The following is a list of videos currently available at for viewing in their "Videos" section that are labeled as "current" segments (from and after the 25th season). However, one clip, with Ray Charles singing "Believe in Yourself", is incorrectly given the "classic" label (it came after season 25 started, evident by the presence of Zoe who was introduced in season 25).

See also Sesame Street Video Player: Classic Clips.


  1. 1 Limerick -- A song about the number one.
  2. 10 Dancing Kids -- Ten kids dancing. (animation)
  3. 10 Japanese Ladies -- Ten Japanese ladies. (cartoon)
  4. 10 Music Cases -- Ten music cases. (cartoon)
  5. 10 Waterskiing Hippos -- Animation of ten hippos waterskiing. (cartoon)
  6. 10 With Zoe And Elmo – Zoe and Elmo write the number 10.
  7. 10: Butterfly -- A butterfly rearranges 10 petals. (CG animation)
  8. 11 Birds In The Nest -- Count eleven birds flying through a tree. (animation)
  9. 11 Clowns Honking -- Animation with two clowns counting to eleven. (cartoon)
  10. 11 Music Cases -- Eleven music cases. (cartoon)
  11. 11 Waterskiing Hippos -- Animation of eleven waterskiing hippos. (cartoon)
  12. 12 Clowns Honking -- Animation with two clowns counting to twelve. (cartoon)
  13. 13 Swings – A boy pushes a girl on a swing 13 times. (w/ the Count)
  14. 13 Waterskiing Hippos -- Animation of thirteen hippos waterskiing. (cartoon)
  15. 14 Baskets – TJ shoots 14 baskets. (animation)
  16. 14 Lightning Bugs -- Fourteen lightning bugs line up and light up. (cartoon)
  17. 14 Worms In Space -- Worms form the number fourteen. (w/ Slimey)
  18. 15 Japanese Crests -- Counting to fifteen using Japanese crests. (animation)
  19. 15 Seconds Of Noses – Natasha has to show us a nose. (w/ Humphrey)
  20. 15 Seconds To Show Between -- Humphrey, Ingrid and Baby Natasha explain what "between" means.
  21. 16 Acorns - 16 acorns on a tree. (cartoon)
  22. 17 Music Cases -- Music cases with instruments in them. (cartoon)
  23. 17 Worms in Space -- Worms form the number seventeen. (w/ Slimey)
  24. 18 Acrobatic Pigs -- Animation of eighteen pigs doing acrobatics. (cartoon)
  25. 18 Chairs And Bears – Eighteen chairs with bears in them. (animation)
  26. 19 Acrobatic Pigs – Animation of nineteen pigs doing acrobatics. (cartoon)
  27. 19 Chairs And Bears -- Animation of nineteen teddy bears and chairs. (cartoon)
  28. 2 Limerick -- A song about the number two.
  29. 20 Chairs And Bears -- Animation of twenty teddy bears and chairs.
  30. 3 Limerick -- A song about the number three.
  31. 3 Song On The Farm -- A farmer sings a song about the number three. (animation)
  32. 30 Rocks -- Liz Lemon gets a delivery of thirty rocks.
  33. 30 Second Surprise – Grover shows us surprised. (w/ Prairie Dawn)
  34. 3: Jack in the Box – A girl turns a jack in the box handle 3 times. (film/animation)
  35. 5 At The Museum -- A Demuth painting about the number five. (cartoon)
  36. 5: Space – The number 5 in outer space. (animation)
  37. 5, Rue Sesame Theme
  38. 8 Clowns Honking -- Animation with two clowns counting to eight. (cartoon)
  39. 8 Limerick -- A song about the number eight. (cartoon)
  40. 9 Chickens -- Animation about counting nine chickens. (cartoon)
  41. 9 Worms In Space -- Worms in outer space form the number nine. (w/ Slimey)


  1. A - Apple -- Words that begin with the letter A. (cartoon)
  2. A At The Beach -- A video about the letter A at the beach. (film)
  3. A Baby Baby Bear -- (street scenes from episode 4055) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  4. A Bug Poem – A poem about bugs. (animation)
  5. A Circus Clown Family – A father/daughter circus act. (film)
  6. A Circus Trapeze Family – A family that performs the trapeze act. (film)
  7. A Day At School -- Children go to school in Jordan. (film)
  8. A Day At School -- Children go to school in Jordan. (w/ Grover and Khokha)
  9. A Day In The Park In Manila – A boy goes to a park in the Phillippines. (film)
  10. A Doll For Elmo – Abby and Elmo rhyme together.
  11. A Boy Paints At An Easel – A boy talks about painting. (film)
  12. A Gift From Grandma -- Grandma makes a very special gift. (film)
  13. A Gift From Grandma -- Grandma makes a very special gift. (includes The Adventures of Grover and Khokha intro)
  14. A Girl Paints At An Easel – A girl talks about painting. (film)
  15. A Holiday Card – Big Bird and Snuffy send holiday wishes. (from Elmo's World: Happy Holidays!)
  16. A New Way To Walk” – Destiny's Child walks with Grover, Elmo & Zoe.
  17. A Room With A View – A bird tries to get a nest for her eggs.
  18. A Squid Says The Alphabet -- The Bookaneers say the alphabet with a squid. (w/ Elmo, Alan and Tina Fey, from episode 4135)
  19. A Tree Wants To Leave The Park -- Bob pretends to be a tree in the summer. (w/ Maria, Telly, Gordon and Tarah)
  20. A's Anatomy -- Dr. Grover helps fix a letter 'A.'
  21. A: Apple With Elmo – Slimey tells Elmo that ‘apple’ begins with A.
  22. Abby – Donche helps Abby practice the aplahbet! (originally titled “Abby And Donche Alphabet”)
  23. Abby – Kayla sings the alphabet with Abby.
  24. Abby And Elizabeth: Pets – Abby and Elizabeth talk about pets.
  25. Abby And Elmo Pretend – Abby and Elmo pretend to be monkeys.
  26. Abby and Miri Play The Violin - Miri Ben-Ari plays the violin with Abby. (w/ Elmo, from "Elmo's World: Violins") ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})'
  27. Abby Arrives On Sesame Street - (street scene for episode 4109) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  28. Abby Counts -- Abby Cadabby counts to ten with the Count. (from Episode 4109)
  29. Abby Holds Hands -- Abby Cadabby crosses the street with Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus. (from Episode 4109)
  30. Abby Reads to Marco - Abby reads Real People Tales. (w/ Gordon and Gina)
  31. Abby Rescues An Elephant – Abby turns a pumpkin back into an elephant.
  32. Abby Starts School -- Abby starts school. (from Episode 4110) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  33. Abby Studies Fairytales – Abby can’t play because she has to study. (from Abby in Wonderland)
  34. Abby's New Friends -- Abby Cadabby makes friends with Elmo and Zoe. (from Episode 4109)
  35. Abby's Tricycle -- (street scene for episode 4210)
  36. Abby's Wand Magic -- Abby Cadabby shows Elmo some magic tricks.
  37. ABC Hip Hop” – Miles sings the alphabet with monsters.
  38. Abcd Blue -- Police Monsters help sing the alphabet. (w/ Grover and Herry Monster)
  39. Above And Below -- Elmo and Zoe show above and below.
  40. Abuela Drawing – A boy draws for his Grandma in Mexico. (animation)
  41. Accidents Happen -- Telling the truth about breaking a window. (cartoon)
  42. Acrobats Counting Boys -- Count five acrobat boys. (film)
  43. Acrobats Counting Dishes -- Acrobats count four spinning dishes. (film)
  44. Acrobats Counting Girls -- Acrobats count four girls. (film)
  45. Acrobats: “Up And Down” – You can get right up when you’re feeling down. (film)
  46. Action Elephant - An elephant gets Maria to get up and dance. (w/ Luis)
  47. Adam Sandler: Crunchy -- Adam Sandler explains the word crunchy. (w/ Cookie Monster) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  48. Adam Sandler: Song About Elmo - Adam Sandler sings a song about Elmo. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  49. Adding Flowers -- Adding flowers to get six. (animation)
  50. Adding Pineapples – Two plus two pineapples. (animation)
  51. Adding With The Fiddler -- Another episode of Monsterpiece Theater.
  52. "Adding, Adding, Adding" – Ernie wants to sing a song about addition. (w/ Bert)
  53. Addition Expedition” – LL Cool J and Elmo add ‘em up!
  54. Adrian Grenier: Season - Adrian Grenier talks about the word "season". (w/ Elmo and Rico)
  55. Agua! -- A video about water. (film)
  56. Al Roker: Family – Al Roker talks about the word ‘family’.
  57. Alam Simsim Theme --
  58. Alec Baldwin: Tricycle – Alec Baldwin talks about the word ‘tricycle’.
  59. Alien Counts 13 Spaceships -- Alien counts thirteen spaceships. (animation)
  60. Alison Krauss: Fit As A Fiddle – Alison reminds us to do things we love. (w/ Baby Bear)
  61. All About Our Site: Part 1 – Grover and Makeda introduce
  62. All About Our Site: Part 2 – Learn about what makes our site Kid Friendly.
  63. All About Our Site: Part 3 – Grover and Makeda introduce Sesame Playlists!
  64. All About Two – Big Bird and Zoe count things they have 2 of.
  65. "All By Myself" -- A song about doing things all by yourself. (w/ Prairie Dawn and The Oinker Sisters)
  66. "All I Want For Christmas" - Big Bird talks about what he wants for Christmas. (footage from Elmo Saves Christmas, taken from A Sesame Street Christmas Carol)
  67. Alpha Boy’s Letter F – Words that begin with the letter F. (film)
  68. Alpha Boy: N – Alpha Boy’s adventures with the letter N. (film)
  69. Alphabet Classics: Letter B -- A woman is dressed up like a giant bee. (w/ Ruth Buzzi)
  70. Alphabet Photobooth -- Kids pose with letters of the alphabet. (cartoon)
  71. "Alphabet Rap" -- Elmo raps the alphabet.
  72. Alphabet Song” – Celebrities sing their A, B, C’s.
  73. “Alphabet Town” – You can see the alphabet all around town. (animation)
  74. Alvin Ailey Dance: Emotions – Dancers communicate feelings. (w/ Elmo)
  75. Amazing Animal Tricks – Old McDonald’s cow can say the alphabet. (w/ Prairie Dawn)
  76. American I -- Letters compete to be the best letter I. (w/ Prairie Dawn, Rosita, Oscar) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  77. Anansi's Mouse Tale -- Words that can be used to mean small.
  78. Anansi's Sun And Moon -- How the sun and moon came to live in the sky.
  79. Anderson Cooper Reports – Anderson Cooper reports on the letter ‘G’. (w/ Oscar)
  80. “Andrea Bocelli’s Lullabye” – Andrea Bocelli helps Elmo get to sleep.
  81. Anger Management – Whoopi Goldberg helps Baby Bear control anger.
  82. Animal Arcade Sounds -- Game matches animals to the sounds they make. (cartoon)
  83. Animals In The Bedroom” -- Ernie tells Bert his dream about animals.
  84. Animals "Sing" a Song-- Sand animals sing, sing a song. (cartoon)
  85. Ann Curry: Apology – Ann Curry talks about what ‘apology’ means.
  86. “Annie Get Your Gumbo” – A family gathers to talk over a meal. (Anything Muppets)
  87. Antonio Does Some Splits – Antonio shows Papa Bear that he can do splits.
  88. Antonio Talks About Reading – Antonio talks about Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. (w/ Papa Bear)
  89. Antonio Tickles Grover – Grover and Antonio talk and tickle.
  90. Antonio’s Teeth Brushing – Antonio talks about brushing his teeth. (w/ Papa Bear) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  91. “Anyone’s Nose” – A Monsterpiece Theatre presentation. (w/ Herry, Elmo, Telly)
  92. Apple Gravity Test – An apple falls on a boy, then he eats it.test (film)
  93. Apple Tree Number 8 -- Animation of eight apples in a tree. (cartoon)
  94. Apples & Pushups -- Grover talks to Hunter about being healthy.
  95. Are You A Mountain? -- Abby Cadabby meets Big Bird and Snuffy. (from Episode 4109)
  96. Around The World With Hoots -- A song about baths all around the world. (film)
  97. Arrested Development: “Pride” – A song about feeling proud of who you are.
  98. Asking U -- Animation of words that begin with U. (cartoon)
  99. As The World Takes Turns - Telly & Zoe take turns with help from Gordon.
  100. Astronaut Visits A School – An astronaut visits the school he attended. (film w/ Mario Runco)
  101. At It With Bongos -- A rhyme about words that end with "at". (cartoon)
  102. “At the Laundromat|At The Laundromat” -- A song about doing laundry at the laundromat
  103. At The Movies! – A customer tries to buy popcorn at the movies from Grover.
  104. Australian Animals -- Counting from one to ten with animals. (film)


  1. "B Is For Bubble" -- Kids chew bubblegum and blow bubbles. (re-filmed version)
  2. B Letter Sound Baker -- Baking words that begin with the letter B. (cartoon)
  3. .B. King: “The Letter B”B.B. King sings about live without ‘B’. (w/ Big Bird, Benny, Baby Bear, Bert, Elmo, Anything Muppets)
  4. B-ball Bat Baseball -- The aspects of baseball that start with B. (film)
  5. B-brunch With Little B's -- Words that begin with the letter B. (animation)
  6. B: Stores On The Street – Kids find the letter ‘B’ in signs. (animation)
  7. Baby B – Herry baby sits a baby letter ‘b’. (w/ Big Bird)
  8. Baby Balloon -- Animation of a baby playing with a balloon. (cartoon)
  9. Baby Bear Asks Daniel A Question -- Baby Bear asks Daniel about riding a bicycle.
  10. Baby Bear Learns About His Sibling -- (street scenes from episode 4054) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  11. "Baby Bear's Bath Song" -- Baby Bear sings a song about taking a bath.
  12. Baby Bear's New Babysitter -- Baby Bear gets a new babysitter. (street scene for episode 4186) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  13. "Baby Blankie Blues" -- A baby sings about his blankie. (Anything Muppets)
  14. "Baby Boogie" -- Celina leads a dance with baby movements. (w/ Humphrey, Ingrid, and Natasha; opening cut) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  15. Baby Sister Blues -- (street scenes from episode 4056) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  16. Baby Steps – A baby learns to walk. (film)
  17. Baby Talk: Square -- Natasha interviews a square.
  18. Baby Talk: X -- Natasha interviews the letter X.
  19. Baby You Can Count On Me” – Natasha can count on the Count.
  20. Baby, Say It Loud!” -- Elmo and Telly sing about ducks and cows.
  21. Baby, You're So Smart” -- A song about the things a baby can do. (film)
  22. Backstage With Elmo – Elmo asks Neil Patrick Harris about music.
  23. Backstage With Elmo – Elmo interviews Chandra Wilson.
  24. Backstage With Elmo – Elmo interviews David Beckham about his favorite things.
  25. Backstage With Elmo – Elmo interviews Heidi Klum.
  26. Backstage With Elmo – Elmo interviews Jack Black.
  27. Backstage With Elmo – Elmo interviews Jenny McCarthy.
  28. Backstage With Elmo – Elmo interviews Jessica Alba.
  29. Backstage With Elmo – Elmo talks to Neil Patrick Harris about pets.
  30. Balinese Shadows -- Animal names beginning with the letter M. (cartoon)
  31. Banana Sign -- Samara shows Telly the sign for 'banana'. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  32. Banana Talk -- Ernie talks on a banana. (remade version w/ Bert)
  33. Baseball Fan – Ernie wants to play catch with Bert.
  34. Basketball Measures -- Counting up to ten on a measuring stick. (cartoon)
  35. Be An Artist -- A song about different ways to be an artist.
  36. "Be Doodle Dee Dum" -- Elmo sings a silly song to get happy.
  37. Beach Mobile -- A girl describes making beach mobiles. (film)
  38. Bear And Seal Work Together -- A bear and a seal work together. (cartoon)
  39. Bear Problem -- Two siblings fight over a stuffed bear. (animation)
  40. Bearden Piano Lesson -- A daughter learns to practice the piano. (animation)
  41. Bears, Bears, Bears” -- The Three Bears are not like other bears. (w/ Baby Bear, Papa Bear, Mama Bear)
  42. Beautiful Baby -- A song about babies. (refilmed version)
  43. "Because We're Friends" – Rosita, Abby and Zoe sing about friendship.
  44. Beginning, Middle, and End Horn – Sound travels through a horn. (cartoon)
  45. ”Being A Birdketeer” -- A song about being a Birdketeer. (w/ Big Bird and Monty)
  46. "Being a Pig" -- A pig sings of the joys in his life. (animation)
  47. "Believe In Yourself" -- Ray Charles sings about believing in yourself. (w/ Elmo, Zoe, Baby Bear, Telly, Rosita, the Count, Maria, Luis, Mr. Handford, Carlo, Celina, Bob, Ruthie, Gordon and Susan) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  48. Bert & Ernie: Bakers - Bert and Ernie have a baking adventure.
  49. Bert & Ernie: Inventors - Bert and Ernie have an inventor adventure.
  50. Bert & Ernie: Pirates - Bert and Ernie have a pirate adventure.
  51. Bert & Ernie: Rainforest - Bert and Ernie journey through the rainforest.
  52. Bert & Ernie Adventure:cavemen - Bert & Ernie's adventure as cavemen.
  53. Bert & Ernie Adventure: West - Bert & Ernie's adventure in the wild west.
  54. Bert & Ernie Adventure: Wishes - Bert & Ernie are granted 3 wishes.
  55. Bert & Ernie Dance -- Ernie wants to dance.
  56. Bert & Ernie Play The Drums -- Ernie conducts an experiment.
  57. Bert & Ernie Read Together – Ernie makes a lot of noise.
  58. Bert & Ernie's Tiny Town -- Bert & Ernie take a great, big adventure! (Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures)
  59. Bert & Sleeping Beauty -- Bert wakes Sleeping Beauty.
  60. Bert Sings "Rubber Duckie" -- Bert sings the Rubber Duckie song. (w/ Ernie)
  61. Bert’s Fruit Rap – Bert raps about fruits to eat.
  62. Bert's Hat -- Bert can't decide what hat to wear. (w/ Ernie)
  63. Bert's Magnet Trick -- A trick with paperclips. (w/ Ernie)
  64. "Best Friends Song" -- AudraRox and The Earth are best friends. (film)
  65. Best Sesame Ever - Results -- View this week's results! (w/ Grover; 1990s results) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  66. Best Sesame Ever - Results -- View this week's results! (w/ Grover; 1980s results) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  67. Best Sesame Ever - Results -- View this week's results! (w/ Grover; 1970s results) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  68. Best Sesame Ever - Results -- View this week's results! (w/ Grover; 200s results ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  69. Best Sesame Ever - The Final 40 -- Vote for your absolute favorite video of the past 40 years! (w/ Grover) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  70. Best Sesame Ever - The Final 40 -- View the ranking of our top 40 finalists! (w/ Grover) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  71. Best Sesame Ever - The Winner! -- The number 1 grand royale top banana greatest video ever! (w/ Grover) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  72. Bethany Visits The Doctor – A girl gets a check-up. (film)
  73. Betty Lou Gets Help At Daycare -- Zoe and Baby Bear help Betty Lou at daycare. (w/ Angela) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  74. Betty Lou Starts Daycare -- Betty Lou takes her dolly to daycare. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  75. Between Friends -- Zoe, Elmo and Telly demonstrate "between".
  76. Bickering Friends -- Two friends have a tea party. (cartoon)
  77. Big Bigger Biggest -- Things that are big, bigger, and biggest. (animation)
  78. Big Bird Asks A Question -- Zoe tells Big Bird about her banana dance.
  79. Big Bird Quickie Q-Quack -- The letter Q begins the word "quack." (w/ Big Bird)
  80. Big Bird Remembers Mr. Hooper -- Big Bird remembers times with Mr. Hooper. (from episode 3611)({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  81. Big Bird Rhymes Beep – Big Bird finds things that rhyme with ‘beep’.
  82. Big Bird Takes A Nap – Big Bird doesn’t feel like taking a nap.
  83. Big Bird Talks About Listening – Big Bird listens to a weather forecast.
  84. Big Bird Visits A Farm – Big Bird learns where food comes from.
  85. Big Bird Wants To Whistle – Big Bird recites a poem about whistling.
  86. Big Bird’s Sound Game – Big Bird makes sounds for you to identify.
  87. Big Bird’s Sun Poem – Big Bird reads a poem about the sun.
  88. Big Bird's Turtle - Sneak Peak!
  89. Big K Little K -- A little kangaroo looks for its mother. (cartoon)
  90. Big Round Nose” – Herry sings of his love for noses.
  91. Big Sad Wolf – The wolf is upset by Little Red Riding Hood. (w/ Prairie Dawn)
  92. Big Zoe Little Big Bird -- Big Bird and Zoe explain "big" and "little".
  93. “Big/little Construction” -- Toys and their full size counterparts. (film)
  94. Birdie Treat - Making a little treat for the birdies. (cartoon)
  95. Birds And Worms -- A bird feeds her babies and counts to ten. (cartoon)
  96. Block Model Of The City -- Two sisters make buildings out of blocks. (film)
  97. Blueberry Mouth -- Kids pick and eat blueberries at a farm. (film)
  98. “Blue Danube” – Bela Fleck performs with two chickens.
  99. Body Music -- Kids make music. (film)
  100. Body Parts Cooperation – Bill Irwin’s body parts cooperate to dance. (w/ Biff and Roxie Marie)
  101. Bop Hop -- A song and dance about words ending in "OP".
  102. Bowl Full Of Zero -- A goat talks about the food it eats. (Anything Muppets)
  103. Boys Room – Boys come out of the boys’ room. (animation)
  104. "Brand New Look" -- A song about getting glasses. (film)
  105. Break Dance Letter O -- Break dancing with words that begin with O. (film)
  106. Break Dance Number Zero -- A man break dances inside the number zero. (film)
  107. “Breakfast Is The Best Meal” – Ernie sings to Bert about breakfast.
  108. Breaking The Ice – Telly makes a friend at the park. (w/ Grover, Zoe, Elmo)
  109. Brendan Fraser: Speedy - Brendan Fraser demonstrates "speedy". (w/ Grover) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  110. Brian Williams: Squid - Brian Williams introduces the word Squid. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  111. ”Brothers And Sisters” -- A song about brothers and sisters. (film)
  112. Brushing A Horse's Teeth -- Big Bird brushes a horse's teeth. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  113. Brushing Your Teeth -- A boy brushes his teeth in the sink. (film)
  114. "Bubble On My Snuffle" -- Snuffy takes an enjoyable bath.
  115. Building A Rhythm -- Animals making a rhythm.
  116. Buster Brushes his Teeth – Buster brushes to clean his teeth and breath!
  117. Buzz Aldrin And Alex: Space – Buzz Aldrin talks to Alex about space.
  118. Buzz Aldrin: Energy - Buzz and Telly talk about food and energy.


