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The following is a list of videos currently available at for viewing in their "Videos" section that are labeled as "classic" segments (before the 25th season).

-- Classic videos are given this label, though some currently do not.

See also Sesame Street Video Player: Current Clips.


  1. ”cold” With Linda And Luis – Linda and Luis build the word ‘cold’. (SSvideo)


  1. 1-10: Hat Rack – Kids count hats as they appear on a rack. (SSvideo)
  2. 1-5 Counting Zoo Animals – Zoo animals are counted in this song. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  3. 10-1 Russian Dolls – Ten nesting dolls become one nesting doll. (animation) (SSvideo)
  4. 10: Computer – A strange face counts 10 objects. (SSvideo)
  5. 10: Pinball Animation – A counting pinball game focuses on “10.” (SSvideo)
  6. 11: Pinball Animation – A counting pinball game focuses on “11.” (SSvideo)
  7. 12 Cans Stacked In A Store – A man stacks 12 cans in a display. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  8. 12: Pinball Animation – A counting pinball game focuses on “12.” (SSvideo)
  9. 2, 3, 4 Art Gallery – Biff labels paintings in an art gallery. (SSvideo)
  10. 2: Letters Kissing – The letters in “beso” kiss each other. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  11. 2: The Mad Painter – A painter paints a “2” on a sailboat. (SSvideo)
  12. 2: Pinball Animation – A counting pinball game focuses on “2.” (SSvideo)
  13. 3: Pinball Animation – A counting pinball game focuses on “3.” (SSvideo)
  14. 39 Stairs – A Monsterpiece Theater presentation. (w/ Grover) (SSvideo)
  15. 4: Kids On A Mat – The Count counts 4 kids as they roll in. (SSvideo)
  16. 4: Pinball Animation – A counting pinball game focuses on “4.” (SSvideo)
  17. 5: Beat The Game Show – Grover has one minute to find five dairy items. (w/ Guy Smiley) (SSvideo)
  18. 5: Police & Fire Fighter – Kids dressed up as firefighters and police. (Three of These Kids) (SSvideo)
  19. 5: Starfish & Eels – A singing fish loves the number five. (SSvideo)
  20. 6 Dots – 6 dots are shown arranged in many ways. (animation) (SSvideo)
  21. 6: Pinball Animation – A counting pinball game focuses on “6.” (SSvideo)
  22. 6: Umbrellas – One of the kids in the rain is getting wet! (Three of These Kids) (SSvideo)
  23. 7 Fish With Elmo – Elmo tap dances around seven goldfish. (SSvideo)
  24. 7: Pinball Animation – A counting pinball game focuses on “7.” (SSvideo)
  25. 8: The Mad Painter – A bald head is a good canvas for the number 8. (SSvideo)
  26. 8: Pinball Animation – A counting pinball game focuses on “8.” (SSvideo)
  27. 9: Bumble Ardy – A rhyming story about Bumble’s birthday. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  28. 9: Counting People – Nine people hold still so you can count them. (w/ Maria, Luis, David, and kids) (SSvideo)
  29. 9: Martian Beauty – A Martian beauty has 9 of each body part. (SSvideo)
  30. 9: Pinball Animation – A counting pinball game focuses on “9.” (SSvideo)


  1. "Abcs Of The Swamp" - Kermit sings the alphabet in the swamp. (SSvideo)
  2. A And The Small Story – Animated story about small a and “a” words. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  3. A Bee At Work – A bee collects pollen from flowers. (film) (SSvideo)
  4. A Boy And Cart -- A boy and father think of how to make a cart. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  5. A Boy From Indiana” – Bob sings about a boy growing up. (SSvideo)
  6. A Clown Removes His Makeup – A man shows the parts of his clown face. (film) (SSvideo)
  7. A Dog As Bird – What if a dog had a beak and feathers? (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  8. A Dull Day -- A detective exercises on his day off. (cartoon)
  9. A Fly In My Soup -- Grover's customer has a fly in his soup. (SSvideo)
  10. A Happy Dog - A dog is happy to get a treat. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  11. A Mouse Remembers -- A mouse remembers where he left his pet. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  12. A Piece Of Cake -- Ernie's far-fetched cake story comes true. (w/ Bert and Beautiful Day Monster) (SSvideo)
  13. "A Pig's Love Song" -- A pig loves being a pig. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  14. A Sad State – The Cosby Kids talk about different feelings. (w/ Telly, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Lisa Bonet, Tempestt Bledsoe, Keshia Knight Pulliam) (SSvideo)
  15. "A Song From Kermit" -- Kermit sings a song to wish you well. (SSvideo)
  16. A Terrible Interview - Candice Bergen interviews Oscar. (SSvideo)
  17. A Words – Lots of words begin with the letter “A.” (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  18. A: Airplane – A talking typewriter types ‘a’ for airplane. (SSvideo)
  19. A: Alligator – Alligator begins with the letter A. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  20. A: Debo, Kermit and Grover – Debo knows that this is the letter ‘A.' (SSvideo)
  21. A: Maestro – A maestro asks for notes and gets an “A.” (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  22. A: The Fonz – Fonzie pronounces the letter ‘A.’ (SSvideo)
  23. Abierto” – Everything in this house is open! (w/ Maria and Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  24. Abierto And Cerrado -- Luis opens and closes the Fix-It Shop. (w/ Bob and Susan) (SSvideo)
  25. Abierto Cerrado – A box demonstrates two Spanish words. (cartoon w/ added music and sound effects) (SSvideo)
  26. Above/Below – Bud the Bird loves to go above and below. (animation) (SSvideo)
  27. Above It All Song” – A song about “above” and “below.” (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  28. Adding And Subtracting – Bob, Maria and Susan add and subtract. (SSvideo)
  29. Adding Is Putting Together” – Adding and subtracting cookies. (w/ Cookie Monster) (SSvideo)
  30. Adding To Five – Bert, Ernie and Shala add with their fingers. (SSvideo)
  31. African Alphabet” – Kermit and a Zulu tribe sing an alphabet song. (SSvideo)
  32. African Animals – Kids talk about wild animals and what they do. (film) (SSvideo)
  33. African Numbers 1-20 -- Counting from 1 to 20. (animation) (SSvideo)
  34. After A Bath With Bert & Ernie – Ernie forgets an important bathtime step. (SSvideo)
  35. Agua – “Agua” means “water” in Spanish. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  36. Ailey Dance Class With Robert -- Robert takes a dance class. (film)
  37. "Air!" – A man sings about air and breathing. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  38. Airplane Propeller – Two pilots work together to start an airplane. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  39. Ake Words – 5 words in the –ake family. (animation) (SSvideo)
  40. All About Water – A musical video shows water in many forms. (film) (SSvideo)
  41. All Dressed Up” – Bert dresses warm for the winter. (w/ Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  42. Alice in Wonderland - Kermit reports on Alice in Wonderland.
  43. Alice Explores Olivia -- Alice explores Sesame Street to find Olivia. (w/Mr. Snuffleupagus and Uncle Wally) (SSvideo)
  44. Alligator King & His 7 Sons -- Which alligator son will win the crown? (cartoon)
  45. Alone Song” – Sometimes it’s nice to play all by yourself. (film) (SSvideo)
  46. Alphabet Chat: Letter B – Mr. Chattaly interviews Mr. Bull about ‘B.’ (SSvideo)
  47. Alphabet Chat: Letter H – Mr. Chattaly interviews a hare about ‘H.’ (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  48. Alphabet Chat: Letter O -- Mr. Chattaly talks about the letter O.
  49. Alphabet Conversation – Two kids say the alphabet. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  50. Alphabet Secret – Monsters pass along the alphabet as a secret. (w/ Herry Monster and Grover) (SSvideo)
  51. Amazing Mumford: Pineapples -- The Amazing Mumford's pineapples disappear. (w/ Grover)(SSvideo)
  52. American Indian Beads -- Some Native American words are easy to learn. (animation) (SSvideo)
  53. Amor - Love with Cookie Monster. (SSvideo)
  54. An Automobile Factory – Kids narrate video of a taxi being made. (film) (SSvideo)
  55. An Elephant Counts To 20 -- An elephant counts to twenty. (cartoon by Owe Gustafson) (SSvideo)
  56. "An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly" - José Feliciano sings an old song.
