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Funrise Toys has produced a series of Sesame Street bubble toys featuring Elmo, Dorothy and an octopus.

In 2008, Funrise released two Elmo bubble toys. The motorized toy was first marketed as the "Elmo Motorized Bubble Machine", and later as "Gazillion Bubbles Elmo Bubble Blower".

The dip & blow toy was first "Elmo Non-Motorized Bubble Blower", and later "Scuba Elmo and Octavia Dip & Blow Bubble Maker". Coincidentally, the 1980 Sesame Street book The Sesame Street Pet Show also features an octopus named Octavia; that octopus is the pet of Count von Count, who likes to count her eight legs.

Funrise also produced a line of four Sesame Street Bubble Topper Sets in 2008, bottles of bubble fluid with wands topped with PVC figures of Elmo, Ernie, Cookie Monster and Grover.

In 2009, Funrise made an Easter-themed bubble toy, "Elmo's Easter Bubble Wand Set".

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