  1. C In Space -- Animation about the letter C in outer space. (cartoon)
  2. "C Is For Cookie" -- Cookie Monster sings a song about cookies. (90's version)
  3. C Words -- Things that start with the letter C. (film pixilation)
  4. C Words Dance With Kids -- Words beginning with the letter C. (film)
  5. Cameron Diaz: Habitiat - Cameron Diaz explains the word habitat.
  6. Cameron Diaz Talks Trees - Cameron Diaz and Grover talk about trees. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  7. Can Read” – Things that we can read. (w/ Mr. Handford, Rosita, Ruthie)
  8. Can-can With D -- Animation about the letter D. (cartoon)
  9. Canadian Cowgirl -- All about being a cowgirl. (w/ Grover and Fred the Wonder Horse) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  10. Car – A car made out of the word ‘car’. (animation)
  11. Carlos' Family -- A short story about one boy's family. (film)
  12. Carrots -- Grover asks Maya about vegetables.
  13. "Cat Had A Birthday" -- How different animals say "happy birthday." (w/ Kingston Livingston III)
  14. Cave Basketball -- Two cavemen learn how to play basketball (clay animation)
  15. Cave Compassion -- A caveman hurts his friend's feelings. (clay animation)
  16. Cave Whistling -- A caveman learns to whistle. (clay animation)
  17. Cavemen Share A Chair – Cavemen decide to use time to help them share. (clay animation)
  18. Cedric the Entertainer:canteen - Cedric the Entertainer shows us "canteen". (w/ Abby Cadabby) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  19. Celebrity Lullabies - Ricky Gervais sings Elmo a lullaby.
  20. Celia Cruz: “Songo's Song” – Celia Cruz sings about a baby announcements. (w/ Anything Muppets)
  21. “Celia Says” – Celia Cruz plays a singing game with kids. (w/ Luis, Rosita, Kingston, Zoe, Telly)
  22. Chad Pennington: Prepared – Chad Pennington talks about ‘prepared’.
  23. Chagall’s Violinist – The green violinist plays music. (animation)
  24. Chaka Khan: “A Face” – Chaka Khan sings about things a face can do. (w/ Telly and Elmo)
  25. Chanting Letter E – Gregorian chant about the letter E. (cartoon)
  26. Chanting Letter G – Gregorian chant about the letter G. (cartoon)
  27. Chanting Letter I -- Gregorian chant about the letter I. (cartoon)
  28. Chanting Letter J -- Gregorian chant about the letter J. (cartoon)
  29. Chanting Letter Z -- Gregorian chant about the letter Z. (cartoon)
  30. Chardin Blows A Bubble -- A painting blows a bubble. (cartoon)
  31. Charlie’s Russian Restaurant – Grover serves the customer some Russian food.
  32. Chasing The Cheese – Elmo, Zoe, Baby Bear and Telly exercise.
  33. Cheering For D -- Two girls do a cheer for the letter D. (film)
  34. Cheering For M -- Two girls do a cheer for the letter M. (film)
  35. Cheering For Q -- Five girls do a cheer for the letter Q. (film; poem version)
  36. Cheerleaders -- A cheer for the letter I. (w/ Baby Bear, Rosita and Zoe)
  37. Chess Player -- Kids learn to play chess. (film)
  38. Chicago Visits the Jungle – Zap Mama brings the jungle to Sesame Street. (w/ Zoe)
  39. Chicken Castle -- A customer tries to buy some friend chicken. (w/ Grover and Mr. Johnson)
  40. Chinese Acrobats -- Kids learn about acrobatics at a school in China. (film)
  41. Choclolate Factory In Argentina – A girl visits her grandparents’ factory. (film)
  42. Choosing A Snack -- Choose a healthy snack food. (w/ Alan and Elmo) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  43. Christmas Day At Oscar's Can - Oscar shares in the Christmas spirit. (from A Sesame Street Christmas Carol)
  44. Christina Applegate: Booth - Christina Applegate shows us "booth". (w/ Elmo)
  45. Christopher Reeve And Ernie – Christopher and Rubber Duckie say the alphabet.
  46. Chris Reeve: To the Library – Christopher Reeve talks about his wheelchair. (w/ Big Bird and Zoe)
  47. Chuck Close Paints – Big Bird visits a professional painter.
  48. Chuck Close: Emma – Kids talk about what they see in a painting. (w/ Big Bird)
  49. Chuck Close: Self Portrait – Kids talk about what they see in a painting. (w/ Big Bird)
  50. Circus Alphabet -- A circus shows us the letters of the alphabet. (cartoon)
  51. Classic Sesame Street - Big Bird Finds A Turtle - (scenes 1 and 2 of episode 4026)
  52. Clay Hairstyles -- A clay character experiments with hairstyles. (animation)
  53. Closing The Cookie Box -- Prairie Dawn and Cookie Monster show "open" and "closed".
  54. "Cloud Nine" -- The Count enjoys counting clouds.
  55. Cold Snowmen -- An animation about snowmen.
  56. Color My Day -- A girl draws a picture of her day. (animation)
  57. Color Tones -- Different musical instruments make a song. (animation)
  58. "Come And Play" with Ernie -- Ernie wants someone to come and play with him.
  59. Comet Number 18 -- The number 18 in outer space. (animation)
  60. Comet Number 19 -- The number 19 in outer space. (animation)
  61. Computer Cookie -- Cookie Monster and Prairie Dawn make a cookie.
  62. Computer Game F -- Things that start with the letter F. (cartoon)
  63. Computer Game R -- Things that start with the letter R. (cartoon)
  64. Computer Matching 11 -- A girl plays a computer game matching numbers. (film)
  65. Computer Matching 12 -- A girl plays a computer game matching numbers. (film)
  66. Computer Matching 13 -- A girl plays a computer game matching numbers. (film)
  67. Conan O’brien: Dog – Conan O'Brien talks about the word ‘dog’.
  68. Conservations With My Father -- Cookie Monster learns about conservation.
  69. Conversation With A Cactus -- Elmo talks to a cactus about plants. (from Elmo's World) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  70. Cookie Containulator -- Mummy Lou builds a cookie machine. (cartoon)
  71. Cookie Eats The Letter D -- Cookie Monster eats the letter of the day.
  72. Cookie Eats The Letter G -- Cookie Monster is full from a giant cookie.
  73. Cookie Eats The Letter N – Cookie Monster eats the letter of the day. (w/ Prairie Dawn) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  74. Cookie Eats The Letter N -- Cookie tries not to eat the letter of the day.
  75. Cookie Eats The Letter O -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day. (w/ Grover)
  76. "Cookie Is A Sometime Food" -- Cookie Monster sings about eating fruits and vegetables.
  77. Cookie Monster's Shell Game -- Cookie Monster tries to guess where the cookie is.
  78. Cookie Monster's Sorting Song -- Cookie Monster and Ernie play with food.
  79. Cookie Questions Prairie Dawn – Ask questions to learn about things.
  80. Cookie’s Experiment – Cookie Monster determines how a cookie tastes.
  81. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: A -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  82. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: A – Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day. (w/ Ernie)
  83. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: B -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  84. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: C -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day. (w/ the Amazing Mumford)
  85. Cookie's Letter Of Day: C -- Cookie Monster talks about the letter 'C'. (w/ Prairie Dawn)
  86. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: D -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  87. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: E -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  88. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: E -- Cookie Monster tries eating the letter. (w/ Prairie Dawn)
  89. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: F -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  90. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: G -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  91. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: H -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  92. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: I -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  93. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: J -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  94. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: K -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  95. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: K -- Cookie Monster tries eating the letter. (w/ Prairie Dawn)
  96. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: L -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  97. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: M – Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  98. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: M -- Cookie Monster tries eating the letter. (w/ Prairie Dawn)
  99. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: N -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  100. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: O -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  101. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: O -- Cookie Monster tries eating the letter. (w/ Prairie Dawn)
  102. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: P – Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day. (w/ Prairie Dawn)
  103. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: Q -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day. (w/ Prairie Dawn)
  104. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: R -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  105. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: S -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  106. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: T -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  107. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: T -- Cookie Monster tries eating the letter. (w/ Prairie Dawn)
  108. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: U -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  109. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: V -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  110. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: W -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day. (w/ Prairie)
  111. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: X -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  112. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: Y -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day.
  113. Cookie’s Letter Of Day: Z -- Cookie Monster shows us the letter of the day. (w/ Prairie)
  114. Cooking By The Numbers: 6 – Ruthie bakes a numeral 6.
  115. Cooperation Tuba And Drum – Elmo and Telly learn to practice together.
  116. Copycat Cubes -- Squares form different patterns. (cartoon)
  117. Corn Planting -- A farmer plants corn and waits for rain. (cartoon)
  118. Costume Party -- Attending a costume party. (film; from A Magical Halloween Adventure) (This video is incorrectly labeled as a classic segment.) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  119. Count Me In” -- A song about our differences. (film)
  120. Count To 17 -- Big Bird and Zoe count to seventeen.
  121. Count To Twenty -- The Count directs Liam Neeson.
  122. "Count's Blue Suede Shoes" -- The Count sings about counting his shoes.
  123. Count's Number Of Day: 0 -- The Count shows us the number of the day.
  124. Count's Number Of Day: 1 -- The Count shows us the number of the day.
  125. Count's Number Of Day: 10 -- The Count shows us the number of the day.
  126. Count's Number Of Day: 11 -- The Count shows us the number of the day.
  127. Count's Number Of Day: 12 -- The Count shows us the number of the day.
  128. Count's Number Of Day: 13 -- The Count and Countess sing. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  129. Count's Number Of Day: 13 -- The Count shows us the number of the day.
  130. Count's Number Of Day: 14 -- The Count shows us the number of the day.
  131. Count's Number Of Day: 15 -- The Count shows us the number of the day.
  132. Count's Number Of Day: 16 -- The Count shows us the number of the day.
  133. Count's Number Of Day: 17 -- The Count shows us the number of the day.
  134. Count’s Number Of Day: 17 – The Count and Countess enjoy a waltz.
  135. Count's Number Of Day: 18 -- The Count shows us the number of the day.
  136. Count's Number Of Day: 19 -- The Count shows us the number of the day.
  137. Count's Number Of Day: 2 -- The Count shows us the number of the day.
  138. Count’s Number Of Day: 2 – The Count shows us the number of the day. (w/ sheep)
  139. Count's Number Of Day: 20 -- The Count shows us the number of the day.
  140. Count's Number Of Day: 20 -- The Count and the Countess sing.
  141. Count's Number Of Day: 3 -- The Count shows us the number of the day. (w/ the Three Bears)
  142. Count’s Number Of Day: 3 – The Count shows us the number of the day. (w/ sheep)
  143. Count’s Number Of Day: 4 – The Count shows us the number of the day. (w/ Honkers)
  144. Count's Number Of Day: 4 -- The Count counts bats.
  145. Count's Number Of Day: 5 -- The Count shows us the number of the day.
  146. Count's Number Of Day: 6 -- The Count shows us the number of the day.
  147. Count's Number Of Day: 7 -- The Count shows us the number of the day.
  148. Count's Number Of Day: 8 -- The Count shows us the number of the day.
  149. Count's Number Of Day: 9 -- The Count shows us the number of the day.
  150. Counterpillar and Rosita (from Abby in Wonderland)
  151. Counting At Daycare -- The Count counts with Baxter.
  152. Counting Backwards” -- The Count counts backwards in Spanish.
  153. Counting Bayou Fives” -- A band sings about counting by five. (Anything Muppets)
  154. "Counting Crows Counting" -- Crows that like to count. (w/ Crows, Mr. Handford, Maria)
  155. "Counting For Fun" -- The Count sings about counting with Natasha.
  156. Counting In English and Spanish – Elmo and Grover count to 10 in Spanish.
  157. Counting Karate -- Kids count to twenty during jumping jacks. (film)
  158. Counting Masks In English -- Counting masks to ten. (animation)
  159. Counting Masks In Spanish -- Counting masks to ten in Spanish. (animation)
  160. Counting Robins” -- The Count enjoys counting robins.
  161. Counting School – The Count teaches different ways to count. (w/ Anything Muppets)
  162. Counting Squirrels -- Elmo counts squirrels in a tree. (from Elmo's World) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  163. Counting Ten Flowers – A girl counts ten flowers, two at a time. (animation)
  164. Counting To 12 -- Samantha counts to 12 with Grover.
  165. Counting Twelve Stars – A girl counts twelve stars, three at a time. (animation)
  166. Counting With Monkeys -- A kid and a monkey count to twenty.
  167. "Counting Woodchucks" -- How much wood a woodchuck can chuck. (w/ Count von Count)
  168. Country Breakfast -- An Egyptian family prepares breakfast. (film)
  169. Country Breakfast -- An Egyptian family prepares breakfast. (w/ Grover and Khokha)
  170. Country In The City” -- A song about trees growing in the city. (film)
  171. Cowboy And Cowgirl -- Elmo and Zoe show us the letter C.
  172. Crab -- A crab protects himself from the waves. (animation)
  173. "Cracking Nuts" -- Squirrels sing about nuts. (w/ The Squirrelles)
  174. Cro Mag Murals -- A caveman makes paintings in caves.
  175. Cuba Gooding, Jr.: Angry – Cuba Gooding Jr. talks about the word ‘angry’.
  176. Customs Of Korea -- A look at Korean traditions. (film)


  1. D: Dance -- Dancing to the letter D. (w/ Big Bird, Snuffy, and Elmo) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  2. D. Donegan Plays The Blues – Dorothy Donegan performs at Birdland. (w/ Hoots and Big Bird)
  3. Dad Birthday Card – A boy carefully writes ‘DAD’. (animation)
  4. “Dad Song” – Things a dad does. (film)
  5. "Dale Tiempo A Tu Corazon" - WHEN FAMILIES GRIEVE Video (from When Families Grieve, Spanish clip)
  6. Dance Concert -- Dance concert in front of a mural. (film w/ new music)
  7. Dance Myself To Sleep” – Michael Jeter dances himself to sleep.
  8. ”Dance Myself To Sleep” -- A song about dancing to help you fall asleep. (cartoon)
  9. Dance Theater Of Harlem – A ballet performance of “A Home in the Sky”. (w/ Elmo, Zoe, Ruthie, Bob, Celina, Maria, Luis, Gabi, Mr. Honker, an Anything Monster and Arthur Mitchell)
  10. Dance Theatre Of Harlem Part 1 – Big Bird counts three birds.
  11. Dance With Murray - Murray and Victoria dance!
  12. Dances With Wolves -- A pig is afraid to dance with a wolf.
  13. Dancing! -- Kids talk about dancing. (w/ Big Bird intro)
  14. Dancing Petroglyph Does 18 – The number eighteen with dancing figures.
  15. Dancing Petroglyph Does 19 – The number nineteen with dancing figures.
  16. Dancing Petroglyph Does 20 – The number twenty with dancy figures.
  17. Dancing Petroglyph Y -- An animation about the letter Y.
  18. Dancing With Elmo -- Elmo dances with his friend. (animation)
  19. Dancing With Flowers -- A girl dances with animated plants. (animation)
  20. Dancing With Flowers Song – A girl dances with nature. (animation)
  21. Dancing With Friends -- Children in Kuwait love to dance. (film)
  22. Dancing With Friends -- Children in Kuwait love to dance. (w/ Grover and Khokha)
  23. Dancing With Triangles – A dance competition involving triangles. (w/ Chris, Gordon, Maria, Telly)
  24. Debi Mazar: Humongous - Debi Mazar shows us "humongous". (w/ Mr. Dragon)
  25. Debra Messing: Nature -- Debra Messing explains the word "nature." ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  26. Def Dance Jam -- A hearing impaired boy goes to dance class. (film)
  27. Degas Dancers At the Bar – A ballet dancer from a painting dances. (animation w/ Zoe voiceover)
  28. Denyce Graves Sings “Sing” – Denyce Graves and 3 penguins perform.
  29. Desperate Houseplants – Some potted plants get sunlight and water. (w/ Stinky)
  30. Diane Sawyer: Expert – Diane Sawyer talks about what ‘expert’ means.
  31. Different Street -- Bob sings about a different street. (w/ Zoe)
  32. Diner Letter R's Song -- Foods that begin with the letter R. (cartoon)
  33. Ding Along Song” – Bert and Ernie sing with some Dingers.
  34. Dino Lunch -- Dinosaurs fight over what to have for lunch. (animation)
  35. Dinosaur World -- Ernie is hiding in the dinosaur world. (w/ Big Bird)
  36. Discoveries In The Garden -- Kids examine life in a garden. (film)
  37. Do The Dog” – Prairie Dawn sings about a silly dance. (w/ Barkley and Angela)
  38. Do You Know How To Swing” – A song about how to swing. (film)
  39. Dog – D-O-G spells ‘dog’. (animation)
  40. Dog Eat Dog – Different breeds and types of dogs. (film)
  41. Doin' the Grouch – Celina teaches the Grouchketeers a dance. (w/ Oscar)
  42. Dominique Dawes Helps Telly – Dominique Dawes shows some opposites.
  43. "Don't Be A Bully" -- The monsters teach their friend to play fair. (w/ Narf)
  44. Don’t Be A Tough Nut To Crack” – Three squirrels sing about a nut. (The Squirrelles)
  45. Don't Eat My Porridge! -- Baby Bear tries to eat his porridge. (w/ Ernie)
  46. Don't Scare The Pigeons -- Bert is feeding the pigeons.
  47. "Don't Touch Me -- Benny sings how he doesn't like to be touched. (w/ Monty) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  48. Don’t Want To Live On The Moon” – Aaron Neville and Ernie sing together.
  49. Doug E. Doug and Elmo -- Elmo reads a story he wrote to Doug E. Doug.
  50. Dr. No – A Monsterpiece Theatere presentation. (w/ Anything Muppets)
  51. "Drawing Things Me Love" -- Cookie Monster sings about drawing a cookie.
  52. Drawing With Baby Bear – Baby Bear teaches how to draw a circle. (w/ Ernie)
  53. Drawing With Baby Bear – Baby Bear shows Ernie how to draw.
  54. Dressed Up! -- Getting dressed up like an adult. (film)
  55. Dribbling With Mom -- A girl and her mom dribble five balls.
  56. Drumming 12 – A girl taps a drum and counts to 12. (w/ The Count)
  57. Drumming For Exercise – Abby and Elmo find a way to cooperate.
  58. Dung Beetle -- An ant works around an obstacle in his path. (animation)