  57. Angry Annie -- Annie learns to share. (animation w/ added sound effects and music) (SSvideo)
  58. "Animal Babies" -- Learn the names for different animal babies! (SSvideo)
  59. Animal Charades – Kids take turns pretending to be animals. (w/ Big Bird and David) (SSvideo)
  60. Animal Elevator Song” – Count the animals as they board an elevator. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  61. Animal Hospital Song” – Children take pets to an animal doctor. (film) (SSvideo)
  62. Animal Houses – Animals live in different kinds of homes. (film) (SSvideo)
  63. Animal Nods Head – An antelope nods his head ‘yes.’ (film) (SSvideo)
  64. Animal Riddle: Fish -- Whitman Mayo gives hints about an animal. (SSvideo)
  65. Animal Soup Alphabet – An animal for every letter of the alphabet. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  66. Animals Eat Raw Vegetables – Animated animals all eat crunchy foods. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  67. Annette Bening: Here And There -- Annette and Cookie Monster show here & there. (SSvideo)
  68. Answer Lady & The Two Kittens – The Answer Lady can’t tell her kittens apart. (SSvideo)
  69. Ant Hill Cooperation – Ants work together to finish the ant hill. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  70. Antarctica!” – Muppets sing about the cold continent. (w/ Wolfgang the Seal and Penguins) (SSvideo)
  71. Ants March To A Bakery – Ants rush to a bakery only to find it closed. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  72. Anything In The World -- Oscar answers game show questions. (w/ Guy Smiley) (SSvideo)
  73. Apes At Play – Apes play at the zoo. (film; 1969 version) (SSvideo)
  74. Apple Indecision – A man can’t decide how many apples he needs. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  75. Apple Raisin Walnut Cookies -- Cookie Monster and Ernie bake cookies. (SSvideo)
  76. Apple Riddle – A riddle about an apple. (animation) (SSvideo)
  77. "Apple, Orange, And Pear Song" -- Fruits dance together, despite differences. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  78. Aristotle Makes Lunch -- Aristotle helps David make lunch. (SSvideo)
  79. Arthur Ashe Does The Alphabet – Kids shout letters as Arthur Ashe practices. (SSvideo)
  80. Astronaut Drawing – Kids direct how to draw an astronaut. (Today's Secret Drawing) (SSvideo)
  81. At School” – Kids rap about things that happen at school. (film/animation) (SSvideo)
  82. At The Coastline - The land and the ocean meet at the coast. (animation)
  83. Attention: Body Parts – A film that points out the parts of the body. (animation) (SSvideo)
  84. Autum To Winter (film) -- (SSvideo)


  1. "B Is For Bubble" -- Kids chew bubblegum and blow bubbles. (original version) (SSvideo)
  2. B: Ball – A talking typewriter types ‘b’ for ball. (SSvideo)
  3. B: Beard – The word ‘beard’ begins with the ‘buh’ sound. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  4. B: Bug – The word ‘bug’ begins with the letter ‘b.’ (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  5. B: Bus – Kids sound out ‘bus’ on a bus. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  6. B: Jack And The B Stalk – Jack climbs a b-stalk to the land of “b.” (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  7. Baby Steps – A baby learns to walk. (film) (SSvideo)
  8. Baby Eats Cookie - A baby messily eats a cookie. (w/ Cookie Monster voice-over)
  9. Baby’s First Honk – Honkers teach a baby how to honk. (SSvideo)
  10. Back & Front With Grover – Grover has trouble showing “front” and “back.” (w/ sound effects added) (SSvideo)
  11. Back & Front With Herry – Herry and some kids demonstrate back/front. (SSvideo)
  12. Back And Front: Horsing Around – The front of the horse can’t follow the back. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  13. Back And Front: Turtle & Bird – A bird and a turtle show “front” and “back.” (cartoon w/ added sound effects) (SSvideo)
  14. Backscratching Apes – Two apes scratch each other’s backs. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  15. Backwards Forwards Skating -- Skating backwards and forwards. (film)
  16. Bad Bart-pays Bartender – The bartender gets what’s coming to him. (w/ Clementine) (SSvideo)
  17. Bad Luck To Be Born A Duck -- A duck learns to be proud of who he is. (w/ Roosevelt Franklin) (SSvideo)
  18. Baker #1 - The number one! (SSvideo)
  19. Baker Number 10 – Let’s sing a song of 10. (SSvideo)
  20. Baker #2 - Counting to the number 2. (SSvideo)
  21. Baker Number 3 – Counting things in groups of three. (SSvideo)
  22. Baker #4 - Counting to the number 4. (SSvideo)
  23. Baker Number 5 – Counting things in groups of five. (edited version) (SSvideo)
  24. Baker #6 - Counting to the number 6. (SSvideo)
  25. Baker Number 7 -- Counting things in groups of seven. (SSvideo)
  26. Baker #8 - Counting to the number 8. (SSvideo)
  27. Baker #9 - Counting to the number nine. (w/ Rowlf the Dog) (SSvideo)
  28. Ball Fall – A man learns a word that rhymes with ‘ball.’ (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  29. Ball Powder Number 3 – An elaborate track for the number 3. (SSvideo)
  30. Ballad of Casey Macphee” – Cookie Monster drives a train through snow. (SSvideo)
  31. Ballet Between – Luis, Maria and David dance ballet. (SSvideo)
  32. Banana In Ernie’s Ear – Bert tells Ernie he has a banana in his ear. (SSvideo)
  33. Banana In Ernie’s Ear Part 2 – Ernie pulls a joke on Bert. (SSvideo)
  34. Barn In The USA” – Animals in the barn make different sounds. (w/ Bruce Stringbean) (SSvideo)
  35. Baseball And Football – One of these kids is doing a different sport. (SSvideo)
  36. Basketball And Baseball – One of these kids is doing a different sport. (SSvideo)
  37. Bathtub Water Comes From Rain – Water down the drain later becomes rain. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  38. "Batty Bat" – The Count does a dance he leared as a boy. (SSvideo)
  39. "Be With Me" – Carly Simon sings about friendship. (w/ Telly Monster) (SSvideo)
  40. Bears Doing Exercises -- Kermit leads bears at the zoo in exercises. (SSvideo)
  41. Beat The Time: From The Sky – The Count has 20 seconds to do a task. (w/ Guy Smiley) (SSvideo)
  42. Before And After Circus – Luis and Linda demonstrate before and after. (ending cut off)(SSvideo)
  43. Beginning Middle End Song” – Every story has a beginning, middle, and end. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  44. Beginning, Middle & End Story – Beginning & End tell their parts of a story. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  45. Beginning, Middle, End” – A monster sings the three parts of his song. (w/ Maurice Monster) (SSvideo)
  46. Being Five Years Old – Kids show things a five year old can do. (film) (SSvideo)
  47. Bellhop: 10 Terriers – A bellhop takes ten terriers for a walk. (SSvideo)
  48. Bert – Bert asks Ernie to clean up his things. (originally titled “Bert And Ernie Clean Up I”) (SSvideo)
  49. Bert – Ernie’s cleaning makes a mess for Bert. (originally titled “Bert And Ernie Clean Up II”) (SSvideo)
  50. Bert & Ernie At The Beach – Ernie only brings one thing to the beach. (SSvideo)
  51. Bert & Ernie At The Movies – A tall hat blocks Ernie’s view of the screen. (SSvideo)
  52. Bert & Ernie Go To Egypt -- Bert & Ernie visit a mysterious pyramid! (SSvideo)
  53. Bert & Ernie Plan A Bath – Ernie needs strange items for his bath. (SSvideo)
  54. Bert & Ernie Play Drums – Ernie plays drums and Bert plays front door. (SSvideo)
  55. Bert & Ernie Pretend – Bert and Ernie play a sound guessing game. (SSvideo)
  56. Bert & Ernie Show More & Less – Ernie has more pizza and juice than Bert. (SSvideo)
  57. Bert & Ernie Watch TV -- Bert and Ernie each want to sit on the chair. (w/ Herry; ending is cut off) (SSvideo)
  58. Bert And Ernie's Rhyming Game -- Bert and Ernie play a rhyming game. (SSvideo)
  59. Bert & Ernie's Special Day -- Ernie decorates for a special visitor. (SSvideo)
  60. Bert And Ernie: Basketball – Ernie forgets to put his basketball away. (SSvideo)
  61. Bert And Ernie: Jump – Bert and Ernie exercise and jump up and down. (SSvideo)
  62. Bert Almost Shops For Dinner – Bert gets locked out of the apartment. (w/ Ernie) (SSvideo)
  63. Bert And Ernie Blow A Fuse -- Ernie and Bert argue but then make up. (SSvideo)
  64. Bert And Ernie In The Rain – Ernie talks about how rain makes him feel. (SSvideo)
  65. Bert And Ernie Water Sports – Bert gets his nephew ready for a bath. (SSvideo)
  66. Bert Feels Cold – Ernie finds warm clothes for Bert. (SSvideo)
  67. Bert Feels Silly -- Bert feels silly, and Ernie tries to help. (SSvideo)
  68. Bert Gets Angry -- Ernie makes Bert get angry too many times. (SSvideo)
  69. Bert Ice Skates – Bert imagines himself ice skating. (w/ Ernie) (SSvideo)
  70. Bert Is Locked Out -- Ernie keeps Bert locked out of the apartment. (SSvideo)
  71. Bert Teaches Pigeon Checkers -- Bert and Bernice play checkers. (w/ Ernie) (SSvideo)
  72. Bert Teaches Quiet and Loud -- Bert teaches Ernie quiet but gets too loud. (original version) (SSvideo)
  73. Bert Tries To Make A Call – Bert gets a phone line of his own. (w/ Ernie) (SSvideo)
  74. Bert’s Big Sneeze – Bert sneezes his nose off! (w/ Ernie) (SSvideo)
  75. "Bert's Blanket" -- How a wool blanket is made. (w/ Bert and Erie) (SSvideo)
  76. Bert's Bottlecap -- Ernie's not excited by Bert's bottlecaps. (SSvideo)
  77. Bert's Brother Bart -- Bert's twin brother Bart comes to visit. (w/ Ernie) (SSvideo)
  78. Bert's Bust -- Ernie's Bert sculpture is missing something. (SSvideo)
  79. Bert’s Lost Paperclips – Bert and John-John talk about feelings. (SSvideo)
  80. Bert’s Nap – Ernie checks to see if Bert is asleep. (SSvideo)
  81. "Bert's Number 6" -- Bert sings a song about his favorite number. (SSvideo)
  82. Bert's Physical -- Ernie plays doctor and gives Bert a checkup. (SSvideo)
  83. Bert's Portrait -- Ernie's portrait of Bert looks strange. (SSvideo)
  84. Bert, Ernie & Shala – They hold a brick and a feather. (SSvideo)
  85. Bert, Ernie & Shala Letter X -- Bert, Ernie & Shala talk about the letter 'X'. (SSvideo)
  86. Bert, Ernie & Shala: Balls -- Four balls of different sizes. (SSvideo)
  87. Bert, Ernie, & Shala: Between – Bert, Ernie and Shala take turns being between. (SSvideo)
  88. Bert, Ernie & Shala: Letter A – Ernie, Bert and Shala with the letter A. (SSvideo)
  89. Bert, John John And Sherlock Hemlock – They count from 1 to 10. (SSvideo)
  90. Between Subway -- People are "between" others on the subway. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  91. Between The Elephants -- A mouse is wedged between two elephants. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  92. Big Jeffie Sings - Big Jeffie sings about surprises. (w/Little Jerry, Gina, David, and the kids) (SSvideo)
