering the frame just before it cuts away). Another scene featured Kermit talking with Elmo.
20 and Still Counting An encounter between Bill Cosby and Count von Count was cut from the final special.

Described scenes

These scenes have been mentioned in online episode descriptions or otherwise, with no evidence as to whether or not they were actually filmed.

Super Grover runs in. He needs a count down to fly off and save the world! With some help from Super Grover and a number line, Elmo and Abby are able to count down to one as Grover blasts off.[3]

Leela and Baby Bear are looking for a new game to play and Oscar’s dirt turns out to be perfect to play “Buried Treasure.” They dig in the dirt and find all kinds of hidden treasures...Bert even finds a rare bottle cap to add to his collection.[4]


  • Repeated street stories in season 46 often omit sections of the story to fit them in the condensed show time.

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  2. Truglio, Rosemarie T. G is for Growing. p. 11
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