  1. E. Hasselbeck: Camouflage -- Elisabeth Hasselbeck demonstrates camouflage. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  2. "Earth Rocks" -- Elmo and Abby love the earth. (w/ Paul Rudd; from Being Green)
  3. “Easy Reader Song” (from The Electric Company)
  4. Eat It Up! -- A song about eating different healthy foods.
  5. Eat Me, Drink Me – Abby rhymes to grow and shrink. (from Abby in Wonderland)
  6. "Eat Your Favorite Fruits" -- Eat fruits every day! (w/ Muppet Food) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  7. "Eat Your Vegetables" -- Eat your vegetables every day! (w/ Muppet Food) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  8. "Eating Cookies All Year" -- Cookie Monster sings about the seasons and cookies.
  9. Eating Cous Cous -- A family in Morocco prepares breakfast. (film)
  10. Eating Cous Cous -- A family in Morocco prepares breakfast. (w/ Grover and Khokha)
  11. Egg Layer Game Show -- Jeff Bawksworthy hosts a game show. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  12. Eggs On A Farm – A hen lays eggs, and a man eats them. (film)
  13. Egyptian Box Number 2 -- A video about the number two. (cartoon)
  14. Eight Chinese Patterns -- Counting to eight using Chinese patterns. (animation)
  15. Elephant Dance Duet -- A girl does the elephant dance. (animation)
  16. Elephants In The Clouds – Sometimes clouds in the sky look like animals. (animation)
  17. Elevator – The word ‘elevator’ rides in an elevator. (animation)
  18. Eleven African Masks -- Counting to eleven with African masks. (animation)
  19. Ellen and Elmo – Ellen DeGeneres and Elmo discuss similarities.
  20. Ellen and Elmo Take Turns - Ellen DeGeneres and Elmo take turns.
  21. Elmo And Gloria Play Catch – Elmo tries to play ball with a plant. (w/ Big Bird)
  22. Elmo And The Jets – Elmo meets three NY Jets and their coach.
  23. Elmo And Whale: Love – A whale shows Elmo what love is.
  24. Elmo And Zoe Pretend – Zoe and Elmo pretend to be ducks.
  25. Elmo and Zoe "Share" -- Elmo and Zoe sing about milk and cookies.
  26. Elmo Counts Birds -- Elmo counts birds in the sky. (from Elmo's World) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  27. Elmo Goes to Bed -- Elmo's daddy gets him ready for bed. (from Bedtime with Elmo)
  28. Elmo In The Sky -- Elmo imagines himself in the sky. (from Elmo's World) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  29. "Elmo Loves You" -- Elmo sings about things he loves (w/ Rosita, from Elmo Loves You)
  30. Elmo Meets Picabo Street – Picabo talks to Elmo about downhill skiing.
  31. Elmo Shows Y -- Elmo shows us words that end with Y.
  32. Elmo Sleeps Over -- Telly and Elmo have trouble getting to sleep.
  33. Elmo Visits Santa -- Elmo asks Santa for advice. (from Elmo's World: Happy Holidays!)
  34. Elmo With Plants -- Elmo imagines himself around plants. (from Elmo's World)
  35. Elmo & The Butterfly -- Can you help Elmo find the butterfly? (Part 6 of 7) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  36. Elmo’s Bus Part One – Elmo shows us the front and back of a bus.
  37. Elmo’s Bus Part Two – Elmo shows us fast and slow.
  38. “Elmo's Circle Song” – Elmo sings about circles. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  39. "Elmo's Ducks" -- Elmo sings a song about numbers and ducks.
  40. Elmo's Gift To Dorothy - Elmo gives a gift to Dorothy. (from Elmo's World: Happy Holidays)
  41. Elmo's Hug -- Elmo has something in his arms for Ruthie. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  42. Elmo's Q -- Elmo shows the letter Q and the letter O.
  43. Elmo's World: Animals - Wild animals are everywhere. (from Elmo's World: Wild Animals)
  44. Elmo's World: Balls – Elmo learns all about balls.
  45. Elmo's World: Bug Email - Prairie emails Elmo a poem about bugs. (from Elmo's World: Bugs)
  46. Elmo's World: Bugs Imagine - Dorothy imagines Elmo as different bugs. (from Elmo's World: Bugs)
  47. Elmo' World: Cats -- Elmo's World about cats. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  48. Elmo's World: Dogs – Elmo learns all about dogs.
  49. Elmo's World: Drawing – Elmo learns all about drawing.
  50. Elmo's World: Horse Imagine - Dorothy imagines Elmo as a horse. (from Elmo's World: Horses)
  51. Elmo's World: Horses - All types of horses. (montage from Elmo's World: Horses)
  52. Elmo's World: Imagine Animals - Dorothy imagines Elmo as different animals. (from Elmo's World: Wild Animals)
  53. Elmo's World: Kids Talk Animal - Kids talk about wild animals. (from Elmo's World: Wild Animals)
  54. Elmo's World: Kids Talk Bugs - Kids talk to Dorothy about bugs. (from Elmo's World: Bugs)
  55. Elmo's World: Pretend Horses - Kids pretend to be horses. (from Elmo's World: Horses]])
  56. Elmo's World: Riding A Horse - Everyone can ride a horse. (from Elmo's World: Horses)
  57. Elmo's World: School -- Elmo's World about school. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  58. Elmo's World: Wild Animals - All types of wild animals. (montage from Elmo's World: Wild Animals)
  59. Elmo/Martel Alphabet Song -- Elmo's friend Martel sings the alphabet song.
  60. Emotions In The Park – Elmo looks for someone who is sad. (w/ Bert, Big Bird, and Zoe)
  61. Emotions With Big Bird -- Margaret Cho shows Big Bird emotions. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  62. Empty & Full Tenors -- The difference between full and empty.
  63. Empty And Full With Telly – Elmo, Zoe, and Telly show empty and full.
  64. Ending In IG -- A song about words that end with "IG". (cartoon)
  65. Ending In OP -- A song about words that end with "OP". (cartoon)
  66. Ending In OW -- A song about words that end with "OW". (cartoon)
  67. Ernie And Vincent: Emotions – Ernie and Vincent discuss emotions and faces.
  68. Ernie Catches All The Fish -- Bert and Ernie go fishing.
  69. Ernie Counts Backwards – Ernie tries counting backwards. (w/ Bert)
  70. Ernie Goes Backwards -- Ernie walks forwards and backwards. (w/ Bert)
  71. Ernie Plans -- Ernie tries to organize his toys. (w/ Bert, Rubber Duckie)
  72. Ernie Plays House -- Ernie plays house. (w/ Bert)
  73. Ernie Skyla Computer No – Ernie and Skyla play a game on the computer.
  74. Ernie Stops And Thinks -- Bert teaches Ernie to stop and think.
  75. Ernie Subs For Bernice -- Bert's pigeon friend Bernice cancels plans.
  76. Ernie’s Dance – Ernie and Big Bird play hide and seek. (Journey to Ernie)
  77. Ernie’s Pretend Tea Party – Telly and Ernie pretend to host a tea party.
  78. Eva Longoria: Exquisite - Eva Longoria shows us "exquisite". (w/ Elmo)
  79. Evelyn And Linda Play a Duet – Linda performs with Evelyn Glennie.
  80. Evelyn Glennie Plays The Drums – Oscar is happy when she plays the trashcans. (w/ Telly)
  81. ”Every Kitty Sleeps” – Suzie sings a song about how kitties sleep. (cartoon)
  82. Everybody Be Yourself” – Keb' Mo sings about differences and pride.
  83. Everybody Dance - Dance down the middle. (animation)
  84. "Everybody Eats" -- Adults, kids, and animals all eat! (film; remake)
  85. Everybody Loves The Letter Z -- Things that begin with Z. (w/ Telly Monster and Zoe)
  86. "Everybody's Song" -- A song about the songs we all make. (w/ Gabi, Miles, Elmo, Zoe, Telly, Rosita)
  87. "Everybody's Song" – Diana Krall sings with the Muppets. (w/ Elmo, Telly, Rosita, Zoe, Cookie Monster, Lulu, Grover, the Oinker Sisters)
  88. Everyday Rhythms -- Everyday sounds make a rhythmic song. (film)
  89. Everything's Coming Up Noses” – Harvey Fierstein sings about noses. (Anything Muppets)
  90. Exercise B - Ball – Papa Bear talks about exercise.
  91. Exercise To Music – Lang Lang plays music for Elmo to exercise to.
  92. Exercise With Grover -- Grover tries to be an exercise instructor.
  93. Exploring Rocks -- Kids look at rocks and see their many uses. (film)
  94. Extraordinary Letter X -- A family comes upon the letter X. (film)


  1. F-UN -- Animation of a tractor making the word FUN. (cartoon)
  2. Fairy Tales Today: Food Strike – Prairie Dawn interviews fairy tale characters.
  3. Falling Off Bikes - Grover and Jo discuss falling off bikes.
  4. Fairytale Detective -- The little old lady who lived in a shoe. (Anything Muppets)
  5. Family Picture -- Devon shows Ernie his family picture.
  6. Far From Seven – Julianne Moore loves the Count, who loves 7.
  7. Favorite Foods -- Kids talk about their favorite foods. (film)
  8. Fay Family: Milk – A dog enjoys milk. (film)
  9. Fear Of The Dark -- A girl copes with her fear of the dark. (cartoon)
  10. "Feeling Happy!" -- Elmo and Rosita sing about the sun.
  11. Feelings – Kids talk about their feelings. (film)
  12. "Feelings" -- A song about how to express emotions. (w/ Ernie and Baby Natasha)
  13. Feist: “1 2 3 4” – Feist sings and counts on Sesame Street.
  14. Fetch A Pail Of Water -- Abby, Elmo and friends play a party game. (from Elmo and Abby's Birthday Fun!)
  15. Fido The Goldfish -- A birthday party for a fish named Fido. (film)
  16. Fiesta Danny” -- Rosita sings about Danny's birthday party.
  17. Fifteen Seconds Of Love -- Grover and Rosita explain what "love" means.
  18. Find That Habitat: Camel (w/ Rosita, Zoe, Abby Cadabby) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  19. Find That Habitat: Penguin -- Find out what a penguin's habitat is. (w/ Zoe, Abby and Rosita)
  20. Find The Number 14 -- A girl searches the city for the number '14'. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  21. Find The Number 3 -- A girl searches the city for the number '3'.
  22. Find The Yellow Birds -- Find all the yellow birds in the painting. (cartoon)
  23. Finger Painting 17 -- Counting to nineteen while finger painting. (cartoon)
  24. Finger Painting 19 -- Counting to nineteen while finger painting. (cartoon)
  25. Firefighter Sand Drawing – Kids describe how to draw a firefighter. (sand animation)
  26. Fireflies: Letter W -- Fireflies form the letter W. (cartoon)
  27. First Steps -- A baby taking their first steps. (cartoon)
  28. First Time Me Eat Cookie” -- Cookie Monster talks about his first cookie.
  29. Fish By Five's -- A boy counts fish by five's.
  30. Fishing With Grandpa - A boy and his grandfather go fishing. (film)
  31. Fishing With Grandpa - A boy and his grandfather go fishing. (w/ Grover and Khokha)
  32. Fish Outta Water" With Wanda – Wanda Cousteau wants to explore the world.
  33. Flash Gizmo -- Over, under, around, and through. (cartoon)
  34. Flash Gizmo Fast And Slow -- A space alien shows us fast and slow. (cartoon)
  35. Flash Gizmo Here And There -- Flash Gizmo showing us here and there. (cartoon)
  36. Flash Gizmo Near And Far -- Flash Gizmo shows us near and far. (cartoon)
  37. Flashlight Parade -- Flashlights have a parade. (animation)
  38. Flo Peep Beeps Her Sheep – Laraine Newman finds her sheep. (w/ Ruthie and Big Bird)
  39. Flying Numbers -- Numbers one through ten throughout the city. (animation)
  40. Flying With Grover -- Grover is a flight attendant. (w/ Mr. Johnson)
  41. Food Equals Energy -- We all need healthy foods for energy. (film)
  42. Food Fun -- Animation of different sandwiches. (cartoon)
  43. Forward & Backward -- A DJ at The Scratch Academy demonstrates. (film)
  44. Forwards And Backwards -- Telly and Elmo show "forwards" and "backwards".
  45. Fountain Song” -- Kids make music with a silly fountain. (film)
  46. Four Friends -- Grover, Elmo, Zoe, Telly and the number four.
  47. Four Pieces Of Mud Pie – Batty serves mud pie to herself and 3 dogs. (film)
  48. Frazzle Visits The Dentist -- Frazzle is afraid to go to the dentist.
  49. Freres Jacques Birds -- Birds color a landscape.
  50. Friendship – Elmo and Rosita talk about friendship.
  51. Froggy Jumps – Dominique Dawes jumps like a frog. (w/ Rosita)
  52. "From Your Head" – Diane Schuur and Elmo sing a jazz duet.
  53. Fruit And Vegetable Emotions -- A plate sings to fruit in a basket. (animation)
  54. Frustrated Ray – Ray Romano is frustrated with Grover.
  55. Fun Factory's Letter D -- Animation creating the letter D. (cartoon)
  56. Fun Factory's Letter F -- Animation creating the letter F. (cartoon)
  57. Fun Factory's Letter H -- Animation creating the letter H. (cartoon)
  58. Fun Factory's Letter L -- Animation creating the letter L. (cartoon)
  59. Fun Factory's Letter R -- Animation creating the letter R. (cartoon)
  60. Fur Jam: "Don't Waste The Water" -- A song about not wasting water. (w/ Fur Jam)