  93. Biff And Sully Move A Piano – Biff and Sully play a piano as they move it. (SSvideo)
  94. Big Bird And Snuffy Ice Skate -- Snuffleupagus learns to ice skate.
  95. Big Bird Conducts Mariachi – Kids sing and dance with Big Bird. (SSvideo)
  96. Big Bird Learns Cuban Games – Big Bird learns to play new games. (SSvideo)
  97. Big Bird Makes A Mask – Big Bird and kids make masks for a parade. (SSvideo)
  98. Big Bird Rhymes Hooper - Big Bird recites eight rhymes for Hooper. (SSvideo)
  99. Big Bird Sings About Mistakes -- Big Bird sings about mistakes. (w/Captain Vegetable and the kids) (SSvideo)
  100. Big Bird Visits A Casita – Big Bird visits a garden in East Harlem. (SSvideo)
  101. Big Bird Visits A Rodeo – Big Bird learns how to be a ‘charro’. (SSvideo)
  102. Big Bird Visits The Desert – Big Bird learns about life in the desert. (SSvideo)
  103. "Big Bird's Alphabet Song" -- Big Bird sings about the alphabet. (w/ Susan) (first season version) (SSvideo)
  104. Big Bird’s Home Movies – A projector plays film forward and backward. (w/ Luis) (SSvideo)
  105. Big Bird: Me – Big Bird uses objects to build a sculpture. (SSvideo)
  106. Big Burger -- Grover serves Fat Blue a big burger. (w/ sound effects added) (SSvideo)
  107. Big Round Nose” – A man sings about his love of noses. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  108. Billy Crystal: Unbelieveable – A giant letter U appears on Sesame Street. (SSvideo)
  109. Billy Wears His Seat Belt -- It's important to remember your safety belt. (cartoon)
  110. "Bird On Me" -- A song about birds landing on bigger animals. (film) (SSvideo)
  111. Bird Twosomes -- A short video about pairs of birds. (film) (SSvideo)
  112. Birds And Worms -- A bird feeds her babies and counts to ten. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  113. Blackout On Sesame Street -- Ernie can't sleep during a blackout. (w/ Bert) (SSvideo)
  114. Blobs Fall In Count 1-8 – A kid counts 8 falling blobs. (animation) (SSvideo)
  115. Bluegrass Music – Bob, Luis and friends play music. (w/ Robie McGrath) (SSvideo)
  116. Bo Peep – Bo Peep goes to the lost and found. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  117. Bob Builds A 12 – Bob has some trouble building a 12. (SSvideo)
  118. Body Part Functions - Some body parts work just like tools. (film)
  119. Body Parts In Spanish – Michelle teaches Herry some words in Spanish. (SSvideo)
  120. Body Rhythms” – A song about the sounds your body makes. (w/ Little Jerry and the Monotones) (SSvideo)
  121. "Bones Song" - The Count sings about bones. (SSvideo)
  122. Born To Add” – Springsteen parody song about addition. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  123. "Box City Recycle Rap" -- Kids use old boxes to make a model city. (SSvideo)
  124. Boy And Two By Four -- A boy finds many uses for a board. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  125. Break Dance At The Bus Stop -- Bill Irwin break dances at the bus stop. (SSvideo)
  126. Breakdance Pencil -- A breakdancing pencil writes the word dance. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  127. Brian & Kermit Here and There – Brian and Kermit talk about here and there. (SSvideo)
  128. Brian And Kermit’s Faces – Brian shows Kermit the parts of his face. (SSvideo)
  129. Broken Wrist – Megan gets a cast on her arm. (film) (SSvideo)
  130. Bruce The Moose -- Bruce the moose and his friend the goose. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  131. Bruno & The Trashmen -- Singing "In The Trash Can" Song (w/ Gina)
  132. Brush Your Teeth March -- Toothpaste marches into a boy's bedroom. (SSvideo)
  133. Buffy Sainte-marie: “The Moon” – Buffy sings about moon cycles. (SSvideo)
  134. Bugs in Your Neighborhood” – Placido Flamingo sings about bugs. (w/ Bob) (SSvideo)
  135. Bunny Hop Pulls Up Carrot -- Rabbits work together to pull up a carrot. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  136. Bus – Maria reads the word ‘bus.’ (animation) (SSvideo)
  137. Bus Children – Here comes the bus! (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  138. Bus Stop Tour – A woman’s tour group uses the bus stop. (cartoon) (SSvideo)


  1. C3PO and R2D2 on Sesame Street - C3PO and R2D2 land on Sesame Street. (w/ Big Bird, Maria, Luis and David, from episode 1364)
  2. "C Is For Candice" - Candice Bergen dances to her favorite song. (w/ Maria) (SSvideo)
  3. C Is For Cookie” – Cookie Monster sings about the letter ‘C.’ (original version) (SSvideo)
  4. C: Cap – The word ‘cap’ begins with the letter ‘c.’ (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  5. C: Carrot – The word ‘carrot’ begins with the letter ‘c.’ (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  6. C: Cat – A talking typewriter types ‘C’ for cat. (SSvideo)
  7. "Calcutta Joe" -- A silly rhyming song about animals. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  8. Call Of The Wild – A man sounds out the word "call". (SSvideo)
  9. Calling All Pigeons -- Bert coos to call pigeons. (SSvideo)
  10. Camel Shadow Puppet -- Shadow puppets come to life! (film) (SSvideo)
  11. Camouflaged Animals – Animals that blend with their environment. (film) (SSvideo)
  12. Camping With The Rhymies - The Rhymies get a scare from a bear!
  13. Camp Wanna Go Homa: It’s Alive – Kids identify what is alive and what is not. (w/ Grover) (SSvideo)
  14. Can A Cat Bark? -- A cat tries to bark like a dog. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  15. Can A Dog Meow? -- A dog tries to meow like a cat. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  16. Can Do” – Bob sings a song about being proud. (SSvideo)
  17. Can Opener – Luis demonstrates how to use a can opener. (SSvideo)
  18. Canadian Brass Fugue – The Canadian Brass play on Sesame Street. (SSvideo)
  19. Capoeira Dance Class - A boy tries capoeira for the first time. (film) (SSvideo)
  20. Captain Elmo Cousteau -- Seven goldfish sing about the number seven. (w/ Elmo) (SSvideo)
  21. Captain Finney: Ocean -- The ocean stretches to many places! (animation) (SSvideo)
  22. Captain Vegetable C Words - Letter "C" vegetables with Captain Vegetable. (w/Big Bird, David, and David)(SSvideo)
  23. Captain Vegetable Sings “Crunch” – Captain Vegetable tells kids to crunch! (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  24. Captain Vegetable's Apples -- Captain Vegetable counts apples. (w/Gordon, Susan, and the kids) (SSvideo)
  25. Car Imagination – A girl imagines hirself as a car. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  26. "Caribbean Amphibian" -- Kermit sings about his cousin. (SSvideo)
  27. Caribbean Collage -- A paper collage becomes Puerto Rico. (animation) (SSvideo)
  28. Carol Burnett: Rubber Duckie – Carol Burnett kisses Rubber Duckie. (SSvideo)
  29. Carrots – A woman talks about carrots. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  30. Casa -- "Casa" means "house" in Spanish. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  31. Casa Maria – A house is built around Maria. (SSvideo)
  32. Case Of The Broken Window -- Ernie's window has a mysterious hole in it. (w/ Sherlock Hemlock) (SSvideo)
  33. Case Of The Four Flyers -- One flyer is not the same as the others. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  34. Casting The Big Bad Wolf -- Kermit casts the Three Little Pigs. (SSvideo)
  35. Cat – Maria reads the word ‘cat.’ (animation) (SSvideo)
  36. Cat And Mouse Chase -- A cat and mouse knock rhythms on a wall. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  37. Catch The Kitty -- A girl finds ways to get her kitty to play. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  38. Cavemen Invent: Don't Walk -- Cavemen invent a crosswalk sign. (w/ Ernie, Bert) (SSvideo)
  39. Cavemen Invent: Exit -- A brilliant caveman invents the exit sign. (w/ Ernie, Sherlock Hemlock) (SSvideo)
  40. Cavemen Invent: Paper -- A caveman king dislikes stone tables. (w/ Ernie, Sherlock Hemlock) (SSvideo)
  41. Cavemen Invent: Toothbrush -- Cavemen invent the toothbrush. (w/ Ernie, Sherlock Hemlock) (SSvideo)
  42. Celia Cruz: “Zunzun” – Celia Cruz performs a song with Big Bird. (SSvideo)
  43. Cerrado” – Everything in this house is closed! (w/ Maria, Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  44. Cerrado Abierto Door – Maria opens a closed door. (w/ Luis) (SSvideo)
  45. Chair Help – Luis needs help to move a chair. (w/ Bob, Susan, Gordon, Luis) (SSvideo)
  46. Chariots of Fur -- A Monsterpiece Theater presentation. (w/ Grover and Herry Monster) (SSvideo)
  47. Cheese Factory – How cheese is made. (film) (SSvideo)
  48. Chicken Valentine -- What if chickens were the symbol for love? (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  49. Children's Alphabet -- Kids form letters of the alphabet. (film) (SSvideo)
  50. Chocolate Ice Cream Swap -- Ernie offers Bert a chocolate icecream substitute. (w/ Oscar)
  51. Choosing Between A Cat And A Dog – Two sisters argue which pet would be best. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  52. Chris Columbus Explores Ants -- Chris explores ants, and ants explore Chris. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  53. Christopher Clumsy: 2 Holes -- Christopher Clumsy jumps over a hole. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  54. Christopher Clumsy: Brick Wall – Christopher Clumsy doesn't fall in a hole. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  55. Christoper Clumsy: Shapes -- Christopher Clumsy makes four shapes. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  56. Cinco De Mayo-- Kids celebrate Cinco de Mayo at a festival. (film) (SSvideo)
  57. Circle Big/small – A boy is inside a circle that changes sizes. (Anything Muppet) (SSvideo)
  58. Circle Salesman – Bob encounters a man selling shapes. (SSvideo)
  59. City & Country -- A man describes what the city is like. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  60. City And Country – A man talks of things he will see in a city. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  61. City Garden -- Kids shows off their neighborhood garden. (film) (SSvideo)
  62. City Kid Visits Country Kid -- A city boy visits his friend in the country. (film) (SSvideo)
  63. City Shapes: Circles -- Find round fruit at the grocery store. (film) (SSvideo)
  64. City Shapes: Mix -- A doorknob is made of a circle and rectangle. (film) (SSvideo)
  65. City Shapes: Triangles -- Find triangles in this picture of a gate. (film) (SSvideo)
  66. Cinderella Sings The Alphabet -- Jane Curtin, Two Headed Monster Sing Alphabet (w/ Olivia and Maria)
  67. Circle March -- A marching band marches in a circle. (film)
  68. Closed Door – David has trouble keeping the door closed. (SSvideo)
  69. Closed Mouth -- It's important to brush your teeth every day. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  70. Clothesline -- Billy Crystal & Martin Short solve a problem. (SSvideo)
  71. Coffee Sounds -- A man comes across a sign and sounds it out. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  72. Cold Matches Cold -- Recognize the word "cold". (animation) (SSvideo)
  73. Conservation -- Trees are important. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  74. Consonant Sound C-at -- "Cat" begins with the letter "C." (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  75. Consonant Sound F-face -- Different emotions we can show on our face. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  76. Cookie And Count Cooperate – The Count counts as Cookie Monster eats. (SSvideo)
  77. Cookie And Eggs -- A boy counts eggs and cookies. (film) (SSvideo)
  78. Cookie And Melody Subtract – Cookie asks a girl how many cookies are left. (SSvideo)
  79. Cookie Bunny Adds Cookies – Cookie Bunny adds 2 blue cookies and 1 white. (w/ Ernie) (SSvideo)
  80. Cookie Buys A Rhyme – Cookie goes to the bakery. (w/ Guy Smiley) (SSvideo)
  81. Cookie Counter – Cookie Monster shows off his Cookie Counter. (w/ Ernie) (SSvideo)
  82. Cookie Jar: Empty And Full – The Amazing Mumford makes cookies vanish! (w/ Cookie Monster) (SSvideo)
  83. Cookie Makes A Sandwich -- Cookie Monster tries to make a sandwich. (SSvideo)
  84. Cookie Monster & Genelle Count – Genelle and Cookie Monster count to twenty. (SSvideo)
  85. Cookie Monster & The Telephone – Cookie Monster talks about the telephone. (w/ Maria and Luis) (SSvideo)
  86. Cookie Monster Chooses Cookies -- Are many cookies better than one cookie? (w/ Ernie) (SSvideo)
  87. Cookie Monster Exits – Cookie Monster reads an exit sign, then exits. (SSvideo)
  88. Cookie Monster In The Library – Cookie tries to get cookies at the library. (SSvideo)
  89. Cookie Monster Shares A Cookie – Cookie Monster shares his cookie with a girl. (SSvideo)
  90. Cookie Monster Shrinks -- Cookie Monster shrinks to win a cookie. (SSvideo)
  91. Cookie Monster’s Baby Cousin – Ernie notices similarities and differences. (SSvideo)
  92. Cookie Monster's Sorting Song -- Cookie plays a game with cookies. (SSvideo)
  93. Cookie Monster: Bus Stop -- Cookie Monster shows us a bus stop. (SSvideo)
  94. Cookie Shows Fast & Slow -- Cookie Monster's lesson on "fast" and "slow". (w/ Ernie) (SSvideo)
  95. Cookie's Nighmare Part Ii -- Cookie Monster sleeps over with Ernie. (SSvideo)
  96. Cookie's Nightmare Part I -- Cookie Monster sleeps over with Ernie. (SSvideo)
  97. Cookies In Bed -- Ernie shouldn't eat cookies in bed. (w/ Bert) (SSvideo)
  98. Copycat: Building Houses -- A boy and girl both build houses with blocks. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  99. Count to Eleven – Hands try to count to eleven on their fingers. (Muppets) (SSvideo)
  100. "Count on Each Other" -- Loretta Lynn and the Count sing together.