  1. G Words Dance With Kids -- Words beginning with the letter G. (film)
  2. Gato -- Rosita shows us what a 'gato' is. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  3. Geography Guy In Brazil -- A story about Carnival in Brazil. (animation)
  4. Geography Guy In China -- Panda bears come from China. (animation)
  5. George Washington Explains -- Explaining what "some", "none" and "all" mean. (cartoon)
  6. Get Alphabetical -- Ray Charles and Friends get funky with ABCs. (web ad) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  7. Get On Up And Move! -- A song about dancing. (film)
  8. Get Out Stay Out” – What to do if there’s a fire at home. (animation)
  9. Get Up And Dance -- Dancing is a great way to stay healthy. (w/ Zoe) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  10. Get Up And Dance! -- Zoe says dancing keeps you healthy and strong. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  11. Get Up And Play - Gordon reminds us to be active and play. (w/ The Elephant)
  12. Get Up, Get Out” – Get up and play outside! (film)
  13. “Getting Ready For School” -- The getting ready for school song. (film)
  14. Getting Ready For Sleep – A nightly routine before going to bed. (film)
  15. "Getting To Count You" -- Tarah and the Count sing about counting. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  16. Giant Monster Babies (w/ Trash Gordon, Oscar, Slimey and Natasha)
  17. Gift From The Heart -- Bert and Ernie give gifts from the heart. (w/ Mr. Hooper; from A Sesame Street Christmas Carol, originally from Christmas Eve on Sesame Street)
  18. Gina The Vet (w/ Marco)
  19. Gina The Veterinarian -- Gina's adventure in the jungle. (w/ Little Murray Sparkles) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  20. Gina: Windy – Gina talks about the word ‘windy’.
  21. Giggle Goggle Girls: G (from ‘’The Electric Company’’)
  22. "Girls Of The World" -- A song about being a girl. (w/ Zoe, Rosita, Prairie Dawn, Betty Lou)
  23. Girls Room – Girls come out of the girls’ room. (animation)
  24. "Give Your Heart a Little Time" -- WHEN FAMILIES GRIEVE Video (from When Families Grieve)
  25. Global Grover: Animal Rescue – Grover’s friend cares for Australian animals.
  26. Global Grover: Australia – Grover’s friend Lenny lives under the ground.
  27. Global Grover: Bangladesh - Grover talks about fishing in Bangladesh.
  28. Global Grover: Bangladesh Toys - Grover talks about making toys in Bangladesh.
  29. Global Grover: Bathing – A song about baths all around the world.
  30. Global Grover: Bowl Dance -- A girl learns a traditional Mongolian dance.
  31. Global Grover: Brick Making -- Grover explores brick making in Nicaragua.
  32. Global Grover: Chinese Acrobats – Grover’s friend talks about acrobatics.
  33. Global Grover: Clubhouse - Building a clubhouse in Israel.
  34. Global Grover: Cricket – A boy in London, England talks about cricket.
  35. Global Grover: Egyptian Farm – Grover tells us about his visit to Egypt.
  36. Global Grover: Fishing Village – Grover visits a village in Africa.
  37. Global Grover: French Market -- A girl talks about shopping with her dad. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  38. Global Grover: Get to School – Grover talks about different ways to get to school.
  39. Global Grover: Get to School – Grover shows different ways to get to school.
  40. Global Grover: Indian American - Grover talks about an Indian American family. (w/ The Elephant)
  41. Global Grover: Israel – Kids work together to build a play house.
  42. Global Grover: Jamaica Tie Dye – Grover learns about tie dying t-shirts.
  43. Global Grover: Jordanian Basket – Grover learns to make a basket from leaves.
  44. Global Grover: Malaysia – Grover’s friend makes a kite and flies it.
  45. Global Grover: Mexican Pottery -- A kid in Mexico makes a beautiful piggy bank.
  46. Global Grover: Mexican Pottery -- Raul learns to make clay pots.
  47. Global Grover: Mexican Puppet – Grover’s friend Tita makes puppets im Mexico.
  48. Global Grover: Navajo Herding – Grover’s friend talks about caring for sheep.
  49. Global Grover: Peacock Dance – Grover’s friend dances like a peacock.
  50. Global Grover: Puerto Rico – Grover learns about Puerto Rican music.
  51. Global Grover: Russian Dance -- Grover learns a traditional Russian dance.
  52. Global Grover: South Africa – Grover’s friends make cars out of old wire.
  53. Global Grover: The Netherlands - Grover's friend learns to ride a bike.
  54. Global Grover: Tibetan Family - Grover talks about a Tibetan family. (w/ Gladys the Cow)
  55. Global Grover: Trinidad Stilts -- Grover explores stilt walking in Trinidad.
  56. Global Thingy Builds a Tower -- Global Thingy shows it's more fun to share (animation)
  57. Global Thingy Grows a Melon -- Global Thingy grows a melon and shares it. (animation)
  58. Global Thingy: Bleep Can Play -- Global Thingy gets everyone to play nicely. (animation)
  59. Global Thingy: Dino Dances – Dino dances, even though he is made fun of. (animation)
  60. Global Thingy: Dino’s Hurry – Global Thingy helps Dino see his mistakes. (animation)
  61. Global Thingy: Dino's Turn -- Dino learns to let people take turns. (animation)
  62. Global Thingy: Diva’s House – Diva gets help to reach her birdhouse. (animation)
  63. Global Thingy: Harmony Song -- Global Thingy gets the thingies to sing (animation)
  64. Global Thingy: It's About We -- Global Thingy teaches sharing (animation)
  65. Global Thingy: Ladybug Down -- The thingies have a race. (animation)
  66. Global Thingy: Ringy Dingy – It’s rude to be loud when others are quiet. (animation)
  67. Global Thingy: Scream -- The global thingy helps make everyone laugh. (animation)
  68. Global Thingy: Sneeze of Peace -- Two fighting groups resolve their conflict. (animation)
  69. Global Thingy: Teaching Tux -- Tux bakes for the others. (animation)
  70. Global Thingy: Their Own Way -- Global Thingy helps the group play together. (animation)
  71. Global Thingy: Tux Plays Too -- Tux figures out a way to join the game. (animation) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  72. Global Thingy: Understanding -- Global Thingy helps the group communicate. (animation)
  73. Gloria & Rosita "Sing" A Song – Gloria and Rosita sing a song.
  74. Gnorks Play Square Ball -- Gnork asks to play with others. (cartoon)
  75. Going To Dance Class -- African drums in a dance class. (film)
  76. “Going To The Library” -- A song about going to the library. (film w/ original audio)
  77. Going to the Movies – Sneak Peek preview: Fiddler on the Roof. (w/ Oscar, Telly)
  78. Goo Goo Dolls: "Pride" -- The band sings a song with Elmo.
  79. Goodbye Fly” – Bugs can be very annoying! (w/ Gordon, Celina, Carlo, Big Bird, Gina, Ruthie)
  80. "Gospel Alphabet" – Patti LaBelle sings the alphabet. (w/ Elmo, Rosita, etc.)
  81. Granny Bird Arrives -- Big Bird gets angry with Granny Bird. (w/Bob)
  82. Greg Kinnear: Machine -- Greg Kinnear introduces the word "machine." (w/ Rico) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  83. Grouch Messing Machine -- Leela asks Luis to fix a washing machine. (street scene for episode 4196)
  84. Grover & Carrington Cold Snow – Carrington and Grover talk about cold weather.
  85. Grover & Maya: Apples -- Maya likes apples because they are juicy. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  86. Grover & Tamara: Practice – Tamara talks to Grover about practicing.
  87. Grover And The Elephant -- Grover tries to take a picture of an elephant.
  88. Grover And The Fence -- Grover and his horse try to get past a fence. (w/ Fred the Wonder Horse)
  89. Grover And the Lampost -- Grover gets chased by a lamppost.
  90. Grover Circles -- Grover introduces the circle.
  91. Grover Conducts -- Grover conducts music and reacts emotionally.
  92. Grover Explains Exit -- Grover shows us an exit sign. (1990s version)
  93. Grover Finds The Letter A -- Grover has to find the letter A.
  94. Grover Hot Dog Vendor – Grover does not have any hot dogs!
  95. Grover Portraits a Specialty -- A customer tries to get his portrait taken. (w/ Grover)
  96. Grover Sells Clothes -- A customer tries to buy a suit from Grover.
  97. Grover Waiter In The Park -- Grover sings songs that rhyme. (w/ Mr. Johnson)
  98. Grover Weather Monster -- Grover gives us the weather forecast.
  99. Grover’s Car Rental – A customer tries to rent a car.
  100. Grover's Christmas Trees -- Grover is selling Christmas trees. (from Elmo Saves Christmas') ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  101. Grover's Curtain -- Grover shows the curtain going up and down.
  102. Grover's Frame Shop -- A customer tries to find a frame for a painting.
  103. Grover's Triangles -- Grover shows us a triangle.
  104. Grover's Workout Video -- Grover is far too tired.
  105. Grover, Elmo And The Alphabet -- Grover and Elmo recite the alphabet.
  106. Growing A Plant -- Cody grows a plant in a glass. (film; from Elmo's World)
  107. Guess Abby’s Friends – Abby has sound clues for you to guess from.
  108. "Guess the Seasons" - Guess what season its. (w/ Zoe, Rosita and Abby)
  109. Guess What’s For Dinner – A family tries something new for dinner. (Dinner Theater)
  110. Guess What's Next -- A guessing game with patterns. (w/ Ernie, Bert)
  111. Guess Who? Part 1 -- Ernie plays a guessing game. (w/ Rubber Duckie)
  112. Guess Who? Part 2 -- Ernie plays a guessing game. (w/ Rubber Duckie)
  113. Guess Who? Part 3 -- Ernie plays a guessing game. (w/ Rubber Duckie)
  114. Guess Who? Part 4 -- Ernie plays a guessing game. (w/ Rubber Duckie)
  115. Guess Who's In The Neighborhood -- Meet Ellen, Conan, Alec, and more. (web ad) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  116. Guessing Clouds: Part 1 -- Kids see different shapes in the clouds. (cartoon; rooster, car, sheep version)
  117. Guessing Clouds: Part 2 -- Kids see different shapes in the clouds. (cartoon; boat, bell, dolphin version)
  118. Guessing Clouds: Part 3 -- Kids see different shapes in the clouds. (cartoon; train, drum, tiger version)
  119. Gymnastics Class – Kids tumble and exercise on mats. (film w/ Luis and Rosita VO)


  1. H - Hat -- Words that begin with the letter H. (cartoon)
  2. H My name Is Herry -- Maya Angelou plays a clapping game.
  3. Hair Combing -- When it's okay to cross the street. (clay animation)
  4. Hansel And Gretel’s Snack – Hansel and Gretel choose a healthy snack.
  5. Hanukkah With Veronica Monica -- An animated report on the origins of Hanukkah. (from Elmo’s World: Happy Holidays!)
  6. Happy -- Everyone talks about what makes them happy. (w/ Ernie, Rubber Duckie, Rosita, Telly Monster, Count von Count, Cookie Monster)
  7. Happy Birthday! -- Animation of a birthday party.
  8. Happy / Sad Balloons – Big Bird shares his balloon to cheer up Telly.
  9. Happy Taiko Drums -- A family plays music together. (film)
  10. Happy Thoughts Song -- Elmo and Abby think happy thoughts at bedtime. (from Bedtime with Elmo)
  11. "Happy to Be Me" – Kingston sings about his individuality.
  12. Healthy Cookie -- A girl bakes her favorite healthy cookies. (film)
  13. Healthy Meal -- Elmo and Jamie pretend to eat a healthy meal.
  14. Healthy Snack -- Elmo and Ben pretend to eat a healthy snack.
  15. Healthy Snack Choice – Bananas are a better snack than cake. (animation)
  16. Healthy With Shirley Jones - Shirley Jones gives tips to stay healthy. (w/ Zoe)
  17. Heartbeats – The heart is a very important body part. (film/animation)
  18. Hearts Of Love -- Animation about the word "LOVE".
  19. Here Is Your Life -- The life of a storybook. (w/ Sonny Friendly)
  20. Hero Guy: Big Hand – Baby Bear draws Hero Guy with a big hand.
  21. Hero Guy: Big, Bigger, Biggest – Baby Bear draws Hero Guy in different sizes.
  22. Hero Guy: Over the Moon – Hero Guy becomes a hippo. (w/ Baby Bear)
  23. Hero Guy Saves the Kitten – Hero Guy figure out how to rescue a kitten. (w/ Baby Bear)
  24. Hero Guy: Snowman – Hero Guy in a wintry adventure. (w/ Baby Bear)
  25. Hero Guy: Super Catch – Hero Guy catches a baseball in outer space. (w/ Baby Bear)
  26. Hero Guy’s Super Jam Session – Hero Guy and Baby Bear make music together.
  27. Hiccups! -- Kids talk about the hiccups. (film)
  28. Hidden Jungle Animals -- Can you find all the animals in this picture? (cartoon)
  29. Hola, Gloria!” -- Gloria Estefan sings about saying hola. (w/ Rosita, Zoe, Baby Bear, Telly, Ingrid, Humphrey, Papa Bear, Mama Bear)
  30. Hold My Hand” – Hootie and the Blowfish sing about safety. (w/ Zoe, Elizabeth, Elmo)
  31. Home Hopping Network – Benny and Bonnie have a misunderstanding.
  32. "Honeybee Hullabaloo" - Bees make honey. (film)
  33. Hop 11 Times – Khial hops 11 times. (w/ The Count)
  34. Hopscotch Number 7 -- A hopscotch game with seven squares. (cartoon)
  35. Horses Count To Thirty -- Animation of horses counting up to thirty. (cartoon)
  36. Horses Count to Twenty -- Animation of horses counting up to twenty. (cartoon)
  37. Hot! Hot! Hot! -- Baby Bear shows us the word Hot.
  38. How Do You Celebrate? -- Kids talk about Christmas. (film; from Elmo’s World: Happy Holidays)
  39. How Do You Do?” – Baby Bear sings about hwo to make friends. (w/ Anything Muppets)
  40. How Old Are You? - Grover asks how old you are.
  41. How To Stay Healthy -- Elmo & Gordon give us tips to stay healthy. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  42. Howard’s Beginning Middle End – A Monsterpiece Theatre presentation.
  43. Howie Mandell: Ticklish – Howie Mandell talks about the word ‘ticklish’.
  44. Hugh Jackman: Concentrate - Hugh Jackman introduces "concentrate". (w/ Elmo)
  45. Hula Class -- A Hawaiian party and hula dance. (film)
  46. Humpty Dumpty Helmet -- Always wear a helmet. (from episode 4145)
  47. Hurricane - Part 1 -- A hurricane strikes Sesame Street. (street scenes from episode 3976)
  48. Hurricane - Part 2 -- Sesame Street recovers after a hurricane. (street scenes from episode 3977)
  49. Hurricane - Part 3 -- Big Bird looses his nest. (street scenes from episode 3978)
  50. Hurricane - Part 4 -- Sesame Street rebuilds Big Bird's nest. (street scenes from episode 3979)
  51. Hurricane - Part 5 -- Big Bird moves into his new nest. (street scenes from episode 3980)


  1. I Am Your Friend” -- Bob and Telly sing about friendship.
  2. I Can Swim! – A girl talks about learning to swim. (film)
  3. "I Could Have Counted All Night" -- The Count and the Countess want to count all night.
  4. "I Do Not Crawl Around Much" -- Grover doesn't crawl around much anymore.
  5. I Eat the Rainbow -- Rainbow colored fruits & vegetables. (cartoon)
  6. I Heard My Dog Bark” – Ernie sings about sounds he heard at night. (w/ Bert)
  7. "I Head My Dog Bark" - Alan sings about hearing his dog bark. (w/ Elmo, Gabi, Telly and Zoe) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  8. I Like to Sing” – Aaron and Nick Carter sing together. (w/ Elmo and the Two-Headed Monster)
  9. I Love Every Part of You” – Gina and Rosita sing about Marco’s body parts.
  10. I Love Fish -- A boy talks about his love of fish.
  11. "I Love My Room" -- Ernie sings about fun things in his room.
  12. "I Love My Toes" -- Ernie sings about how much he loves his toes. (w/ Bert)
  13. I Love Words” – Abby Cadabby sings about words she loves.
  14. I Put My Leg In My Pants” -- A song about getting dressed.
  15. "I Tried" -- Kids can do new things when they try! (film)
  16. I Wanna Be – Kids talk about what they want to be. (film)
  17. I Wanna Be -- Kids talk about what they want to be. (film w/ Elmo intro)
  18. If Elmo Had Teeth” -- Elmo sings a song about brushing your teeth.
  19. If I Were The Letter B” -- A farmer wishes he was the letter B. (Anything Muppets)
  20. I’ll See You Tomorrow” – Bob sings a lullaby for Big Bird.
  21. "I'm No Aardvark" -- Big Bird sings about being proud.
  22. I’m Really Glad I’m Me” – Mary Chapin Carpenter and friends are proud. (w/ Big Bird, Zoe, Telly, Baby Bear, the Count)
  23. "I'm Sad Because I'm Happy" -- Oscar sings about things that make him happy.
  24. I'm Talkin' Love” – Trisha Yearwood sings about missing someone. (w/ Herry, Baby Bear, Grover, and Martian)
  25. Imaginary Friend – Kids talk about their imaginary friends. (film w/ Elmo intro)
  26. In The Dark – Kermit explains what "light" and "dark" mean. (w/ Grover)
  27. "In Great Shape" -- Kids dance around with different shapes. (film)
  28. "In The Middle Of Imagination" -- Ernie is afraid of monsters. (w/ Bert; remake)
  29. "In The Middle Of Imagination" -- Bert & Ernie take trips in their imagination (remake; with animated sequences)
  30. "In My Book" -- Bert explains to Ernie the fun of reading.
  31. Indoor Activities – Try exercising indoors when it is raining out. (w/ Gordon and Big Bird)
  32. Inside And Outside -- A girl demonstrates inside and outside. (animation)
  33. Inside Sesame Street -- Katie Couric interviews Little Jack Horner. (w/ Monty)
  34. Inside Scoop – Cookie Monster demonstrates inside and outside. (w/ Zoe)
  35. Inspected By Four - Inspector 4 visits the laundromat. (street scene for episode 4205)
  36. Irish Step Dancing School -- Murray explores Irish Step Dancing School. (w/ Ovejita)
  37. "It All Adds Up" -- Diane Sawyer sings adding songs. (w/ Elmo and Zoe) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  38. "It's Almost Christmas" - Elmo and Sheryl Crow sing about Christmas. (from Elmo's Christmas Countdown)
  39. It's Alright To Cry” -- A song about crying when you're sad.
  40. "It's A Circle" -- Bert and Ernie sing about a circle.
  41. It's Becoming A Habitat -- Will Big Big move away from Sesame Street? (street scene for episode 4187) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  42. "It's Funny" – Polly Darton sings about laughter.
  43. It's Hot! -- Elmo and Rosita spell the word "HOT".
  44. It's Important -- Cookie Monster talks about the word important.


  1. J at The Beach -- A video about the letter J at the beach. (film)
  2. Jack's Big Jump -- Jack has trouble jumping. (street scene for episode 4204)
  3. Jack Be Tired, Jack Be Slow -- Jack gets energy from a healthy breakfast. (w/ Prairie Dawn) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  4. Jack Black – Jack Black talks about the word ‘octagon’. (w/ Elmo)
  5. Jack In The Box -- Kids play with a jack in the box. (film)
  6. Jack In The Box #1 - Turn it until he pops! (film)
  7. Jack In The Box #7 - Seven counts until it pops (film)
  8. Jake Gyllenhaal: Separate - Jake Gyllenhaal demonstrates "separate".
  9. Jamaican Drumming -- Children drum together in Jamaica. (film)
  10. Jane Tuesday And The Blueberry -- The importance of eating your fruits.
  11. Jane Tuesday's Letter L -- Jane Tuesday solves a mystery.
  12. Jane Tuesday: Crunch And Sweet -- Jane Tuesday searches for a snack.
  13. Jane Tuesday: Orange -- The orange is named after its color.
  14. Jane Tuesday: Red Raspberry – R is for red raspberry.
  15. Jane Tuesday:g-green Beans – ‘G’ is for green and green beans.
  16. Jennie Garth: Garden -- Jennie Garth shows what a garden is. (w/ Abby Cadabby) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  17. Jennifer Of The Jungle (from The Electric Company)
  18. Jiggle With J -- Words that begin with the letter J. (film)
  19. Jim Parsons: Arachnid -- Jim Parsons explains the word "Arachnid".({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  20. Jimmy Fallon: Inspect - Jimmy Fallon and Elmo inspect things. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  21. Joe Hundred Guy -- Joe Hundredguy proves he can count to 100.
  22. Joe Torre: Walk – Walking is a great way to stay healthy. (w/ Rosita and Elmo)
  23. Joey and Davey's Ups And Downs – Two monkeys climb a tree to get bananas.
  24. John Legend and Hoots – It feels good when you sing a song.
  25. John Leguizamo: Capt. Vegetable – John Leguizamo encourages eating veggies. (w/ Elmo)
  26. Jonah Hill: Mustache - (w/ Elmo)
  27. Journey To Ernie: Beach -- Big Bird searches for Ernie on the beach.
  28. Journey To Ernie: Farm – Big Bird looks for Ernie at a farm.
  29. Journey To Ernie: Shapes -- Ernie and Big Bird play hide and seek.
  30. Judah Friedlander: Spectacular - Judah Friedlander talks about "spectacular". (w/ Telly)
  31. Jump and Dance in Space – Kids imagine moving like animals in space. (The Game Today animation)
  32. Jump Rope 18 Times – Catalina jumps rope 18 times. (w/ The Count)
  33. Jump Rope Frustration – Abby and Elmo have trouble jumping rope.
  34. Jump Song -- A song about jumping. (film)
  35. "Jump Up" With Dan Zanes -- Everyone joins in on a song about jumping. (film)
  36. Jump! -- A song about the word "JUMP". (film)
  37. Jumping -- Grover asks Tale if he knows how to jump.
  38. Jumprope Alphabet – Girls sing an alphabet song as they jump rope. (film)
  39. Just Between Us Girls -- Abby, Zoe, and Rosita demonstrate "between". ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})