  101. "Count's First Day of School" -- Count counts the students in his class! (SSvideo)
  102. Count’s Storybook: Countilocks – Countilocks likes to count bears. (SSvideo)
  103. Countdown Rocket – A man counts down for a rocket launch. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  104. Counting Apples -- Cookie Monster takes and replaces an apple. (w/ Ernie) (SSvideo)
  105. Counting Feet – Big Bird and Snuffy count Snuffy’s feet. (SSvideo)
  106. Counting Laundry – Kids count as shirts are put on a clothesline. (SSvideo)
  107. Counting Legs And Heads – Shala, Fanny and Kermit count legs and heads. (SSvideo)
  108. "Counting To Nine" -- The Count sings to the number nine. (SSvideo)
  109. Counting To Ten -- Many ways to count to ten. (w/ David, Luis, and Linda) (SSvideo)
  110. Country Mouse, City Mouse 1 -- The city mouse visits his country cousin. (SSvideo)
  111. Country Mouse, City Mouse 2 -- The country mouse visits his city cousin. (SSvideo)
  112. “Country #5 Song” – A song about silly things happening on a farm. (Donnie Budd) (SSvideo)
  113. Cow Dog” – A dog sings about his life herding cattle. (film) (SSvideo)
  114. Crane – A crane can be used to knock things down. (film) (SSvideo)
  115. Crane And Giraffe – A giraffe looks similar to a crane machine. (film) (SSvideo)
  116. Crane And Power Drill – A crane sometimes resembles a power drill. (film) (SSvideo)
  117. "Cripple Creek" -- Buffy Sainte-Marie shares a mouth bow. (w/ Fred the Wonder Horse) (SSvideo)
  118. Crocodile Smiles Song” -- An operetta about dental care. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  119. Cross Country Skiing -- Cross country skiing. (from episode 3061) (SSvideo)
  120. Cuckoo's Nest -- A Monsterpiece Theater presentation. (SSvideo)
  121. Cyranose de Bergerac - Monsterpiece Theater presents. (w/ Cookie Monster and Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)


  1. D-dog -- Recognizing the letter "D." (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  2. D: "Daddy Dear" Song -- A song featuring words that begin with "d." (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  3. D: Daisy -- A talking typewriter types a "d" for daisy. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  4. D: Museum – Maria, Bob and Big Bird go to a ‘D’ exhibit. (SSvideo)
  5. Daddy Helps With The Dishes” -- The whole family does chores. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  6. Danger – The word ‘danger’ demonstrates some dangers. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  7. Danger” – Muppets sing about the word ‘danger’. (w/ Little Jerry and the Monotones) (SSvideo)
  8. Danger Sneeze – A man thinks there’s no danger here. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  9. "Danger's No Stranger" -- A music video about danger. (w/ How Now Brown and the Moo Wave) (SSvideo)
  10. Danny Devito: Heh Heh Heh – Oscar and Danny have a laughing contest. (SSvideo)
  11. Dark Bark Bump Dump -- There's a dog bark in the dark. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  12. Dave Winfield: On Being Tall – Dave Winfield tells Big Bird to feel proud. (SSvideo)
  13. David And Bert Make Faces – Bert and a boy show mad and happy faces. (SSvideo)
  14. David Cheers Up Olivia – “It feels good when you sing a song.” (This video currently does not have a "classic" label.) (SSvideo)
  15. David Disco Skates – David skates around Central Park. (film) (SSvideo)
  16. David Opens Doors – David encounters a series of curious doors. (SSvideo)
  17. David Shows Open And Closed – David tries to close a door and a window. (SSvideo)
  18. Describe Me – A man describes a lost person. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  19. Detective Grover: The Wind -- Grover the detective tries to solve a case. (SSvideo)
  20. Detective Series: The Clue -- A detective gets to the bottom of a case. (SSvideo)
  21. Dinner Party Gorillas – One of these guests is not like the others. (w/ Maria and Bob) (SSvideo)
  22. Dinosaur Cave People -- How to get around a dinosaur. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  23. Dinosaur Gets The Apple -- A dinosaur builds steps until he can reach. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  24. Disco Frog” – Kermit sings about a dancing frog. (SSvideo)
  25. "Do What I Do" -- Ernie sings about how to show your feelings. (w/ added sound effects and music) (SSvideo)
  26. Do De Duckie Ernie in Tub" -- Ernie and friends sing a bathtime song. (SSvideo)
  27. "Do-op Hop" with Kermit -- Hop! Don't Stop! (SSvideo)
  28. Doc Holiday - The Old West – Sinister Sam looks for Doc Holiday. (SSvideo)
  29. Doc Meets Mean Manny -- Doc meets up with Mean Manny for a shot. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  30. Doctor Flies Into Town -- A doctor flies to an Alaskan town in winter. (film) (SSvideo)
  31. Doctor Monster – Cookie Monster pretends to be a doctor. (w/ Ernie) (SSvideo)
  32. Doctor Visits -- A doctor gives a check up to children. (film) (SSvideo)
  33. Does Air Move Things? -- Maria asks Bill Irwin a question. (film) (SSvideo)
  34. Dog Balances Hamburgers – A boy demonstrates addition with a dog trick. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  35. Dog Paddle Song” -- A song about swimming like a dog. (film) (SSvideo)
  36. Doghouse Ruler -- It's important to measure before you build. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  37. "Doin' The Pigeon" – Bert does his pigeon dance. (SSvideo)
  38. “Doin’ the Pigeon” – Bert dances his favorite dance. (w/ new intro) (SSvideo)
  39. "Dollhouse Number 2" -- Song about two dolls in two girls' dollhouse. (film) (SSvideo)
  40. "Don't Pollute" -- What an icky mess it would be! (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  41. Don't Sing This Song” – Oscar doesn’t have to sing along. (SSvideo)
  42. "Don't Throw Your Trash" -- A song about where to put your trash. (w/ Ernie and Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  43. "Don't Walk" -- A groom sings about the don't walk sign. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  44. Double Dutch Jump Tricks – A girl shows some double dutch tricks. (SSvideo)
  45. Double Dutch With Olivia – Olivia joins some girls at double dutch. (SSvideo)
  46. Dr Annie Eyeball: Breathing -- Dr. Annie Eyeball talks about breathing. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  47. Dr. Geo: Mountain -- Dr. Geo has a visual aid to teach "mountain." (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  48. Dr. Livingstone I Presume – Bert and Ernie have a question for the doctor. (SSvideo)
  49. Dr Nancy Einstein: Ice Cube -- Dr. Nancy Einstein explores ice. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  50. Dr. Nancy Einstein: Ice Cube -- Nancy observes what happens to ice cubes. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  51. Dr. Nancy Einstein: The Itch -- Dr. Nancy Einstein talks about itching. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  52. Drawing A Face – A girl draws the neck first and the mouth last. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  53. Drawing Bert’s Face – A purple pen highlights areas of Bert’s head. (SSvideo)
  54. Drawing Me – A boy sketches a self-portrait. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  55. Dressed Up Birds” – A film about fancy feathered birds. (SSvideo)
  56. Drink Of Water” – Kids drink from a water fountain. (film) (SSvideo)


  1. E: Ear – A talking typewriter types an ‘e’ for ear. (SSvideo)
  2. E: Elephant -- An elephant wins an award. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  3. E: Letter Of The Day -- Guy Smiley presents pageant finalists. (SSvideo)
  4. Earth, Rain And Mud – Slimey and his band sing. (w/ Oscar, David, Luis) (SSvideo)
  5. Earthworm -- An earthworm and a tree depend on one another. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  6. Eating Apples -- Herry and kids eat apples. (SSvideo)
  7. Eating Telephone -- Cookie Monster eats a telephone. (SSvideo)
  8. Eating Utensils – Ernie explains about knives, forks and spoons. (w/ Cookie Monster) (SSvideo)
  9. Egg And Motorcycle Chicken -- Count the chickens that come out of an egg. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  10. Eggs – Maria reads the word ‘eggs’. (animation) (SSvideo)
  11. Eggs And Cookies – Ernie counts eleven cookies and one egg. (w/ Cookie Monster) (SSvideo)
  12. "Eight Beautiful Notes" -- The Count counts the notes on his organ. (SSvideo)
  13. Eight Little Spiders -- Spiders show subtraction. (cartoon w/ added sound effects) (SSvideo)
  14. “El Numero Comparsa” – Celia Cruz sings about numbers and counting. (w/ Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  15. Elections Day -- Voting on election day. (w/ Big Bird, Snuffy, David, Olivia, Gordon) (SSvideo)
  16. Elephant And Bird – An elephant and bird sort their skins. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  17. Elephant Bird -- A bird and elephant change in a locker room. (cartoon w/ added sound effects and music) (SSvideo)
  18. Elephant Picture – Salesman tries to get Ernie to buy a picture. (w/ Bert) (SSvideo)
  19. Elephant Shadow Puppet - Shadow puppets come to life! (film) (SSvideo)
  20. Elephant Trunk -- An elephant eats with his trunk. (film) (SSvideo)
  21. Elmo Explores – Elmo demonstrates what it means to ‘explore.’ (w/ Susan) (SSvideo)
  22. Elmo Helps Kermit -- Elmo tries to help Kermit at the post office. (SSvideo)
  23. Elmo Interviews Candice Bergen – Elmo asks Candice about her feelings. (SSvideo)
  24. Elmo Scares Julia Roberts – Juila Roberts and Elmo demonstrate fear. (SSvideo)
  25. Elmo Sings Ooh Wah Ditty - Little Chrissie teaches Elmo a song. (w/Big Jeffy) (SSvideo)
  26. "Elmo's Song" -- Elmo sings with Snuffy and Big Bird. (SSvideo)
  27. Empty and Full: The Playground – A playground quickly becomes full and empty. (film) (SSvideo)
  28. En-ter With Bob – Bob, pretending to be a clown, is puzzled. (SSvideo)
  29. Entrada – “Entrada” means “Enter” in Spanish. (film) (SSvideo)
  30. Erik And Grover Rhyming -- Grover talks to Erik about rhyming. (SSvideo)
  31. Ernie And Bert’s Ice Cream Soda – Ernie makes a drink for Bert. (SSvideo)
  32. Ernie And The Doctor -- Ernie plays doctor. (w/ Bert) (SSvideo)
  33. Ernie As Robin Hood – Ernie auditions people for the merry men. (w/ Harvey Kneeslapper) (SSvideo)
  34. Ernie Brings Home A Puppy – Ernie has a surprise for Bert. (SSvideo)
  35. Ernie Buries Bert In Sand – Sherlock Hemlock finds Bert at the beach. (SSvideo) (currently not labeled under classic videos; ending cut)
  36. Ernie Counts Cups & Saucers -- Ernie counts teacups while Bert worries. (SSvideo)
  37. Ernie Counts Sheep -- Ernie's sheep-counting disturbs Bert's sleep. (SSvideo)
  38. Ernie Describes A Ball – Ernie describes a ball to Herry. (SSvideo)
  39. Ernie Doesn't Wake Bert -- Ernie stays quiet so he doesn't wake Bert. (SSvideo)
  40. Ernie Gets Bert to Exercise -- Ernie tries to get Bert to exercise with him. (SSvideo)
  41. Ernie Is Here! – Bert thought Ernie wasn’t home! (SSvideo)
  42. Ernie Jennifer Same/Different – Ernie and Jennifer are similar and different. (SSvideo)
  43. Ernie Lowers Bert's Volume -- Bert is annoyed by Ernie's loud radio. (SSvideo)
  44. Ernie Matches Cookies – Ernie matches cookies that look the same. (w/ Cookie Monster) (SSvideo)
  45. Ernie Matches Shoes And Gloves – Ernie arranges things that match in pairs. (w/ Cookie Monster) (SSvideo)
  46. Ernie Returns Home From Camp – Ernie missed Bert while he was at summer camp. (SSvideo)
  47. Ernie Shares Bert’s Cookie – Ernie convinces Bert to share his cookie. (SSvideo)
  48. Ernie Shares Bert's Paper -- Bert and Ernie share a newspaper. (SSvideo)
  49. Ernie Takes Bert's Cookie -- All the stolen cookie clues lead to Ernie. (w/ Bert) (SSvideo)
  50. Ernie Talks About Shapes -- Ernie lies awake, thinking about shapes.
  51. Ernie Tries to Remember -- Ernie has a special way of remembering. (w/ Bert) (SSvideo)
  52. Ernie Visits Herbert Birdsfoot -- Ernie speculates about what Herbert will do. (SSvideo)
  53. Ernie's Baby Cousin Ernestine -- Ernie looks for a family resemblance with Ernestine. (SSvideo)
  54. Ernie’s Band – Bert tries to listen to a radio program. (SSvideo)
  55. Ernie’s Disguises – Ernie tries to fool Bert with disguises. (w/ new music) (SSvideo)
  56. Ernie’s Feelings Game – Ernie gets Bert to play a game about feelings. (SSvideo)
  57. Ernie's Gadget -- Ernie's gadget shows letters of objects. (w/ Grover) (SSvideo)
  58. Ernie's Geometric Cookies -- Ernie bakes cookies in different shapes. (w/ Cookie Monster) (SSvideo)
  59. Ernie’s Guessing Game – Bert plays Ernie’s game about body parts. (SSvideo)
  60. Ernie’s Guessing Game – Bert has to guess what Ernie has. (SSvideo)
  61. Ernie’s Love Boat – Ernie expresses his love for a boat. (w/ Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  62. Ernie's New Rubber Duckie -- Ernie's new rubber duckie. (w/ Oscar; part 2 of a 2-part clip) (SSvideo)
  63. Ernie's Quick Clean Up -- Ernie cleans quickly to get Bert's dessert. (SSvideo)
  64. Ernie’s Scale – Ernie uses a scale to measure cookies. (w/ Cookie Monster) (SSvideo)
  65. Ernie's Seven Cupcakes -- Cookie Monster takes one of Ernie's seven cupcakes. (SSvideo)
  66. Ernie's Shopping List -- Ernie searches for something to write with. (w/ Bert) (SSvideo)
  67. Esme Fixes Her Doll -- Esme fixes her toy instead of discarding it. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  68. Every Bit O’ Litter Hurts” – Trash belongs in the garbage can. (animation) (SSvideo)
  69. Everybody Dance -- People on Sesame Street dance. (from Sesame Street Test Show 1)
  70. "Everybody Eats" -- Adults, kids, and animals all eat! (remake) (SSvideo)
  71. Everybody Knocks - Oscar tricks the people on Sesame Street (w/Bob, Maria, Olivia, Gordon, Bruno, and the kids) (SSvideo)
  72. "Everybody Makes Mistakes" -- It's ok, everybody makes mistakes. (w/ Big Bird, Mr. Hooper, Susan, Gordon, Bob, Oscar) (SSvideo)
  73. "Everybody Sleeps" -- It's ok, everybody sleeps. (remake) (SSvideo)
  74. Everybody's Different -- Ernie is glad everybody is different. (SSvideo)
  75. "Everybody's Song" -- A jazz song for everybody. (Bip Bippadotta, and pigs) (SSvideo)
  76. Everyone In My Family” – Big Bird remembers when he learned to skate. (SSvideo)
  77. Excuse Me Chair -- A chair looks for it's glasses. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  78. Exercise" with Grover -- A song about exercising. (w/ Grover and Betty Lou) (SSvideo)
  79. Exit -- A bear makes his own exit. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  80. Exit – Luis finds a door with an ‘exit’ sign. (SSvideo)
  81. Exit” – Exit is the way way way way out. (w/ Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats) (SSvideo)
  82. Exit – X is in the word ‘exit’. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  83. Exit Ball – A ball follows signs that say ‘exit’. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  84. Exit Door – The word ‘exit’ walks out the door. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  85. Exit Silent Movie W/kids – Kid tell a movie actress to go to the exit. (film) (SSvideo)
  86. Exit Train – A creature jumps on a train to make his exit. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  87. Eye Examination – Stacy goes to the eye doctor’s office. (film) (SSvideo)
  88. Eyeglasses Princess -- A princess needs to get glasses. (cartoon) (SSvideo)


  1. F Cheer Version 1 -- Four Anything Muppets cheer for the letter F. (SSvideo)
  2. F Cheer Version 2 -- Four Anything Muppets cheer for the letter F. (SSvideo)
  3. F Cheer Version 3 -- Four Anything Muppets cheer for the letter F. (SSvideo)
  4. F Cheer Version 4 -- Four Anything Muppets cheer for the letter F. (SSvideo)
  5. F Cheer Version 5 -- Five Anything Muppets cheer for the letter F. (w/ Beautiful Day Monster) (SSvideo)
  6. F: Alphabet Dancers – Kids dance and form the letter ‘F.’ (SSvideo)
  7. F: Fly – A talking typewriter types a ‘f’ for fly. (SSvideo)
  8. F: Football – The word ‘football’ begins with ‘f’. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  9. Face Facts Song -- Face it, your face has different parts. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  10. Factory Countdown – A factory counts backwards from 10 to 0. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  11. "Fall Song" -- A fun fall song. (film) (SSvideo)
  12. Family Making Noodles -- A boy explains how to make Chinese noodles. (film) (SSvideo)
  13. Family Mountain Hike – A boy hikes with his motner and brother. (film) (SSvideo)
  14. Farmer Jones This is Your Life – Forgetful Jones appears on a game show. (w/ Guy Smiley) (SSvideo)
  15. Fat Cat” – Four Muppets perform a rhyming song. (SSvideo)
  16. Find The Opposite” – A boy finds opposites in the world around him. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  17. Finding The Right Size – Maria and Grundgetta go shoe shopping. (w/ Andrea Martin) (SSvideo)
  18. Firefighters In Training - Nicole talks about firefighter schoo. (film) (SSvideo)
  19. Firefly” – Olivia and Linda perform a song. (SSvideo)
  20. Fireworks Alphabet -- A fireworks display of the alphabet. (film) (SSvideo)
  21. First And Last – Kermit, Grover and Kimberly show first and last. (SSvideo)
  22. First And Last -- Some Muppets demonstrate first and last. (w/ Hippie and "Old Grover") (SSvideo)
  23. Fisherman Jones -- A fisherman's boat is in, on, and under. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  24. Fishing Boat – A boy tells what happens on a fishing boat. (film) (SSvideo)
  25. Fishing With Abuelo -- A girl goes fishing with her Abuelo. (film) (SSvideo)
  26. Five Feet High And Rising” – Johnny Cash sings his classic song with Biff. (SSvideo)
  27. Five Good Men – The sheriff counts men to find Bad Bart. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  28. "Five People In My Family" -- A song about a family of five. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  29. Five Plus One – A mathematical showing of five plus one. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  30. Flower Pattern -- What flower comes next in the pattern? (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  31. Flower: Open And Close – A flower opens and closes. (film) (SSvideo)
  32. Flowers Allergy -- A bot is allergic to flowers. (cartoon)
  33. Flowers Everywhere - Flowers can live anywhere. (film)
  34. "Flying With Elmo" - Elmo sings about flying.