  1. K At The Beach -- A video about the letter K at the beach. (film)
  2. K: Kangaroo – A kangaroo shows words that start with ‘K’. (cartoon)
  3. Kandinsky: Blue Painting -- Kids talk about what they see in a painting. (cartoon)
  4. Katy's Growing -- A song explaining how everybody grows. (film)
  5. Kayla & Abby Sing The Alphabet – Abby and Kayla sing the alphabet together.
  6. Kayla’s Favorite Word – Kayla tells Abby her favorite word is ‘cat’.
  7. Kazoo Club -- The Monster Clubhouse meets and plays games.
  8. Ken Jennings: Fruit – Ken Jennings wins a date with a pineapple. (w/ Grover)
  9. Kids Artistic Expressions – Four children express their passions. (film)
  10. Kids Bathe with “Rubber Duckie” – Ernie sings while kids take their baths. (film)
  11. Kids Dance Different Styles – Different music inspires different dances. (film)
  12. Kids' Favorite Food -- Kids talk about their favorite foods. (film)
  13. Kids Feeling Happy – Kids talk about what makes them feel happy. (film)
  14. Kids Paint Mural -- Kids paint a mural on a wall. (film)
  15. Kids Sing Favorite Songs -- Kids talk about their favorite songs to sing. (w/ Ernie intro)
  16. Kids Sing Favorite Songs -- Children sing their favorite songs. (film)
  17. Kids Sing Twinkle -- Kids sing twinkle, twinkle, little star. (film w/ Ernie intro and tag)
  18. Kids Take Care – Kids talk about taking care of other people. (film)
  19. Kids Talk About Animals -- Kids pretend they're different animals. (film)
  20. Kids Talk About Artwork -- Ernie talks to kids about the art they make. (film)
  21. Kids Talk About Dancing – Kids talk about dancing with Big Bird. (film)
  22. Kids Talk About Favorite Toy -- Kids talk about their favorite toys. (film)
  23. Kids Talk About Feelings – Kids talk about different feelings they have. (film w/ Elmo intro)
  24. Kids Talk About Firefighters – Kids talk about firefighters. (film)
  25. Kids Talk About First Time -- Kids talk about trying new activities. (film)
  26. Kids Talk About Friends – Kids talk about what makes a friend. (film)
  27. Kids Talk About Games -- Kids talk about games they play. (film)
  28. Kids Talk About Hiccups – Children talk about getting hiccups. (film)
  29. Kids Talk About Holidays – Kids say what they like about holidays. (from Elmo’s World: Happy Holidays!)
  30. Kids Talk About Imagining – Kids talk about what imagination is. (film)
  31. Kids Talk About Imagining -- Kids talk about how they imagine. (w/ Big Bird, The Elephant)
  32. Kids Talk About Lost And Found -- Kids talk about things they've lost and found. (film)
  33. Kids Talk About Lost Items – Kids talk about losing and finding things. (w/ Elmo)
  34. Kids Talk About Making Friends -- Kids talk about making friends with Big Bird. (film)
  35. Kids Talk About Pets -- Kids talk about their pets. (film)
  36. Kids Talk About Self -- Things kids can do by themselves. (film)
  37. Kids Talk About Self -- Kids talk about themselves. (film)
  38. Kids Talk About Singing -- Kids talk about singing. (film)
  39. Kids Talk About Taking Care – Kids talk about things they care for. (film)
  40. Kids Talk About Their Artwork – Children present their own artwork. (film)
  41. Kids Talk: Making Friends – Kids talk about ways to make friends. (film)
  42. "Kids With Wings" -- Abby Cadabby sings about playing together. (w/ Oscar the Grouch)
  43. King Sculptures Masterpiece -- A sculptor tries to get it just right. (clay animation)
  44. Kingdom of O -- Elmo looks for the Kingdom of E and finds O.
  45. Kingdom of O -- The Kingdom of O changes its name. (Elmo)
  46. Kingston's House Party” -- A song about a birthday party. (w/ Kingston Livingston III)
  47. Kite Festival – People make kites and fly them in the wind. (film)
  48. Kobe Bryant: Miniature - Kobe Bryant and Abby demonstrate "miniature."
  49. Kwanzaa – A family celebrates Kwanzaa. (from Elmo’s World: Happy Holidays)
  50. Kwanzaa Dancing With Elmo - Elmo dances in Kwanzaa fashion. (from Elmo's World: Happy Holidays)


  1. Ll Cool J: Unanimous (w/ Elmo, Abby and Oscar)
  2. L At the Beach -- A video about the letter L at the beach. (film)
  3. "L Rings My Bell" -- Words that begin with the letter L. (film)
  4. La La La Letter L” – Bert and Ernie sing words that begin with ‘L’. (remake)
  5. Larry King Meets The Letter W – Callers talk about words that begin with ‘W’.
  6. Lauren Goes To School -- Lauren teaches about braille. (film)
  7. Laurence Fishburne: Toothbrush – Rosita and Telly have a surprise for Laurence.
  8. Late Night On Sesame Street -- Conan O'Brien interviews some monsters. (w/ Herry Monster and Telly)
  9. Law And Order: The Missing M – The Special Letters Unit investigates.
  10. Learning To Jumprope -- Kids teach us how to jump rope. (film)
  11. Learning To Ride A Bike -- A boy learns how to ride a two wheel bike. (film)
  12. Learning To Rollerblade -- A girl and her mom learn to rollerblade. (film)
  13. Learning To Skate -- Baby Bear talks to Brogan about skating. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  14. Learning To Swim” -- Going to the beach and learning how to swim. (film)
  15. Leaves – An animation of leaves in nature.
  16. Leaving The Nest - Elmo finds a baby bird. (street scene for episode 4195)
  17. Let's Count -- Count to 12 with the Count and friends. (web ad) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  18. Let's Hear About Your Trip -- Where did you go on your trip? (film)
  19. Let's Sign Butterfly -- How to sign "butterfly" in sign language. (film)
  20. Let's Sign Rabbit -- How to sign "rabbit" in sign language. (film)
  21. Let's Sign Turtle -- How to sign "turtle" in sign language. (film)
  22. Letter C On A Starry Night -- Words that begin with the letter C. (cartoon)
  23. Letter H Holiday -- Rhyme with words that begin with H. (film)
  24. Letter H With Herry And Baxter -- Words that start with the letter H. (w/ Herry Monster)
  25. Letter G Game -- Grover hosts The Letter G game. (w/ Mr. Johnson) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  26. Letter L On A Starry Night -- Words that begin with the letter L. (cartoon)
  27. Letter Of Day Game Show: D – Cookie Monster has to find three things.
  28. Letter Of Day Game Show: J -- Cookie Monster has to find three things.
  29. Letter Of Day Game Show: P -- Cookie Monster has to find three things.
  30. Letter Of Day Game Show: W -- Cookie Monster has to find three things.
  31. Letter Of Day Game Show: Y -- Cookie Monster has to find three things.
  32. Letter Of the Day Game Show: G – Cookie Monster has 1 minute to find 3 things.
  33. Letter Q Airplane -- Airplanes shape clouds into the letter Q. (cartoon)
  34. Letter Q Quickie -- Elmo shows the letter Q.
  35. Letter T Airplane -- Airplanes shape clouds into the letter T. (cartoon)
  36. Letter U With The Martians -- The Martians discover the letter U. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  37. Lightning Bug Shapes -- Bugs that light up form shapes.
  38. Lily Tomlin: Room Service #13 – Lily Tomlin shows Natasha how to do her job.
  39. Little Dog Lost -- A lost dog finds his owner. (cartoon)
  40. "Little Hands" -- Little hands can help the earth, too. (animation)
  41. Little House On Prairie -- Prairie Dawn has a house on her head.
  42. "Little Miss Count Along" -- The Count sings a song with Zoe.
  43. Little Red Riding Hood -- A musical version of Little Red Riding Hood. (w/ Big Bad Wolf)
  44. Little Richard: "Rubber Duckie" -- Little Richard sings "Rubber Duckie" with Hoots. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  45. Little Richard: "Rosita" -- Little Richard sings about Rosita. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  46. Little Theatre Of The Deaf – How do you say ‘move’ in sign language? (Elmo)
  47. "Live At The Lunar Lounge" -- Cab Callowmouse sings in outer space. (cartoon)
  48. "Look What A Carrot Can Do" -- A song about all the ways to eat a carrot. (film)
  49. Look With The Letter L -- Words that begin with the letter L. (film)
  50. Looking For a Friend – Abby tries to conjure up a friend for Elmo.
  51. Lost Dog -- A family tries to find their missing dog. (re-filmed version)
  52. Lost On The Range -- Townspeople learn to read a sign. (w/ Readers of the Open Range)
  53. Love Of Chair: Train Station (from The Electric Company)
  54. Love Heart -- A song about the word "LOVE". (cartoon)
  55. Lucky Number 17” – A boy sings about all the reasons he loves 17. (animation)
  56. Lucy The Lazy Lizard – Elmo shares one of his favorite books. (Episode 4138 street story)


  1. M At The Beach -- A video about the letter M at the beach. (film)
  2. M: My Name Is Maya -- Maya Angelou and Elmo talk about letter M.
  3. M: Stores On The Street – Kids find the letter M in store front signs. (animation)
  4. Mac And Cheese – Murray and Victoria talk about food.
  5. Mad Men -- The Mad Men go through various emotions. (Anything Muppets) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  6. Madlenka Gets A Cold -- Madlenka's sick, so her friends cheer her up. (cartoon)
  7. Madlenka Goes To School -- Madlenka imagines kinds of transportation. (cartoon)
  8. Madlenka Plants A Garden -- Everyone helps to grow a garden outside.
  9. Madlenka Plays Soccer -- Madlenka goes to a soccer game. (cartoon)
  10. Madlenka Plays The Violin -- Madlenka learns about instruments. (cartoon)
  11. Maestro -- A boy tries some musical instruments. (clay animation) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  12. Maestro Plays Music -- Different ways a maestro plays his music. (cartoon)
  13. Maestro's Instruments -- Claymation explores different instruments.
  14. Maggie Gyllenhaal: Surprise - Maggie Gyllenhaal demonstrates "surprise". (w/ Elmo, Telly, Rosita, Grover, Abby and Zoe)
  15. Majestic Letter O -- A family comes upon the letter O. (cartoon)
  16. Make Art! -- Kids paint a mural on the wall. (NOTE: The video connected to this description is an animation about different sandwiches.)
  17. Make It So, Number One – Make it so, number one! (w/ Count and Patrick Stewart) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  18. Make Your Own Sundae Sunday -- Two boys rhyme about ice cream sundaes. (film)
  19. Making A Mural -- Kids draw and paint a wall mural. (film pixilation)
  20. Making Bread At School – Making bread at school. (film)
  21. Making Hamentaschen -- A video about the Jewish holiday of Purim. (film)
  22. Making Music – Kids make music. (film)
  23. Man Of La Muncha -- What vegetable to have for dinner. (mislabeled; actually "Omelet: Prince Of Dinner")
  24. "Mango Tango" -- Telly and Rosita eat mango and dance a tango.
  25. Mannequins – Mannequins tap dance in a store window. (animation)
  26. Many Ways To Get Around -- There are many ways to get to school. (film)
  27. Many Ways To Get Around -- There are many ways to get to school. (w/ Grover and Khokha)
  28. Marching Band Letter I – The letter I is for instruments. (cartoon)
  29. Marching Band Music -- Kids mimic a marching band. (film)
  30. Marco's Adoption Part 1 -- Gina adopts a baby boy. (street scene for episode 4130)
  31. Marco's Adoption Part 2 -- Gina adopts a baby boy. (street scene for episode 4131)
  32. Marco's Adoption Part 3 -- Gina adopts a baby boy. (street scene for episode 4132)
  33. Marilyn Horne: “C is for Cookie” – Marilyn Horne sings ‘C is for Cookie’. (w/ Anything Muppets)
  34. Marisa Tomei: The Monkey King – Marisa Tomei reads a book to Joey and Davey.
  35. Marketplace Treasures -- There are many treasures to find in the Souk! (film)
  36. Marketplace Treasures -- There are many treasures to find in the Souk! (w/ Grover and Khokha)
  37. Martians Discover 16 -- The martians find the number sixteen.
  38. Martians Discover A Fan -- Martians learn about fans.
  39. Matt Interviews Cookie Monster – Matt Lauer asks Cookie what he likes to eat.
  40. Matt Lauer: Newspaper – Matt Lauer talks about the word ‘newspaper’.
  41. Matthew Fox: Bones - Matthew Fox explains "bones." (w/ Elmo)
  42. Matthew Types His Name – Matthew shows Ernie (Grover) how to type.
  43. Maya Stretches – Maya tells Grover about her favorite exercise.
  44. Maya’s Plie – Maya shows Grover a dance step.
  45. Me Photo Album” – Who did all these things? Me! (film/animation)
  46. Meal or No Meal - Eating a healthy meal. (w/ Howie Eatswell, Sadie Schwartzbaum and Cookie Monster)
  47. Measure Of A Letter Y -- The letter Y being drawn and cut out. (cartoon)
  48. Meeting New People – Abby and Donche talk about meeting new people.
  49. Megan, Grover, And The Moon -- Grover and Megan discuss the moon. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  50. Meredith Viera: Hibernate - Meredith Viera explains "hibernate".
  51. Meredith Viera: Pretend – Meredith Viera talks about the word ‘pretend’.
  52. Michael Chang: Practice – Michael tells Big Bird how to be a champion.
  53. Michelle Obama: Healthy Habits -- Michelle Obama and Elmo share healthy tips. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  54. Miedo – Elmo sees a fire in Mr. Hooper’s Store, and faces his fear. (from Episode 3981; dubbed in Spanish)
  55. Mike Rowe's Dirtiest Jobs - Mike Rowe and Oscar's dirtiest jobs.
  56. Milk And A Cow – A boy enjoys a glass of milk with a cow. (film)
  57. Milo Counts to 12 -- Milo counts to 12. (film pixilation)
  58. Milo Counts To 13 -- Milo counts to 13. (film pixilation)
  59. Milo Counts To 7 -- Milo counts to 7. (film pixilation)
  60. Missing Flower -- Match the right top with the flower. (cartoon)
  61. Mix And Match Clothing -- Clothes sort by color and kind. (animation)
  62. Mom And Me On The Drums -- A boy and his mother play drums together. (film)
  63. Mom Birthday Card – A girl carefully writes ‘MOM’. (animation)
  64. “Mom Song” – Things a mom does. (film)
  65. Momma's Lap Song” -- A song about sitting on mom's lap.
  66. Monkey And Bananas -- A monkey thinks of way to reach bananas. (cartoon)
  67. Monster Clubhouse: Alphabet -- The Monster Clubhouse meets and plays games.
  68. Monster Clubhouse: Banana Peel -- Monster Clubhouse does the pants dance.
  69. Monster Clubhouse: Bird Dance -- The Monster Clubhouse meets and plays games.
  70. Monster Clubhouse: Doorbell -- The Monster Clubhouse meets and plays games.
  71. Monster Clubhouse: Fur -- The Monster Clubhouse meets and plays games.
  72. Monster Clubhouse: Fur Shapes -- The Monster Clubhouse meets and plays games.
  73. Monster Clubhouse: Hats -- The Monster Clubhouse meets and plays games.
  74. Monster Clubhouse: Hop Stop -- The monster clubhouse meets and play games. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  75. Monster Clubhouse: Kazoo -- The Monster Clubhouse meets and plays games.
  76. Monster Clubhouse: Mad -- The Monster Clubhouse meets and plays games.
  77. Monster Clubhouse: Mail -- The Monster Clubhouse meets and plays games.
  78. Monster Clubhouse: Sad -- The Monster Clubhouse meets and plays games.
  79. Monster Clubhouse: Scratchback -- The Monster Clubhouse meets and plays games.
  80. Monster Clubhouse: Turkey -- The Monster Clubhouse meets and plays games.
  81. More Spaghetti -- A customer tries to order lunch. (w/ Waiter Grover)
  82. Morphin Mega Monsters: Play -- Different colored monsters can play together.
  83. Morphin Mega Monsters: Truck -- Two kids learn to share a toy truck.
  84. Most Peculiar Meal -- Bert eats breakfast but Ernie brings a frog.
  85. Mother And Child Draw Love -- A mother and child draw on a foggy window. (cartoon)
  86. Mother Goose Jamboree -- A new twist on our favorite nursery rhymes! (from Kids' Favorite Songs 2 (video)) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  87. Mother Goose Jamboree -- Animation about different fairytales.
  88. Mother Hubbard's Heist -- The mystery of the missing bone. (w/ Colambo)
  89. Motion Painting: 18 -- The number '18' is painted on tiles. (film pixilation)
  90. Move To The Beat -- A girl shows a tiger some dance moves. (cartoon)
  91. Move Your Body! – Follow the steps and dance together! (film)
  92. Mr. Brush & The Singing Teeth -- Teeth love when a brush makes them clean. (animation) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  93. Mr. Kofi Annan Helps Out - Mr. Kofi Annan resolves a conflict. (w/ Elmo, Telly, Zoe, Rosita, Grover and Lulu)
  94. Mr. Noodle's Kite -- Mr. Noodle flies a kite. (from Elmo's World)
  95. Mrs. Obama Plants Garden ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  96. Mummy Movers -- Measuring a sofa. (cartoon)
  97. Mummy's Tape -- Measuring the length of a car. (cartoon)
  98. Muppet Story Featuring Military Families - WHEN FAMILIES GRIEVE Video (from When Families Grieve)
  99. Murray & Kayla: Detectives – Kalya tells Murray what detectives do.
  100. Murray And Michael: Emergency - Michael tells us what to do in an emergency.
  101. Murray And Victoria Dance – Victoria and Murray share their dance moves.
  102. Murray And Victoria: Bananas -- Murray asks Victoria about her favorite fruit. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  103. Murray Lamb: Karate School -- Murray goes to a karate school. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  104. Murray Soccer School – Murray takes us to soccer school. (Murray Has a Little Lamb) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  105. Museum Boogie -- Cab Callowmouse sings a song in a museum. (cartoon)
  106. Music & Dance -- Music and Dance from around the world. (clay animation)
  107. My Bucket Song” -- Great things you can do with a bucket. (cartoon)
  108. My Cat -- A video about what cats like to do. (film)
  109. My Dad's Racing -- A girl's dad practices racing his wheelchair. (film)
  110. "My Name Is Zoe" -- Zoe spells her name out using blocks.
  111. My Outer Space Friend” – Telly sings about a friend from outer space.
  112. My Own Fairy Tale” – Abby sings about wanting to grow up. (from Abby in Wonderland)
  113. My Teeth Poem -- A girl tells about losing her baby teeth. (cartoon)
  114. My Triangle” – James Blunt sings about his lost triangle. (w/ Telly)


  1. N Outdoors -- Dancing through a field with the letter n. (cartoon)
  2. N: Your Name is Natasha – Maya Angelou plays a clapping game.
  3. Nancy Odell: Pollinate -- Nancy Odell explains the word "pollinate." ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  4. "Napping Do Wop" -- A song about taking a nap. (w/ Telly, Monsters)
  5. Natasha's Lullabye” -- Humphrey sings a lullaby to Natasha.
  6. Nathan Lane Sings “Sing” – Nathan Lane and the Oinker Sisters perform.
  7. "Near And Far" -- A song and dance explaining "near" and "far". (Anything Muppets)
  8. Near & Far Soccer Ball -- Kids demonstrate "near" and "far". (film)
  9. Neil Patrick Harris: Curly - Neil Patrick Harris introduces the word "curly". (w/ Elmo)
  10. New In The Neighborhood -- Animation about moving to a new neighborhood. (animation)
  11. New Neighbors -- Family meets their new neighbors. (animation)
  12. New Pinball #12 -- The new pinball song. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  13. New Year's Stilt Parade -- A village's stilt parade on Chinese New Year. (film)
  14. Next To A Mailbox -- Grover tries to stand next to a mailbox. (w/ Elmo)
  15. Next To Telly And Rosita -- Rosita and Telly demonstrate "next to".
  16. Nine On A Truck -- Paintings on a truck show the number nine. (cartoon)
  17. "No Letter Better Than B" – The Dixie Chicks sing with the Muppets. (w/ Big Bird, Bert, Baby Bear)
  18. No Matter What Your Language” – Different words can mean the same thing. (w/ Rosita and Anything Muppets)
  19. No More Cookies -- Cookie Monster tries to stop eating cookies. (w/ Zoe)
  20. No” with Elmo and Oscar -- Oscar teaches how to do the no dance.
  21. Noises In the Dark – A boy’s dad helps him not be afraid. (film)
  22. Noodles & Nedd Making the Bed -- Nedd helps Noodles make the bed.
  23. Noodles & Nedd: A Chilly Night -- Noodles and Nedd learn to share.
  24. Noodles & Nedd: Airplane Fun -- Noodles breaks Nedd's model airplane.
  25. Noodles & Nedd: Duet -- Noodles and Nedd play a duet.
  26. Noodles & Nedd: Feed Me -- Nedd forgets to feed his cat.
  27. Noodles & Nedd: Leaf Paintings -- Noodles and Ned pain leaves.
  28. Noodles & Nedd: No Littering -- Nedd teaches Noodles not to litter.
  29. Noodles & Nedd: Shadows -- Noodles and Nedd make shadow puppets.
  30. Noodles & Nedd: Two Left Feet -- Noodles and Nedd practice a dance.
  31. Norah Jones: "Don't Know Y" -- Norah Jones misses her friend, the letter Y.
  32. Nsync: "Believe In Yourself" -- Nsync sings about believing in yourself. (w/ Elmo, Telly, Rosita, Big Bird, Gabi and Miles)
  33. Number 18 -- Animation about the number eighteen. (film pixilation)
  34. Number 8 Rap -- Search for the number 8 in the city! (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  35. Number Six Day - Elmo counts six sheep. (w/ Telly, from episode 4172)
  36. Number Of The Day: 8 -- The Count draws the number 8.
  37. Number Of The Day: 11 -- The Count and the Countess waltz.
  38. Number Of The Day: 12 – The Count and Countess enjoy a waltz. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  39. Number Of The Day: 15 -- The Count and Countess enjoy a waltz. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  40. Number Of The Day: 16 -- The Count and Countess enjoy a waltz. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  41. Number Of The Day: 17 –- The Count and Countess waltz.
  42. Number Of The Day: 18 -- The Count and Countess enjoy a waltz. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  43. Number Of The Day: 19 -- The Count and Countess enjoy a waltz. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  44. Number One and Only -- A girl can't reach the number one. (cartoon)
  45. Nursery Rhyme World -- Journey to Ernie nursery rhyme world. (mislabeled, street scene for episode 4098)