  35. Follow The Leader” – Bob and some kids play follow the leader. (1975 version) (SSvideo)
  36. Fonzie On Off Part 1 – Fonzie turns the juke box off and on. (film) (SSvideo)
  37. Fonzie On Off Part 2 – Fonzie turns the juke box off and on. (film) (SSvideo)
  38. Fonzie On Off Part 3 – Fonzie turns the juke box off and on. (film) (SSvideo)
  39. Forgetful Jones Calls – Forgetful calls his cousin on her birthday. (w/ Clementine) (SSvideo)
  40. Forgetful Jones Daniella No – A girl reads the word on Forgetful’s sign. (SSvideo)
  41. Forgetful Jones In The Dark – He forgets how to turn on the light. (SSvideo)
  42. Forgetful Jones Takes A Trip – Forgetful Jones at the train station. (SSvideo)
  43. Forgetful Jones: Bath Time -- Forgetful Jones forgets to take a bath. (SSvideo)
  44. Forgetful Jones: Brush Teeth -- Forgetful Jones forgets to brush his teeth. (re-filmed version) (SSvideo)
  45. Forgetful’s Four Friends – The Cosby Kids try to help Forgetful Jones. (SSvideo)
  46. Forty Blocks From Home” – A boy counts the blocks between home and school. (SSvideo)
  47. Four Cheers – Four friends give 4 cheers for the number 4. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  48. "Four Friends Cooperate Song" -- Four animals work together to wash a car. (w/ remade audio) (SSvideo)
  49. Four Plus One – A mathematical showing of four plus one. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  50. “Four Seasons” – A boy experiences all 4 seasons. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  51. Frazzle” – Frazzle’s expressions are hard to tell apart. (SSvideo)
  52. Fred The Fish -- Birds have to fly and fish have to swim. (clay animation w/ Jim Thurman voiceover) (SSvideo)
  53. "Frogs In The Glen" -- Kermit sings about being a frog. (SSvideo)
  54. Front & Back Cheer -- Girls perform a routine showing front & back. (film) (SSvideo)
  55. "Fruit Song": What To Do With -- A song about fruit. (film) (SSvideo)
  56. Fugue For Readers” – Bob, Susan and Big Bird sing of things to read. (SSvideo)
  57. Fun In The Snow - Kids have fun playing in the snow. (film)
  58. Furry Blue Mommy Of Mine” – Herry sings a touching song about his mother. (w/ Bob, Big Bird, Gordon, Mr. Hooper) (SSvideo)
  59. "Furry Little Me And My Shadow" -- Grover sings a song about his shadow. (SSvideo)
  60. "Fuzzy And Blue" -- Grover, Herry Monster and Cookie Monster in a vaudeville act. (SSvideo)


  1. G: Glue – A talking typewriter types a ‘g’ fro glue. (SSvideo)
  2. G: Goose – The word ‘goose’ begins with the ‘guh’ sound. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  3. G: The Gorilla -- A smart, animated gorilla writes "G" words. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  4. Gangster Alphabet – Gangsters say the alphabet down by the docks. (w/ Lefty the Salesman) (SSvideo)
  5. Gangsters - An Plan -- Gangsters make a plan that all ends in -an. (w/Lefty the Salesman) (SSvideo)
  6. Gardening – Kids prepare vegetables grown at home. (film) (SSvideo)
  7. Gargantuan Big -- Knights come across something huge. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  8. "Garbageman's Blues Song" -- Where does garbage go? (film) (SSvideo)
  9. Geometry of Circles - Different shapes found using circles. (cartoon; version w/ intersecting lines and circle slices) (SSvideo)
  10. George Washington's Father - Kermit reports from Washington's orchard.(SSvideo)
  11. "Get Along" - Kermit sings about getting along.
  12. “Gimme Five” – A soft, sweet song about the number five. (w/ Bob, David, Luis, and Gordon) (SSvideo)
  13. Girls Track Team – The Flashettes run in a competition. (film) (SSvideo)
  14. Give Me Five – Harvey Kneeslapper tries to play a trick. (SSvideo)
  15. Glass Of Water – Ernie brings glasses of water outside. (w/ Bert) (SSvideo)
  16. Gloria Globe: Australia -- Gloria gets a kangaroo back to Australia. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  17. Goats Cooperation -- Goats cooperate to cross a mountain path. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  18. Goin' For A Ride” – Kids sing about vehicles they will travel in. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  19. Golden Cabbage Of Snufertiti - Jeff Goldblume hunts for the golden cabbage. (from episode 2687, w/ Bob, Big Bird, Snuffy, Luis and Gordon) (SSvideo)
  20. Gone With The Wind -- A Monsterpiece Theater presentation. (w/ Kermit the Frog) (SSvideo)
  21. Gonna Get To You Song” – Cecille sings about transportation. (SSvideo)
  22. "Good Morning Mister Sun" -- Big Bird sings a greeting to the morning sun. (1990s version w/ Luis, Mr. Handford, Kids, Honkers, Gordon, Barkley, and Lillian) (SSvideo)
  23. Good Morning, Morning” – Herry sings about waking up in the morning. (w/ Telly, Elmo, Prairie Dawn, Ruby) (SSvideo)
  24. Good Night / Wake Up” – Big Bird and Hoots sing about night time. (SSvideo)
  25. Goodbye, Mr. Hooper -- Big Bird looses his best friend. (street scenes from episode 1839) (SSvideo)
  26. Goodbye Little Cookie” – Cookie Monster sings goodbye to his cookie. (SSvideo)
  27. Gordon And Susan Meet Sam -- Gordon and Susan meet Sam. (SSvideo)
  28. Gordon’s Hair – David and Maria imagine hairstyles for Gordon. (w/ Oscar) (SSvideo)
  29. Gordon’s Morning Run – Gordon jogs in the neighborhood. (SSvideo)
  30. Great Inventor: Balloon Gloves -- How the balloon was created. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  31. Great Inventor: Earl Sandwich -- How the sandwich was created. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  32. Great Inventor: Soda Straw -- How the straw was created. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  33. Green Grow Rushes Song” -- Counting backwards in a silly song. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  34. "Grouch Girls Don't Have Fun" - Grouch girls don't wanna have fun. (w/ Grundgetta and Micki) (SSvideo)
  35. Grover & Butterfly -- Grover watches a butterfly in the forest. (SSvideo)
  36. Grover & Chelsea Body Parts -- Chelsea and Grover talk about body parts. (SSvideo)
  37. Grover & Frazzle: Emotions -- Grover talks to Frazzle about his feelings. (SSvideo)
  38. Grover & Heather Back Scratch – Heather and Grover scratch each others’ backs. (SSvideo)
  39. Grover & Heather Stand Up -- Grover and Heather play a simple game. (SSvideo)
  40. Grover & Herry Find Triangles – Grover makes triangles from a square. (SSvideo)
  41. Grover & Jesse Talk About Love – Jesse tells Grover how he expresses love. (SSvideo)
  42. Grover & John John Count 1 – Grover and John John count one penny. (SSvideo)
  43. Grover & Karlena: Love -- Karlena reads the word 'love'. (SSvideo)
  44. Grover & Kermit Count To Two – Kermit, Grover and friends count to 2. (SSvideo)
  45. Grover & The Telephone Booth – Grover’s empty phone booth gets full quickly. (SSvideo)
  46. Grover And Erik Fur/skin – Erik and Grover learn how skin and fur differ. (SSvideo)
  47. Grover And Georgie” – The hard and soft sounds of the letter “G”. (SSvideo)
  48. Grover And Herb Count 1-20 -- Grover and Herb count to twenty. (SSvideo)
  49. Grover And Herry: Here & There – Grover and Herry explain’here’ and ‘there’. (SSvideo)
  50. Grover And John John Count – Grover and John John take turns counting. (SSvideo)
  51. Grover And John John Count – They count from 1 to 10 and then from 10 to 1. (SSvideo)
  52. Grover And Katie Hug – Hugs are Grover’s favorite thing in the world. (SSvideo)
  53. Grover And Oscar Play Sound ID – Oscar tries to make Grover want to go away. (SSvideo)
  54. Grover And The Alphabet Soup -- Blue's alphabet soup is missing some letters. (SSvideo)
  55. Grover And The Shadow -- Grover learns not to be afraid of his shadow. (w/ Herbert Birdsfoot) (SSvideo)
  56. Grover And The Telephone -- Grover is in a telephone booth. (SSvideo)
  57. Grover Caroline You – Caroline tells Grover what this word is. (SSvideo)
  58. Grover Chelsea Yes/no – Grover and Chelsea talk about yes and no. (SSvideo)
  59. Grover Comes In From The Cold -- Grover tries to figure out how to get warm. (w/ Kermit)
  60. Grover Counts Blocks -- 3 is 3, no matter how the blocks are arranged. (w/ Grover and Herbert Birdsfoot) (SSvideo)
  61. Grover Disco Alphabet Song” – Grover is a disco king. (SSvideo)
  62. Grover Explains About Knees – Grover talks about all the things knees do. (w/ Maria) (SSvideo)
  63. Grover Explains Exit – Grover shows a very active “EXIT.” (1970 version) (SSvideo)
  64. Grover Finds A Bird’s Nest – Mommy bird mistakes Grover for a baby bird. (SSvideo)
  65. Grover Gets A Surprise -- Grover tries to surprise Ernie. (w/ Herry) (SSvideo)
  66. Grover In The Dark – Grover talks about being afraid of the dark. (w/ Grover's Mommy) (SSvideo)
  67. Grover In The Library -- Grover can't be quiet enough in the library. (SSvideo)
  68. Grover Invents The Wheel -- Grover uses shapes to push a rock uphill. (w/ Biff) (SSvideo)
  69. Grover Presents G Words – The word ‘grow’ starts with the letter ‘G’. (SSvideo)
  70. Grover Serves A Burger -- Grover recommends the little hamburger. (w/ Mr. Johnson) (SSvideo)