  1. "Ocean Emotion" -- Elmo sings about the emotions of ocean life. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  2. Octopus Dance Duet -- A girl dances like an octopus. (animation) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  3. Octopus On Your Head -- Two men talk about their head wear. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  4. Oh, Look What Our Baby Can Do!” – Humphrey, Ingrid and Bob marvel at Natasha. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  5. “Old Macruthie Had a Farm” – Ruthie sings about farm animals. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  6. Omelet, Prince Of Dinner – Omelet chooses a vegetable to go with dinner. (Dinner Theater) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  7. Once More With Feelings – The Count counts his different feelings. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  8. One Fine Face” – An orange gathers items to make a face. (animation) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  9. "One Of These Things - One of these things is different. (film)
  10. "One Of These Things - What doesn't belong? (film)
  11. One Of These Things: Fruit – One of these things is not like the others. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  12. One If These Things: Hat
  13. One Of These Things: Toy Dogs – One of these things is not like the others. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  14. One Way Traffic – Kids follow a one way sign. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  15. Open Elevator -- Animation that explains what "open" means. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  16. Opening The Door – Two cavemen try to open a strange door. (clay animation) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  17. Opposite Game” – Ernie and Grover play a game about opposites. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  18. Ordering A Pizza – A family gets a pizza delivered. (film pixilation) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  19. Origami Chick -- Folding an Origami chick. (animation) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  20. Orville's Pride -- Animation of a mouse running a maze. (cartoon) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  21. Oscar & Hunter: Broccoli -- Hunter likes the green food broccoli. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  22. Oscar Receives a Message -- Oscar receives a ghost-o-gram. (from A Sesame Street Christmas Carol) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  23. Oscar's Bein' Green -- Oscar sings "Bein' Green". ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  24. Oscar's Cell Phone -- Oscar makes too many calls on his new cell phone. (w/ Gina and Mr. Handford)
  25. Oscar's Letter of Day: S -- Oscar talks about the letter S. (w/ Slimey) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  26. Outdoor Fun -- Kids play outside. (film; from Elmo's World) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  27. "Outdoors" With Jason Mraz - Jason Mraz sings about being outdoors. (w/ Elmo, Baby Bear, Abby Cadabby, Rosita and Big Bird)
  28. Outrageous Home Makeover – More doors! (w/ Grover) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  29. Overhead Letter N -- Kids use their bodies to form the letter N. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  30. Over / Under Dog - A dog jumps over and under a boy's finger. (animation)


  1. P. Arquette: Metamorphosis - Patricia Arquette explains metamorphosis. (w/ Abby Cadabby)
  2. P At The Beach -- A video about the letter P at the beach. (film)
  3. P Is For Princess -- The letter P is for princess. (film)
  4. P Words Dance With Kids -- Words beginning with the letter P. (film)
  5. P - Pizza -- Pam loves the letter P and pizza. (film)
  6. P: Handclapping – 2 girls do a handclapping song about ‘P’. (film)
  7. P: Stores on the Street – Kids find the letter P in store front signs. (animation)
  8. Painting Number 14 -- Kids paint a number 16 mural in the park. (film)
  9. Painting Number 15 -- Kids paint a number 16 mural in the park. (film)
  10. Painting Number 16 -- Kids paint a number 16 mural in the park. (film)
  11. Painting Number 17 -- Kids paint a number 17 mural in the park. (film)
  12. Painting Number 18 -- Kids paint a number 18 mural in the park. (film)
  13. Papa Bear's Hug” – Papa Bear sings that hugs make you feel good. (w/ Baby Bear)
  14. "Papermaking Class" -- A country song about making your own paper. (Jerry Nelson)
  15. Parade Of Numbers 13: A parade with numbers.
  16. Parade Of Numbers 16: A parade with numbers.
  17. Parade Of Numbers 20: A parade with numbers.
  18. Party Line – Can you move your body like this? (animation; bear/girl version)
  19. Pass Along Alphabet -- Kids and animals pass alphabet letters. (cartoon)
  20. Pass Along Letter J -- Kids pass the letter J. (film)
  21. Pass Along Letter V -- Kids pass the letter V. (film)
  22. Pass Along Letter Y -- Kids pass the letter Y. (film)
  23. Pass Along The Letter V -- Kids pass the letter V. (film)
  24. Patti LaBelle: “The Alphabet” – Patti LaBelle sings the alphabet.
  25. Paul Rudd: Brilliant - Paul Rudd and Grover show brilliant.
  26. Pear the Musical – A family eats pears for dinner. (Dinner Theater)
  27. Pen Pals Jake And Kan -- Two friends keep in touch by writing letters. (film)
  28. Pequeno & Grande -- Rosita teaches the words grande and pequeno.
  29. Pet At The Vet” -- A song about taking your pet to the vet. (Anything Muppets)
  30. Pet Show And Tell: Ingunna - Molly shows the class her pet iguana, Tolstoy. (cartoon)
  31. Photos In The Park -- Friends play at the park and take pictures. (film)
  32. Piano Lesson – A daughter learns to practice the piano. (animation w/ painting)
  33. Picasso's Face -- Animation of a Picasso painting. (cartoon)
  34. Picasso's Mom -- Animation of a painting of Picasso's Mom. (cartoon)
  35. Pick A Card Any Card – Grover does a card trick with Chris.
  36. Picking Pea Pods -- How peas get from the ground to your spoon. (cartoon)
  37. "Pigeons And Cookies And Trash" -- Cookie Monster, Oscar and Bert, and what they love.
  38. Piggies Go To The Market -- The Count counts piggies.
  39. Pigtails Poem -- Two best friends learn how to get along. (cartoon)
  40. Pirate Ship With Hero Guy -- Baby Bear rides a pirate ship with Hero Guy.
  41. Pita Shapes -- Different shapes with pita bread. (animation)
  42. Pizza! -- An animation about how to make a pizza.
  43. Plain White T's -- A T sings about things that start with 'T'. (animation)
  44. Planet Bert - Bert and Ernie travel to outer space. (Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures)
  45. Planet Trash Pile -- Oscar reads to Slimey about Trash Gordon.
  46. Planets, Moon And Stars” – Elmo imagines he can travel through space.
  47. Plant Food -- Mr. Noodle feeds a plant. (from Elmo's World) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  48. Play Ball” – It’s fun to play with a ball! (film)
  49. Playing Q -- Five girls play an alphabet game. (film)
  50. Playing Taiko Drums -- Japanese-American family plays Taiko drums. (film)
  51. Poem to a Bubble – Grover recites a poem to a bubble.
  52. Poet Grubby Groo – The fun of rhyming. (cartoon)
  53. "Pollution Song" -- (from Takalani Sesame)
  54. Pop Goes The Jacks! -- An animation about Jack in the Boxes. (cartoon)
  55. Pop Up Video: Danger -- A song about things that are dangerous. (film)
  56. Pop Up Video: Open -- A song about opening things. (film)
  57. Pop Up Video: Walk -- A song about walking. (film)
  58. Postcard From Space Camp -- Kids show us what space camp is like. (film)
  59. Potty Time -- Elmo and his dad sing about using the potty. (from Elmo's Potty Time)
  60. Practice Rollerblading -- A girl practices rollerblading. (cartoon)
  61. Practicing Basketball – A girl’s friend helps her practice basketball. (film)
  62. Prairie Dawn Eats The Letter H -- Cookie Monster tries to eat the letter of the day. (w/ Prairie Dawn)
  63. Prairie's Christmas Pageant -- Prairie Dawn directs a Christmas pageant. (from Elmo's World: Happy Holidays!) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  64. Preschool Musical” – Kids sing about things at their preschool. (Anything Muppets)
  65. Pretend Teeth – Abby and Elmo pretend to brush their teeth.
  66. Pride” – Elmo sings with the Goo Goo Dolls.
  67. Princess & Elephant – Elmo and Natalie Portman pretend.
  68. Princess In A Low Tower -- The story of a princess in a low tower. (w/ Celina, Tarah and Big Bird) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  69. Princess Sleepy -- Luis reads a story about a sleeping princess.
  70. Prof. TV: Danger – Prof. TV demonstrates the word ‘danger’.
  71. Professor Tv: Open & Closed -- Bill Irwin tries to show 'open' and 'closed'.
  72. Pumpkins On Halloween -- What you do with pumpkins on Halloween. (film; from A Magical Halloween Adventure) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  73. Push – People push all kinds of things. (film)
  74. Put A Lid On Him” – The Squirrel Nut Zippers perform at Charlie’s. (w/ Grover and Hoots)


  1. Q-queen Quagmire -- A queen, a duck and the letter Q. (cartoon) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  2. Quacking With Q -- The word quack begins with the letter Q. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  3. Quiet Please! – Ernie explains how to be quiet. (w/ Bert) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})


  1. R-un – Animation of a tractor making the word RUN.
  2. Rachael Ray: Amazing – Rachael Ray talks about the word ‘amazing’.
  3. Rachael Ray: Pumpernickel – Rachael Ray talks about ‘pumpernickel’.
  4. Rachel's Story -- A short story about one girl's family. (film)
  5. Radar Feelings -- Big Bird talks about the time he lost Radar.
  6. Radio Doll -- Listen to different places sound comes from. (animation)
  7. Rap Tap -- A rap about words that end in "AP". (film)
  8. Rapunzel’s Bad Hair Day – Rapunzel needs to get a haircut. (w/ Prairie Dawn)
  9. Reach Your Hand Up High” – Cassandra Wilson sings about reaching high.
  10. "Read Me A Story" -- Big Bird and Zoe ask Maria to read to them.
  11. Read Together -- Elmo looks at what Herry is reading.
  12. Reading Changes Everything -- The places you can go when you read a book. (cartoon)
  13. Real People Tales -- Abby reads about a boy and his dad. (w/ Gina and Marco)
  14. Rebecca Lobo: The Letter O -- The letter O is important to Rebecca Lobo.
  15. Rectangle Is Rectangle -- Baby Bear and his father go to the museum.
  16. Red And Blue” -- Grover and Elmo's favorite colors.
  17. Red Riding Cookie -- Cookie Monster plays Little Red Riding Cookie.
  18. Renoir Exercise -- A boy and a girl disagree over a painting. (cartoon)
  19. Resting Is Just Right – Baby Bear talks about taking a nap. (w/ Baby Bear)
  20. Rhyming Day - Grover serves up a rhyme. (w/ Mr. Johnson)
  21. Ribbons & Jack In The Box -- Counting to nine with a jack-in-the-box.
  22. Ribbons & Jack In The Box -- Counting to four with a jack-in-the-box.
  23. Ribbons & Jack In The Box -- Counting to eight with a jack-in-the-box.
  24. Richard Kind: Cover Your Mouth – Richard Kind helps Snuffy when he sneezes.
  25. Richie Types His Name – Richie shows Ernie how to type.
  26. Ricky Gervais: Stumble - Grover stumbles over Ricky Gervais. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  27. Ride A Bike - Stay healthy and strong by riding a trike! (w/ Maria and Elmo)
  28. "Riding A Tricycle" -- Elmo sings about riding his tricycle.
  29. Riding Into The Sunset -- Marshal Grover shows "in front" and "behind". (w/ Fred the Wonder Horse)
  30. “Right On” (from ‘’The Electric Company’’)
  31. Rocco Fiorentino Sings - Rocco Fiorentino sings Everybody's Song. (w/ Telly, Elmo, Abby, Zoe, Grover, Baby Bear, Murray, Big Bird, Rosita, Chris, Leela, Gordon and Maria)
  32. Romeo & Alphabet -- A play about Romeo and the alphabet. (w/ Telly)
  33. Rotten Eggs And Jam - Delicious trash. (w/ Oscar, Slimey and Gordon)
  34. Rosemary Clooney Asks – Rosemary Clooney sings her question.
  35. Rosita And Mackenzie – Mackenzie tells Rosita about her brother.
  36. Rosita Starts Her Day -- Rosita explains her morning routine.
  37. Rosita’s Family Feast – Rosita’s family likes to eat dinner together.
  38. Rsi Rhyme Scene Investigation -- Help the RSI investigate through rhyming. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  39. "Rub Your Tummy" -- Bert learns to pat his head and rub his tummy. (w/ Ernie)
  40. Rubber Duckie Directs -- Rubber Duckie directs Ernie and Liam Neeson.
  41. Rubber Duckie Wants ‘exit’ – Rubber Duckie and Ernie intro an ‘exit’ film.
  42. Ruben Studdard “Soul Alphabet” – Elmo and Ruben sing the alphabet song.
  43. Run! - The letter r is for run! (film)


  1. S-UN -- Animation of a tractor making the word SUN. (cartoon)
  2. S Is For Stop -- Grover has to say a word beginning with S.
  3. ”S You're the Best” -- Words that begin with the letter S. (film)
  4. Sagwa, The Chinese Siamese Cat – Elmo and Zoe enjoy Amy Tan’s story.
  5. Salty & Pierre: Number 2 - Swan Lake with the number 2. (cartoon)
  6. Salty & Pierre: Number 5 - Where is the number five? (cartoon)
  7. Salty & Pierre: Number 9 - Find the number 9. (cartoon)
  8. Samantha And Grover Body Parts – Samantha names body parts she has two of.
  9. Same And Different -- Zoe and Big Bird show same and different.
  10. Same And Different – Abby and Elmo find ways they are the same.
  11. Sarah Jessica Parker: Pair -- Sarah Jessica Parker explains pair. (w/ Elmo) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  12. Sarah Jessica Parker: Sigh – Sarah Jessica Parker talks about ‘sigh’.
  13. "Save Game" -- Save some water by turning off the faucet. (w/ Toxic Muffin)
  14. Save Some For Later -- Super Wendy saves some for later. (cartoon)
  15. Savion Glover Rhymes And Taps – Savion taps, claps, snaps, and flaps. (1994 version)
  16. "Say Cheese" -- A song about taking pictures. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  17. School Day – A day at school is sped up. (film)
  18. Scramalot – The knights of Scramalot like to rhyme a lot. (w/ Oscar)
  19. Scruffo The Paintbrush – Paintbrush finds his purpose. (cartoon)
  20. Scruffo’s Midnight – A pencil and paint brush work together. (cartoon)
  21. Scruffo's Midnight -- A paint brush and a pencil work together. (cartoon)
  22. Seagull -- The Monster Clubhouse meets and plays games.
  23. Season 40 Highlights – Season 40 highlights. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  24. Seeing Airport -- An animation of the airport. (cartoon)
  25. Seeing Subway -- An animation of the subway. (cartoon)
  26. Sesame Around the World -- Our non-profit efforts around the world.
  27. Sesame Moment -- Dennis Franz's Sesame moment.
  28. Sesame Moment - Seth Green's sesame moment.
  29. "Set Your Piggies Free" -- Ziggy Marley and celebs sing. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  30. Seven Cats -- Seven black cats playing together. (cartoon)
  31. Seven With Count -- The Count and the Countess sing and dance.
  32. Seven's Interrogation -- The police interrogate the number seven. (film)
  33. Seymore The Snail -- Words that begin with the letter S. (cartoon)
  34. "Shake Your Rattle And Roll" -- Babies sing about exercising. (Anything Muppets)
  35. Shapes With Hero Guy -- Hero Guy makes shapes for Baby Bear.
  36. Shari Lewis: "How Do You Do" - Shari Lewis shows Lambchop how to meet people. (w/ Big Bird; from Episode 3525)
  37. Shari Lewis And Lambchop Sing – Shari Lewis and Lambchop sing a song. (w/ Big Bird; from Episode 3525) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  38. "Sharing" With Elmo And Ernie -- Elmo and Ernie sing a song about sharing.
  39. Sharing Food -- Grover asks Ariella about sharing food.
  40. Sharing Toys – Grover asks Katrina if she shares her toys.
  41. Sheep Shortage -- Elmo pretends to be a sheep.
  42. Shopping For F -- Stores that begin with the letter F. (cartoon)
  43. Short Circus: Why (from The Electric Company)
  44. Show And Tell: Dillon's Drawing -- Ernie talks to a boy about hockey equipment.
  45. Show And Tell: Nick's Glockenspiel -- A boy shows Ernie his glockenspiel.
  46. Show And Tell: Patrick’s Violin -- Patrick shows Ernie his violin.
  47. Show And Tell: Sydney's Drawing -- Ernie talks to a girl about her family.
  48. Show And Tell: Sydney's Drawing -- Ernie talks to a girl about her picture.
  49. Show And Tell: Zaj Sings a Song -- Zaj sings a song for Ernie.
  50. Show Me A Sign -- The letters of the alphabet in sign language. (cartoon)
  51. Sheryl Crow: “Soak Up The Sun” – Sheryl Crow sings about the letter ‘I’.
  52. Shrimp -- Oscar asks Hunter what his favorite food is.
  53. Signing ‘run’ – The word ‘run’ in sign language. (w/ Elmo)
  54. Signing Dance -- The sign language symbol for dancing. (w/ Zoe)
  55. Signing Exercise – The word exercise in sign language. (w/ Elmo)
  56. Signing Friend -- Linda shows the word friend in sign language.
  57. Signing Jump -- The word jump in sign language. (w/ Big Bird)
  58. Signing To 10 -- How to count to ten in sign language. (w/ Count von Count)
  59. Signs In Space -- Space ship crew follows signs in outer space. (cartoon)
  60. Silhouette Blending: C (from The Electric Company)
  61. "Sing After Me" -- Ernie and Elmo sing a song together.
  62. Sing The ABC'S -- Animation of two girls singing the alphabet. (cartoon)
  63. “Sing” With Celebrities – Just sing. Sing a song! (Vanessa Williams version)
  64. “Sing” With Celebrities – Just sing. Sing a song! (Patti LaBelle version)
  65. Singing -- Kids talk about singing. (outdoor film)
  66. Singing While Bathing” – Ruthie, Ernie, Big Bird and Oscar sing.
  67. "Sit Down Stand Up": French -- Kids sit down and stand up. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  68. “Sit Down Stand Up”: Spanish –- Kids sit down and stand up. (film)
  69. "Six At Sea" -- The Count sings about six kids at the beach.
  70. Six Feet Under -- The Count counts six feet.
  71. Sky Pictures -- Kids talk about pictures of the sky. (from Elmo's World)
  72. "Sleep!" -- Bert and Ernie sing about sleep.
  73. Sleeping Beauty Dances – Sleeping Beauty likes to dance and rest. (Healthy Storybook Moment)
  74. Sleepy Z --Words that begin with the letter Z. (cartoon)
  75. Smiling Sid – Sid learns how to take care of his teeth. (cartoon)
  76. "Sneeze The Right Way" -- Elmo and Rosita show children how to sneeze the right way. ( ad) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  77. Sneeze The Right Way Spanish -- Elmo and Rosita show children how to sneeze the right way. ( ad) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  78. Snoring Beauty -- The Count counts the Countess' snores.
  79. Snuffy's Polka -- Snuffy teaches us how to dance the polka. (w/ Alice Snuffleupagus)
  80. Snuggle S -- Words that begin with the letter S. (cartoon)
  81. Soliloquy On B -- A soliloquy on the letter B. (w/ Patrick Stewart)
  82. "Some Enchanted Lunchtime" -- A song about being shy and making new friends. (Anything Muppets)
  83. Somebody Come & Play” -- Suzie wants someone to play with.
  84. "Song About Tr" -- Words starting with TR. (w/ Bert, Ernie)
  85. Sonny Friendly's Reunion -- How milk we drink is made. (w/ Sonny Friendly)
  86. Sorting Dice -- Dice grouping by color and number. (cartoon)
  87. Soul Letter A -- A song about words that begin with "A". (cartoon)
  88. Sounds Of The Night -- Ernie keeps Bert awake.
  89. South Potato -- Sing a song of the south potato. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  90. Space Ride To 8 -- A girl counts eight planets. (cartoon)
  91. Space Sports On Saturn -- An alien counting to 18 in outer space. (cartoon)
  92. Spanish Counting -- Rosita teaches how to count to ten in Spanish.
  93. Spanish Word Of Day: Abierta -- Gabriela teaches us abierta and cerrada. (w/ Natasha)
  94. Spanish Word Of Day: Abrazo – Rosita teaches us that abrazo means hug.
  95. Spanish Word Of Day: Adios -- Rosita teaches that "adios" means goodbye.
  96. Spanish Word Of Day: Agua – Rosita teaches us that “agua” means water.
  97. Spanish Word Of Day: Baila – ‘Baila’ means ‘dance’ in Spanish. (w/ Rosita)
  98. Spanish Word Of Day: Cara -- Grover tells us that cara means face.
  99. Spanish Word Of Day: Casa -- Gabi teaches us casa means house. (w/ Slimey)
  100. Spanish Word Of Day: Escuela -- Grover teaches us escuela means school.
  101. Spanish Word Of Day: Familia -- Rosita teaches the word familia means family.
  102. Spanish Word Of Day: Feliz -- Feliz means happy in Spanish. (w/ Luis, Maria and Oscar the Grouch)
  103. Spanish Word Of Day: Gato -- Rosita tells us gato means cat in Spanish.
  104. Spanish Word Of Day: Gracias – Rosita teaches that gracias means thank you. (night version)
  105. Spanish Word Of Day: Rosita teaches us gracias means thank you. (day version)
  106. Spanish Word Of Day: Hola -- Maria teaches Grover that hola means hello.
  107. Spanish Word Of Day: Leche -- Rosita teaches that leche means milk.
  108. Spanish Word Of Day: Libro -- Grover teaches that libro means book.
  109. Spanish Word Of Day: Nino -- How to say boy and girl in Spanish. (w/ Grover)
  110. Spanish Word Of Day: No & Si -- Rosita teaches us yes and no in Spanish.
  111. Spanish Word Of Day: Perro -- Grover learns that perro means dog.
  112. Spanish Word Of Day: Por Favor -- Rosita teaches that por favor means please.
  113. Spanish Word Of Day: Salta -- Rosita teaches us that salta means jump.
  114. Spanish Word Of Day: Siesta -- Rosita shows us that siesta means nap.
  115. Spanish Word Of Day: Silla – Rosita teaches us that silla means chair.
  116. Spanish Word Of Day: Telefono -- Telefono means 'telephone' in Spanish. (w/ Big Bird and Snuffy)
  117. Spanish Word Of Day: Zapato -- Grover teaches us that zapato means shoe.
  118. Spanish Word Of Day Musica – Miles and Rosita play their guitars.
  119. Spanish Word Of The Day: Canta – Rosita and Slimey introduce the word “canta.” ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  120. Spanish Word Of The Day: Casa -- Gina (Gabi) and Slimey introduce the word "casa." ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  121. Spanish Word Of The Day: Flor -- Flor is Spanish for 'flower'. (w/ Maria and Stinky)
  122. Spanish Word Of The Day: Hola -- Maria and Grover introduce the word "hola." ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  123. Spanish Word Of The Day: Pez -- Rosita and Elmo introduce the word "pez." ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  124. Sparkle Speckle Fairy Freckles -- (street scene for episode 4199)
  125. Spin Doctor: “Two Princes” – Zoe must choose between Telly and Elmo.
  126. Spring Symphony In The Meadow -- Music lets us explore our imaginations! (cartoon)
  127. Square Dance Shoes Sorting -- Shoes dance to a song about sorting.
  128. Squirmadega Car Race -- Who will win the car race? (street scene for episode 4203, w/ Gordon, Chris, Elmo, Oscar, Slimey, Big Bird, Leela and Bip Bippadotta)
  129. Starry Night Rhymes -- Animation about the number five. (cartoon)
  130. Start With S – Words that begin with the letter S. (cartoon)
  131. Stay Home From School -- Luis and Elmo talk about having a plan for sick days. ( ad) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  132. Stay Home From School Spanish -- Luis and Elmo talk about having a plan for sick days. ( ad) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  133. Stepping -- Dancers demonstrate opposites. (film)
  134. Stepping To Seven -- Girls step dance to the number seven. (film)
  135. Stepping To Six -- Girls step dance to the number six. (film)
  136. Sticky Bubble Gum – T.J. teaches Grover a song.
  137. Still Life With Cookie -- Cookie Monster paints a picture of a cookie.
  138. Stinky's Birthday -- Stinky explains what plants need to live. (street scene for episode 4194, w/ Elmo, Zoe, Cookie Monster, Rosita, Big Bird and Chris)
  139. Stop Signs – Stop signs on different kinds of roads. (film pixilation)
  140. Stop Traffic -- A video about how to stop at a stop sign. (film)
  141. Street Signs Alphabet – Letters of the alphabet are found outdoors. (animation w/ rock music)
  142. Street Steppin' -- Stomp and clap up to 8. (film)
  143. Subtracting Penguins -- Subtracting one from three using penguins. (cartoon)
  144. Sugarland and Elmo – Elmo and Sugarland sing about “songs”.
  145. Summer Squall - Summer Squall visits Sesame Street. (w/ Gina, Big Bird and Buster) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  146. Super Grover And Super Baby -- Big and Small with Super Grover & Super Baby.
  147. Super Grover Go! -- Elmo and Super Grover dance to the word "Go."
  148. Super Grover Walks – Walking is a great way to keep in shape!
  149. Super Grover's Super School -- Super Grover teaches a class how to fly.
  150. Super K Cereal - Super K Cereal, breakfast with the letter K.
  151. Super Mega Monsters Share -- Encourage kids to share. (w/ Super Morphin Mega Monsters)
  152. Superbaby's S Word -- Words that begin with the letter S. (w/ Humphrey, Ingrid, and Natasha)
  153. Superdude Lunch -- A video about being proud to be yourself. (w/ Carlo, Kingston Livingston III, Benny Rabbit)
  154. Supermarket Countdown -- Getting ten cans of peas at the store. (cartoon)
  155. Surprise, Cookie Monster! -- Cookie Monster tries not to eat cookies.
  156. Surprises In The Pumpkin Patch -- Surprises in the pumpkin patch. (from A Magical Halloween Adventure) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  157. Survivor: Musical Chairs – Telly, Zoe and Elmo play musical chairs.
  158. Susan Sarandon: Cookie Lesson – Susan Sarandon learns how to eat cookies. (w/ Cookie Monster)
  159. Suzie Kabloozie & Number 12 -- Suzie shows us the number of the day.
  160. Suzie Kabloozie & Number 16 -- Suzie shows us the number of the day.
  161. Suzie Kabloozie & Number 6 -- Suzie shows us the number of the day.
  162. Suzie Kabloozie & The Letter F – The importance of the letter F.
  163. Suzie Kabloozie Sings A Song -- Suzie sings a song.
  164. Suzie Kabloozie The Astronaut -- Suzie imagines being an astronaut.
  165. Suzie Kabloozie's Cat Trick -- Suzie's cat performs a trick.
  166. Suzie Kabloozie’s Pirate Book – Suzie and her dad read a book about pirates.
  167. Suzie Kabloozie's Telephone -- Animation explaining about the telephone.
  168. Swinging Number 12 -- The number twelve swings in the city.
  169. Swinging Number 15 -- The number 15 swings in the city.
  170. Swinging Number 17 -- The number seventeen swings in the city.


  1. T At The Beach -- A video about the letter T at the beach. (film)
  2. T Dance” – Celina leads Elmo and kids in a ‘T’ dance.
  3. T Is For Turning -- Words that begin with the letter T. (film)
  4. Take A Break With Me” – Big Bird and Elmo take a break from playing.
  5. "Take A Turn" - Tim McGraw and Faith Hill tale turns. (w/ Telly, Elmo, Herry, Lulu and Cookie Monster)
  6. Taking Turns - Meow! - Elizabeth and her cat can take turns meowing.
  7. Take Me Out To The Ball Game – Salesman Grover works on listening skills. (w/ Mr. Johnson)
  8. Talking To The Moon – Grover and Samantha talk to the moon.
  9. Tango T -- Words that begin with the lowercase "t". (cartoon)
  10. Tatiyana Goes To School - Follow Tatiyana through her day at school. (from Elmo's World)
  11. Taxi – A monther and daughter get a ‘taxi’. (film pixilation)
  12. Telegram Trainee -- Grover and Elmo give a singing telegram. (w/ Mr. Johnson)
  13. Telephone In Spanish -- Snuffy & Bird learn the spanish for phone. (original version) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  14. Telly And The Letter D -- Words that start with the letter D. (w/ Telly Monster)
  15. Telly Can't Catch -- Telly can't catch a ball. (street scene for episode 4083)
  16. Telly Looks Up and Down – Telly talks about things found high and low. (w/ Super Grover)
  17. Telly Plays The Triangle -- Telly's afraid of hurting the triangle.
  18. Telly Shows T -- Telly finds things that begin with T.
  19. Telly Takes Over -- Big Bird talks about geometric shapes. (w/ Telly Monster)
  20. Telly's Aquarium” – Telly’s pet fish sing a musical number.
  21. "Telly's Lunch" -- Telly sings about making a sandwich.
  22. Telly’s Questions – Big Bird asks five questions from Telly.
  23. Telly's Triangle Song” -- Telly Tut sings about his love of triangles.
  24. Ten From Tennessee -- An animation about the number ten. (cartoon)
  25. "Ten Tiny Turtles" -- A song about 10 tiny turtles. (animation, remade version)
  26. "That's Pretending!" -- Martina McBride sings about pretending. (w/ Elmo, Zoe, Baby Bear, Rosita, Cookie Monster, Telly, Grover and The Elephant)
  27. "That's The Way I Read" -- A song about reading. (w/ Zoe)
  28. The Abc Song -- Tilly & the Wall perform the Alphabet Song.
  29. The Add’ems Family – The Add’ems love to add people in their home. (w/ Cast)
  30. The African Animal Box -- African animal alphabet song. (cartoon)
  31. The Alphabet with Elmo – India.Arie sings the ABC’s with Elmo.
  32. The Animal Books” -- A song about the joy of animal books.
  33. The Artichoke Song -- A short song about artichokes. (cartoon)
  34. The B Limerick -- Things that start with the letter B. (cartoon)
  35. The Bear Opposites” -- Bears demonstrate opposites. (animation)
  36. The Bed Plan -- Ernie tries not to bother Bert.
  37. ”The Big Kid Song “-- All the things that you can do as a big kid. (cartoon)
  38. "The Birthday Dance" -- Kids do a simple birthday dance. (film)
  39. The Brain - A girl explains what the brain does. (film/animation)
  40. The Breakfast Club” – Breakfast is an important meal! (w/ Miles, Baby Bear, Zoe, Anything Muppets)
  41. The Bookaneers Love To Read -- The Bookaneers sing about reading. (w/ Elmo, Alan and Tina Fey, from episode 4135)
  42. The Broccoli Song -- A short song about broccoli. (cartoon)
  43. The Bunny Shadow Song -- A bunny making shadows on the wall. (cartoon)
  44. The C Limerick – Words that begin with the letter C.
  45. The Carrot Song -- A short song about carrots. (cartoon)
  46. The Cheshire Cookie -- (from Abby in Wonderland)
  47. The Chicken King -- A story about how the chicken became king. (w/ Elmo and Telly)
  48. The Classical Alphabet -- The alphabet is sung with a classical song. (w/ Herry Monster)
  49. The Closer -- The chief closes all her cases.
  50. The Cookie Game -- Prairie Dawn and Cookie Monster play a game.
  51. The Cookie Touch -- All Cookie Monster touches turns into cookies. (street scene for Episode 4184, w/ Chris, Telly, Big Bird and Sandra Oh)
  52. "The Cooperation Song" -- A girl and Herry Monster sing a song together.
  53. The Corn Song -- A short song about corn. (cartoon)
  54. "The Count's Vacation" -- The Count counts at the beach.
  55. The Counting Booth -- (street scene for episode 4208)
  56. The Crying Game – Who can cry the most at a sad story. (w/ Sonny Friendly)
  57. The D Limerick – Things that start with the letter D.
  58. The Dancing 3 -- Counting to three and dancing.
  59. The Dancing 4 -- Counting to four and dancing.
  60. "The Elmo Slide" -- Elmo sings The Elmo Slide! ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  61. “The Family Thing” -- A song that explains the meaning of family. (film)
  62. The First and Last Cookie -- Cookie Monster decides which cookie to eat. (w/ Prairie Dawn)
  63. "The First Grade Song" -- The people you meet in first grade. (Anything Muppets)
  64. "The Flower Plants Trees Song" -- Elmo sings the Flowers Plants Trees Song. (from Elmo's World) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  65. "The Food Song" -- Healthy foods and the fun of eating. (film w/ Cookie Monster)
  66. The "From Your Head" Song -- A song about thoughts and dreams. (cartoon)
  67. The Front and Back Fish -- Zoe explains what "front" and "back" mean.
  68. The Fruit Dance – Children jump and dance with fruit.
  69. "The Fur Song" -- A song about being covered in fur. (w/ Herry Monster, Elmo, Zoe, Grover)
  70. The Golden Triangle of Destiny – Telly goes on a quest. (from Episode 4161) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  71. "The Grape Song" -- A short song about grapes. (cartoon)
  72. “The Grapefruit Song” -- A short song about grapefruit.
  73. “The Happy Happiness Song” -- A song about happiness at the beach. (film)
  74. The Happy Portrait -- Studying an odd painting. (cartoon)
  75. The Here There Song -- Teleportation to explain here and there. (cartoon)
  76. The Hives -- A boy tells a story about how he got hives. (cartoon)
  77. The Ice Cream Saga Part 1 -- Bert and Ernie try to share an ice cream cone.
  78. The Ice Cream Saga Part 2 -- Bert holds Ernie's ice cream while he is away.
  79. The Ice Cream Saga Part 3 -- Bert has to eat Ernie's ice cream.
  80. The Ice Cream Saga Part 4 -- Bert is forced to eat Ernie's ice cream cone.
  81. The J Limerick -- Words that begin with the letter J. (cartoon)
  82. The Jumping J Song -- Animal names that begin with the letter J. (animation)
  83. The Karate Alphabet -- Kids practice karate. (film)
  84. The King Who Couldn't See -- The King sees everything fuzzy and blurry. (Anything Muppets)
  85. The Letter V -- Words that begin with the letter V. (film)
  86. The Letter L -- Murray introduces the letter L .(w/ Gordon)
  87. The Letter M -- Jake the dog explores letter m. (cartoon)
  88. The Letter X -- Animation of the letter X as a bouncing ball. (cartoon)
  89. The Letter G Song - Singing the letter g song. (cartoon, w/ Cookie Monster)
  90. The Letter X Song - Singing the letter x song. (cartoon, w/ Cookie Monster)
  91. "The Little Things Song" -- A song about the little things. (cartoon)
  92. The Lost Baseball Music – Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg expresses feelings. (w/ Big Bird and Miles)
  93. The Loud Fountain -- A musical fountain plays loud & soft. (film)
  94. The Mad T Party – Abby gets served ‘T’. (from ‘’Abby in Wonderland’’)
  95. The Maestro Plays -- A song that teaches words ending in -LY. (animation w/ kids)
  96. The Milk Song -- A short song about milk. (cartoon)
  97. The Monster and the Princess -- Two monsters get along despite differences. (w/ Elmo)
  98. "The Most Important Meal" -- A song about the importance of breakfast. (Anything Muppets)
  99. The Mulberry Bush -- Twiddlebugs encounter a mulberry bush.
  100. The Near and Far Fish -- Zoe explains what "near" and "far" mean.
  101. The Near Far Song -- A mouse explains "near" and "far".
  102. The New Nanny – Fran Drescher gets a job caring for Natasha. (w/ Humphrey and Ingrid)
  103. The Number 13 Springs Song – The number thirteen in a Spring setting. (cartoon)
  104. The Number 4 Song -- Four-headed singer in outer space.
  105. The Nutcracker Mash -- Elmo and Jamie Foxx sing and dance. (from Elmo's Christmas Countdown)
  106. The Oatmeal Box” -- Bert uses an oatmeal box to make music.
  107. The P Limerick – Words that begin with the letter P.
  108. "The Pasta Song" -- A song about different types of pasta. (film)
  109. The Pear Song -- A short song about pears.
  110. The Peas Song -- A short song about peas.
  111. The Picnic -- A boy tries to eat his cake outside. (cartoon)
  112. The Planet G - Elmo writes a story about the letter G. (street scene for episode 4207)
  113. The Planet Of Huff & Puff - Trash Gordon battles the breeze. (w/ Oscar, Slimey and Sloppy)
  114. The Potato Song -- A short song about potatoes. (cartoon)
  115. The Princess And The Pea -- Prairie Dawn tries to interview the Princess.
  116. The R Limerick – Things that start with the letter R.
  117. The Rhyme Time Song -- Animals dance together in this rhyming song. (cartoon)
  118. The Safari Letter C -- Kids find the letter C in the jungle. (film)
  119. The Safari Letter G -- Kids find the letter G in the jungle. (film)
  120. The Safari Letter Z -- Kids find the letter Z in the jungle. (film)
  121. The Sesame Street Open -- Cookie Monster and Herry compete by opening things. (w/ Prairie Dawn)
  122. The Shoe Fairy – Neil Patrick Harris performs on Sesame Street.
  123. The Shpritzer Splasher” -- A very interesting musical instrument. (film)
  124. The Sky -- A mother and daughter look at the sky. (film; from Elmo's World) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  125. The Sky Is The Limit -- A penguin learns to fly. (cartoon) (from Elmo's World) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  126. "The Sky Song" -- Elmo sings the Sky Song. (from Elmo's World)
  127. The “Snack Samba” Song -- The importance of eating healthy snack foods.
  128. The Soul Letter H Song -- A song about the letter H. (cartoon)
  129. The Soul Letter O Song -- A song about the letter O. (cartoon)
  130. The Strawberry Song -- A short song about strawberries.
  131. The Street Sings Sunny Days - The Street sings Sunny Days. (w/ Big Bird, Oscar, Grundgetta, Grover, Herry, Ernie, Bert, Elmo, Lulu, Zoe, Maria, Gabi, Telly and Alan)
  132. The Summer Of Snuffy -- Spike Lee directs a film starring Snuffy. (w/ Big Bird) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  133. The Suzie Kabloozie Switch – Suzie and Feff pretend to be each other.
  134. The O Network -- Oprah Winfrey voices the letter O. (cartoon)
  135. The T Song -- A song about words that begin with "T". (film pixilation)
  136. The Talent Show - (street scene for episode 4171, w/ Big Bird, Snuffy, Leela, Cookie Monster, Wolfgang and Mr. Johnson)
  137. The Telephone -- A telephone rings in the city. (film pixilation)
  138. The Thpfft Championship -- Babies compete by making thpfft noises. (w/ Baby Natasha)
  139. The Toothpaste Factory” -- How toothpaste is made and put in the tube. (film)
  140. "The Tortellini Song" -- Monsters try to teach a baby a new word. (Monsters)
  141. The Tree Lady -- The tree lady becomes a tree. (cartoon; from Elmo's World)
  142. The Turtle Song” – A song about turtles. (film)
  143. The Turtle, Rabbit And Benny – Benny gets in the Bunny’s way. (w/ Gordon)
  144. The Underwater 9 – Animation showing the number nine underwater.
  145. The Veggie Dance – Kids jump and dance with vegetables.
  146. The Wall Of Numbers 4 Song – Match the two number fours together. (cartoon)
  147. The Wall Of Numbers 6 Song – Match the two number sixes together. (cartoon)
  148. The Watermelon Song -- A short song about watermelon. (cartoon)
  149. “The Wheels Go Round” -- Tara sings a song about her wheelchair.
  150. The Zerkel Dan Song -- A song about words ending in"AN". (cartoon)
  151. The Zerkel Jake Song -- A song about words that end in "AKE". (cartoon)
  152. Theater B - The letter B starts boat. (animation)
  153. Theatre D: Dark – A girl puts on a play with the letter ‘D’. (animation)
  154. “Theme Song” (theme to Elmo’s World)
  155. "There's A Bird On Me" -- A hippo is tired of birds resting on him. (Joe Raposo)
  156. There's A Dinosaur In My Room -- Ernie helps Bert use his imagination.
  157. "They're Not Alive" -- A song about things that aren't alive. (film)
  158. "Things That I Remember" -- Ernie keeps Bert up talking about memories.
  159. "Things To Remember" -- Granny Bird will always sing with Big Bird. (w/Penguins) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  160. Things To Read -- A girl demonstrates different things to read. (animation)
  161. Thinker Letter N -- Words starting with the letter N. (cartoon)
  162. This Season On Sesame Street -- All-New Season Highlights (Season 41 highlight reel)
  163. Three Musicians -- A band works together to play a song. (cartoon)
  164. "Three Sides Now" -- Telly sings a song about shapes.
  165. Tiger Legs -- Match the right legs with the tiger's body. (cartoon)
  166. Tiger Presents T -- Words that start with the letter T. (cartoon)
  167. “Tion Song” (from ‘’The Electric Company’’)
  168. TJ Meets Margarita -- Traction Jackson plays basketball.
  169. TJ: Follow Me – TJ and friends play a song with Grandpa.
  170. TJ: "Me and My Chair" -- Traction Jackson sings about his wheelchair.
  171. Tiki Barber: Quest -- Tiki Barber undertakes a quest. (w/ Oscar, Grover and Cookie Monster)
  172. Tokyo String Quartet: Minuet – Big Bird and Snuffy dance to the music.
  173. Tokyo String Quartet: Practice – Practicing something helps you get better at it.
  174. Tomato Surprise -- A customer tries to order lunch. (w/ Waiter Grover)
  175. Tony Bennett: Little Things – Lexine and Tony sing about little things.
  176. Tooth Talk -- Telly teaches Big Bird to brush his teeth.
  177. Toy With Sleeping Girl – A napping girl’s toys continue to play. (animation)
  178. Traffic Light – A bird helps a monkey get bananas. (clay animation)
  179. Trash Gordon: Energy -- Trash Gordon eats healthy food to stay strong. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  180. Trash Gordon: Planet Itch -- Oscar reads to Slimey about Trash Gordon.
  181. Trash Gordon: Planet Of Cakes -- Oscar reads to Slimey about Trash Gordon.
  182. Trash Gordon: Planet Of Shoes -- Oscar reads to Slimey about Trash Gordon.
  183. Trash Gordon: Planet Penguin – Oscar reads to Slimey about Trash Gordon.
  184. Trash Gordon: Planet Spaghetti -- Oscar reads to Slimey about Trash Gordon.
  185. Trash Gordon: Planet Surprise -- Oscar reads to Slimey about Trash Gordon.
  186. Trash Gordon: Planet Wormhole -- Oscar reads to Slimey about Trash Gordon.
  187. Trash Gordon: The Giant Grumpy -- Oscar reads to Slimey about Trash Gordon.
  188. Trash Gordon: Triangle Planet -- Oscar reads to Slimey about Trash Gordon.
  189. Trash Gordon: “Worm Workout” -- Oscar sings a song for the worms' workout. (not actually a Trash Gordon segment)
  190. Tree Planting -- Animation about planting and growing corn. (cartoon)
  191. Trevor's Family -- A short story about one boy's family. (film)
  192. Triangle Bob Triangle Pants -- Telly shares his favorite show with Alan.
  193. Triangle Detective -- A detective hunts for triangles. (film)
  194. Tribute To Number Seven -- It's number 7 day on Sesame Street. (street scene for episode 4209)
  195. Trip To The Moon -- Grover & Megan pretend to visit the moon.
  196. Tropical Five -- Counting to five with tropical animals. (cartoon)
  197. True Mud -- A Grouch orders for True Mud. (w/ Oscar and Anything Muppets)
  198. Try New Foods -- Eat your colors every day. (w/ Baby Bear and Alan)
  199. Try To Whistle -- Kids try their best to whistle. (indoor gray bg. film)
  200. Trying To Find Z -- Zelda goes in search of the letter Z. (film)
  201. Tu Me Gustas” – Gabi and Rosita sing together.
  202. "Tu Me Gustas" - Rosita and Elmo sing about love. (from Elmo Loves You)
  203. Tuba And Drum Cooperation – Telly and Elmo find a way to practice together.
  204. Turtle Love -- A turtle falls in love. (cartoon)
  205. Tutu Letter O -- Ballerinas dance and show us the letter O. (film)
  206. Tutu Letter Q -- Ballerinas dance with the letter Q. (film)
  207. Twiddlebug Outing -- Twiddlebugs learn about the shape of wheels. (CG) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  208. Twiddlebugs: Caterpillar – The Twiddlebugs adopt a pet. (CG)
  209. Twiddlebugs Family Picture – The Twiddlebugs try to take a family photo. (CG)
  210. Twiddlebugs: Paperclip – Papa Twiddlebug is looking for his snowshoe. (CG)
  211. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star -- Kids sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. (film)
  212. Two-headed Monster Shows 14 -- The Two-Headed Monster shows 14. (w/ Chris)
  213. Two Brothers Make Airplanes -- A boy talks about making model airplanes. (film)
  214. Two Dogs – Grover talks to a boy about his dogs.
  215. "Two For Two" -- A song about the number two. (w/ Count von Count, Lady Two)
  216. Tyler Draws on the Computer – Tyler shows Ernie how to draw on the computer.


  1. U At The Beach -- A video about the letter U at the beach. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  2. U Guys Behind Door Go Up -- Words that begin with the letter U. (cartoon) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  3. U Song -- A song about the letter U. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  4. U: Umbrella – Which of these words begins with ‘U’? (film/animation) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  5. Umbrella Sharing – Two cavemen learn to share an umbrella. (clay animation) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  6. Underwater E -- The letter E rises out of a pool. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  7. Underwater F -- The letter F rises out of a pool. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  8. Underwater K -- The letter K rises out of a pool. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  9. Underwater N -- The letter N rises out of a pool. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  10. Underwater R -- The letter R rises out of a pool. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  11. Underwater S -- The letter S rises out of a pool. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  12. Underwater W -- The letter W rises out of a pool. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  13. Underwater X -- The letter X rises out of a pool. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  14. Underwater Y -- The letter Y rises out of a pool. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  15. Up & Down Ball -- Kids demonstrate "up" and "down". (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  16. "Up And Down" -- Cookie Monster and Herry Monster sing about "up" and "down". (remake) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  17. Up And Down Rollercoaster -- A roller coaster deomonstrates up and down. (animation) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  18. "Using Chopsticks" -- A song about how to use chopsticks. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})


  1. V For Violin -- Different children play the violin. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  2. Vamos A Comer – ‘Vamos a comer’ means ‘let’s eat’ in Spanish! (w/ Telly and Rosita) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  3. Vanessa Williams Sings -- Vanessa Williams and sheep sing Song.
  4. Veg Side Story (Dinner Theater)
  5. Victor Borge On Punctuation (from ‘’The Electric Company’’) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  6. Victoria Exercises – Murray asks Victoria about exercising. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  7. Victoria & Murray: Foods -- Victoria and Murray talk about healthy foods. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  8. Victorian Vulture -- Animation about the letter V. (cartoon) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  9. Video Postcard: Fishing – Big Bird goes fishing from a boat. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  10. Vote - Best Sesame Ever -- Vote for your favorite video from the 2000s! (w/ Grover) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  11. Vote - Best Sesame Ever -- Vote for the most awesome video from the '80s! (w/ Grover) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  12. Vote - Best Sesame Ever -- Vote for the jiggiest Sesame Street video of the 90s! (w/ Grover) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  13. Vote - Best Sesame Ever -- Vote for the funkiest Sesame Street video of the 70s! (w/ Grover) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  14. "Vote Song" -- Children vote on what they want to do. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})


  1. W At The Beach -- A video about the letter W at the beach. (film)
  2. W: Waffle – Which of these words begins with ‘W?’
  3. W-water Wind Wave Wet -- Words that start with the letter W. (cartoon)
  4. Wacky Wild Waldo -- Waldo goes to the beach. (cartoon)
  5. Waiting For Big - Grover shows big, bigger and biggest. (w/ Sarah Jessica Parker and Big Bird)
  6. Wake Up” – Ernie sings to Bert to wake up his whole body.
  7. Walk! – A video about the word “WALK.” (human letter film)
  8. Walk/don't Walk -- When to cross the street. (film pixilation)
  9. Wall Of Numbers 5 -- A number matching game. (cartoon)
  10. “Wally-a Rhyming Opera” – An opera where everything rhymes. (Anything Muppets)
  11. Wanda Sykes: Elmo Says - Wanda and Elmo Play 'Elmo Says'.
  12. Wanda Sykes: Journal -- Wanda Sykes explains the word journal.
  13. Wandering Through Wonderland” – Abby sings about feeling lost. (w/ Elmo; from Abby in Wonderland)
  14. War And Peace – Two cavemen learn to play together. (clay animation)
  15. Warhol Flowers Numbers 4 -- Adding and subtracting with four flowers.
  16. Warhol Flowers Numbers 12 -- Counting twelve flowers by two.
  17. Warhol Flowers Numbers 16 -- Counting sixteen flowers by two.
  18. Washing Your Hands -- A girl washes her hands in the sink. (film)
  19. Watering Plants -- Kids explain how to water a plant. (from Elmo's World)
  20. Watermelons And Cheese” – Monty sings about how to answer the phone. (with Bert, Cookie Monster, The Count, Anything Muppets)
  21. Water Water Everywhere - Maria reminds us to drink plenty of water. (w/ Oscar and Fluffy)
  22. Way To Auntie Mae -- A family needs help with directions. (cartoon)
  23. Wayne Brady: “Between” -- Wayne Brady demonstrates "between." (w/ Honkers and Dingers)
  24. We Are All Earthlings” – Jill Scott and animals sing about the planet.
  25. We Worked It Out! -- Big Bird and Snuffy learn to compromise.
  26. “We’re A Family” – A song about how families can be different. (film)
  27. West Side Thingy - Share and play nice. (Global Thingy)
  28. Western Patterns -- A repeating pattern of hats and boots. (animation)
  29. Wet Paint Palettes – Two paint palettes have a paint fight. (animation)
  30. Wet Paint Sign” – Plans are spoiled by a ‘wet paint’ sign. (Anything Muppets)
  31. "What Can I Be?" -- What to be on Halloween. (from A Magical Halloween Adventure, w/ Elmo, Telly and Zoe)
  32. What Comes Next?: Animals – Giraffe and elephant cards in a pattern. (animation)
  33. What Comes Next?: Birds – Birds appear in an alternating pattern. (animation)
  34. What Comes Next?: Foot – A child counts toes on a foot. (animation)
  35. What Comes Next?: Hand – A child counts fingers on a hand. (animation)
  36. What Comes Next?: Shapes – Hexagons and triangles in a pattern. (animation)
  37. What Do They Do?” – A film that follows some parents to work. (w/ Leon Redbone)
  38. "What I Am" - sings What I Am. (w/ Elmo, Zoe, Rosita, Abby, Grover, Cookie, Big Bird, Oscar, Ernie, Bert and the Count) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  39. "What Is a Friend" -- Cookie Monster sings a song about friendship. (w/ Lulu)
  40. What Is In The Sky? -- Elmo guesses what is in the sky. (from Elmo's World) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  41. What Is It? – Kids try to guess what a scrambled picture is. (ear)
  42. What Is It? – Kids try to guess what a close-up picture is. (leopard)
  43. What Is It? - Looking at a moth close up. (cartoon)
  44. What Is It? - See that the puzzle picture reveals. (motorcycle)
  45. What A Piece Of Paper! – Elmo helps Abby find new uses for her art.
  46. What Is A Veterinarian? -- A film of an animal doctor's office.
  47. What Vegetable Would You Be? -- Grover asks Antonio about vegetables.
  48. What's My Lion? -- Ernie plays an animal noise game.
  49. "What's The Name Of That Song?" -- Ernie keeps Bert up singing a song.
  50. What's Up? -- An arrow can't figure out which way is up. (cartoon)
  51. "Where Are The Computers?" -- Elmo sings about computers. (w/ Farley)
  52. "Where Can You Be, B?" -- Pigs sing about the missing letter B. (w/ the Oinker Sisters)
  53. Where Do Plants Grow? -- Plants grow in many different places. (from Elmo's World)
  54. Whistling – Kids talk about whistling. (film)
  55. Whivvy Is Beautiful -- A little boy sings about his new baby sister. (film w/ Elmo intro)
  56. Who Has the Best Pet? -- Who has the best pet on Sesame Street? (w/Zoe, Maria, Baby Bear, Elmo)
  57. Who's Alive? -- Cookie Monster finds out who's alive.
  58. Who's Next to Who -- The group explains what "next to" means. (w/ Elmo, Telly Monster and Zoe)
  59. Whoopi Goldberg: Come and Play – Whoopi tries to play a new instrument. (w/ Elmo)
  60. Why Oh Y -- A girl learns to appreciate the letter Y. (cartoon)
  61. Wigging Out -- Grover tries to sell a customer a wig.
  62. Wild Nature Survivor Guy - (street scene for episode 4190, w/ Elmo, Rosita, Leela, Alan, Big Bird and Jimmy Fallon)
  63. Wild West Patterns – Country items are arranged in a pattern. (animation)
  64. Will The Real Jamie Foxx (Please Stand Up?) – Confusion ensues when 2 Jamie Foxxes show up. (w/ Elmo)
  65. Wing In A Sling - (street scene for episode 4206)
  66. Wire Beetles -- A bug joins a dissimilar group of bugs. (animation)
  67. Word Blending -En Song -- Pen, hen and ten all end with -en. (animation)
  68. Word Of The Day: Stop – Zoe introduces the word of the day.
  69. Worms In Shapes -- Worms form geometric shapes.
  70. Worms In Space: Letter C – Worms in outer space form the letter C. (w/ Slimey)
  71. Worms In Space: Letter H -- Worms in outer space form the letter H. (w/ Slimey)
  72. Worms In Space: Letter K -- Worms in outer space form the letter K. (w/ Slimey)
  73. Worms In Space: Letter Q -- Worms in outer space form the letter Q. (w/ Slimey)
  74. Worms In Space: The Letter D -- Worms in outer space form the letter D. (w/ Slimey)
  75. Worms In Space: The Letter Y – Worms form the letter Y in outer space. (w/ Slimey)
  76. Worms On The Moon - Breaking News: Worms land on the moon. (w/ Slimey, Kermit, Oscar and Robert MacNeil, from episode 3740)
  77. Worm Reggae - Singing a reggae song with the worms. (w/ Downtown Julie Brown)
  78. Worm World Music Festival -- Worms around the word come to play music. (w/ Maria, Luis and Downtown Julie Brown)
  79. "Would You Like To Buy An O?" -- A singing salesman sells Ernie the letter "O".
  80. Writing Rain In Chinese -- A boy writes using Chinese characters. (film)
  81. Writing River In Chinese -- A girl writes using Chinese characters. (film)
  82. Writing Tree In Chinese -- A girl writes using Chinese characters. (film)
  83. Wyclef Jean: “Healthy Food” – Cookie Monster and Wyclef sing about food.


  1. X At The Beach -- A Video about the letter X at the beach. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  2. X: Grover Matthew Computer – Matthew types the letter ‘X’ on the computer. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})


  1. Yes! -- Zoe tells Baby Bear the word of the day. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  2. You And You And Me” – Zoe, Grover and Elmo demonstrate taking turns. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  3. You Got An M Song -- Song about words that begin with M. (cartoon) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  4. "You Tickle Me" -- A song about how happy your friends make you. (w/ Elmo, Zoe, Rosita, Baby Bear, Frazzle, Herry, Telly) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  5. You're Important” -- A song about family. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  6. You've Got A Letter I -- You've got mail; it's the letter I. (cartoon) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  7. You’ve Got A Letter R – You’ve got mail; it’s the letter R. (cartoon) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  8. Your Amazing Body -- The importance of keeping your body healthy. (animation) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  9. Your Friends & NeighborsBen Stiller sings about the neighborhood. (w/ Telly Monster) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})


  1. Z Is For Zipper - The zipper rap. (film)
  2. Z Words On Tv -- Words that start with the letter Z. (cartoon) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  3. Zachary's Trumpet -- Zachary shows Ernie his toy trumpet. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  4. Zack’s Joke – Zack tells his sister a knock knock joke. (film) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  5. Zack's Joke -- Zack tells his sister a knock knock joke. (film w/ Elmo tags) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  6. Zanahoria -- Grover sings the Spanish word for carrot. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  7. Zero -- all about the number zero (animation w/ Oscar) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  8. Zero Cookies -- Cookie Monster eats Gladys' pocketbook. (w/ Ruth Buzzi) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  9. Zero Elephants -- The number zero shown with elephants. (cartoon) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  10. Zero Is Delicious -- Cookie Monster shows us the number of the day. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  11. Zero Pep Talk -- Animation about the number zero. (cartoon) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  12. Zero The Hero – Zero helps a boy clear all toys off the floor. (animation) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  13. Zoe And Elmo's Opposites -- Elmo and Zoe play the opposite game. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  14. Zoe Says – Elmo and Zoe play ‘Zoe Says.’ ("sitting" version) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  15. Zoe Says - Zoe and Elmo play Zoe Says. ("standing" version) ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  16. Zoe Talks About U -- Oscar and Zoe talk about the letter U. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  17. Zoe Yes Intro – Zoe introduces a ‘yes’ segment. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  18. Zoe’s Favorite Book – Zoe tells Telly about her favorite book. ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})
  19. Zoe: Same And Different ({{ #NewWindowLink: | }})

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