  71. Grover Serves A Sandwich -- Grover serves an incomplete sandwich platter. (w/ Mr. Johnson) (SSvideo)
  72. Grover Serves Soup – Grover’s customer can’t eat the chicken soup. (SSvideo)
  73. Grover Shows Back & Front – Grover demonstrates back and front. (SSvideo)
  74. Grover The Flight Attendant – Grover helps a passenger warm up. (SSvideo)
  75. Grover The Lifeguard -- Grover applies for a new job. (SSvideo)
  76. Grover Walks -- Grover teaches us about the word "walk". (SSvideo)
  77. Grover’s Body Parts Lecture – Professor Grover shows parts of Maria’s head. (SSvideo)
  78. Grover’s Chicken Sandwich – Grover tries to understand a lunch order. (w/ Simon Soundman) (SSvideo)
  79. Grover’s Echoes – Grover recites the numbers 1 through 10. (SSvideo)
  80. Grover’s Fast Food Restaurant – A customer orders some “fast” food. (SSvideo)
  81. Grover's First In Line -- Grover demonstrates first and last. (w/ Harry, Bruce, Maurice) (SSvideo)
  82. Grover's Following Orders -- Waiter Grover remembers the customer's order. (SSvideo)
  83. Grover’s Health Minute: Teeth – Kermit won’t show Grover his teeth. (SSvideo)
  84. Grover's Important Meal -- Waiter Grover explains the food chain to a customer. (SSvideo)
  85. Grover's Near and Far -- Being "near" and "far" exhausts Grover. (1970s version) (SSvideo)
  86. Grover, Weather Salesman – Grover tries to sell Kermit a weather machine. (SSvideo)
  87. Grover: All Out Of Food -- Grover the waiter has no food to serve. (w/ Mr. Johnson) (SSvideo)
  88. Grover: Finally A New Waiter! -- Grover and a new waiter rush their service. (w/ Mr. Johnson) (SSvideo)
  89. Grover: Full and Empty -- Monsters make an "empty" room full. (SSvideo)
  90. Grover: Heavy & Light -- Grover tries to show "heavy" and "light". (w/ Big Bird) (SSvideo)
  91. "Grow High Grow Low" -- Ernie learns about how plants grow on a farm. (SSvideo)
  92. Grow Sign -- A man fixes a sign so it says 'grow'. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  93. Growing A Flower Together – Kids work together to get a seed to grow. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  94. Guitar Drawing - A hand draws a landscape. (cartoon)
  95. Guys & Dolls -- A Monsterpiece Theater presentation. (w/ Herry Monster, Ruby) (SSvideo)
  96. Gymnastics – Kids try gymnastics at an outdoor camp. (film) (SSvideo)


  1. H: Hand – A talking typewriter types “h” for hand. (SSvideo)
  2. H: Horse – The word ‘horse’ begins with the letter ‘H’. (Speech Balloon cartoon) (SSvideo)
  3. H: Horse – The word ‘horse’ begins with the ‘huh’ sound. (Consonant Sound cartoon) (SSvideo)
  4. Hace Frio!” With Telly -- Telly learns "hace frio" means "it's cold". (SSvideo)
  5. Hair Piece Salesman -- Grover tries to sell Kermit hair supplies. (SSvideo)
  6. Hammer And Nail – Maria demonstrates how to use a hammer. (SSvideo)
  7. Hand And Pencil: Telephone – A hand with pencil draws a telephone. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  8. Hand Print Matching -- Match the hand with the right print. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  9. Hand Sign -- A man fixes a sign so it says "hand". (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  10. Hand Talk” – People can communicate with their hands! (w/ Big Bird, Oscar, Cookie Monster, Placido Flamingo, Seiji Ozawa) (SSvideo)
  11. Handclapping -- Hand claps help create a rhythm for a song. (w/ Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  12. Handclapping Chants -- Girls teach a younger girl a playground song. (film) (SSvideo)
  13. Hands Can Do” – The Count sings about things hands can do. (SSvideo)
  14. Happiness Begins At Forty -- A family counts to forty together. (w/ Guy Smiley) (SSvideo)
  15. Happy And Sad – Kermit and Elmo talk about emotions. (SSvideo)
  16. Happy Cheer -- Girls sing and stomp about happiness. (film) (SSvideo)
  17. Happy / Sad Cookie – Ernie and Cookie Monster both want a cookie. (SSvideo)
  18. Happy Tapping With Elmo” – Elmo imagines he’s a famous tap dancer. (w/ Savion, Gina, Luis, Snuffy) (SSvideo)
  19. Hare And Tortoise -- A race to get to the top. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  20. Harlem Globetrotters – Playing basketball with different body parts. (SSvideo)
  21. Harmonica Workings -- It explains how to play a harmonica. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  22. Harvey Kneeslapper D -- Harvey Kneeslapper has a joke about the letter D. (SSvideo)
  23. Harvey Kneeslapper Open Closet – Harvey tries his trick a third time. (SSvideo)
  24. Harvey Kneeslapper Open Closet 1 – Harvey plays a trick, but it backfires. (SSvideo)
  25. Harvey’s Bucket Joke – Harvey Kneeslapper tries to play a trick. (SSvideo)
  26. "Has Anybody Seen My Dog?" -- Grover helps a boy find his missing dog. (SSvideo)
  27. Hat, Coat, And Pants” – Bob and Linda teach sign language and a song. (SSvideo)
  28. Hats: Same And Different -- A store sells only one kind of hat. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  29. Haunted House -- Don't be afraid in old houses. (w/ Prairie Dawn) (SSvideo)
  30. He's Mad -- A boy gets mad, but it doesn't last long. (animation) (SSvideo)
  31. Health Minutes: The Checkup -- Grover's check-up at the doctor's office. (SSvideo)
  32. "Healthy Foods" -- Cookie Monster raps about healthy food. (SSvideo)
  33. Heather & Grover Try To Rhyme – Grover can’t think of a rhyme for ‘cow’. (SSvideo)
  34. Heavy & Light” – Telly’s is heavy, but Elmo’s is light. (SSvideo)
  35. Heavy & Light: Ball & Seal -- A ball is "light" but a seal is "heavy." (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  36. Heavy & Light: Feather & Bird -- An animated demonstration of heavy and light. (SSvideo)
  37. Heavy/Light Scale – A scale measures people’s weight. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  38. Hello Sammy” – Carol Channing sings to Sammy the Snake. (SSvideo)
  39. Herbie Hancock Makes Sounds – Herbie Hancock shows kids electronic music. (w/ Maria) (SSvideo)
  40. Here And There – Maria and David explain ‘here’ and ‘there’. (w/ Grover) (SSvideo)
  41. Here / There Guru – A man seeks explanation of here and there. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  42. Here Fishy Fishy! - Ernie calls fish into the boat. (w/ Bert)
  43. Here is Your Life: Book – Guy Smiley reunites a tooth with past friends. (SSvideo)
  44. Here is Your Life House -- Guy Smiley introduces people in a home's life. (SSvideo)
  45. Here Is Your Life: Oak Tree -- Guy Smiley reunites an oak tree with past friends. (w/ Granny Fanny Nesselrode) (SSvideo)
  46. Here Is Your Life: Sneaker -- A sneaker reunited with people in its past. (w/ Guy Smiley) (SSvideo)
  47. Herry & John John Count 20 -- Herry and John John count to twenty together. (SSvideo)
  48. Herry & Michael Talk Of Love -- Michael tells Herry Monster about love. (SSvideo)
  49. Herry And Christopher Talk – Herry and Christopher discuss similarities. (SSvideo)
  50. Herry And John John Loud Soft – Herry and John John speak loudly and softly. (SSvideo)
  51. Herry And Kim Talk About Love – Kim and Herry talk about people they love. (SSvideo)
  52. Herry Sings: “First And Last” – One boy’s first and the other is always last. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  53. Herry Sleeps – The letter ‘Z’ often shows someone is asleep. (SSvideo)
  54. Herry’s Exercise Class – Hery directs exercises and Kermit joins in. (SSvideo)
  55. "Hey Diddle Song" -- A turtle sings "Hey Diddle Diddle." (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  56. "Hey Food" -- Cookie Monster sings with the band. (SSvideo)
  57. Hidden Jungle Animals -- Can you find all the animals in this picture? (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  58. Hidden Sheep In A Tree -- A shepherd finds his sheep. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  59. Hide And Seek: Balls -- Two balls play hide and seek among shapes. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  60. Hide And Seek With Z – A boy plays hide and seek with 3 letter ‘z’s. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  61. High 12 With Forgetful Jones – Forgetful Jones meets Sinister Sam. (w/ Clementine and Fred the Wonder Horse) (SSvideo)
  62. Hill Street Twos -- Ernie & Grover fight crime in pairs. (SSvideo)
  63. Hippo Sitting On Ball -- A girl's toy ball gets trapped under a hippo. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  64. “Home is City/jungle/igloo” -- Homes in different places in the world. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  65. Homer The Pet Elephant -- A man sings to describe his lost pet. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  66. Homes Around The World -- Homes in different nations. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  67. Honker Duckie Dinger Jamboree” – Ernie and friends sing a silly song. (w/ Honkers, Dinger, Rubber Duckie) (SSvideo)
  68. Honkers Honk 1 To 20 – The Count counts honker honks. (SSvideo)
  69. Horse and Crane – A crane looks similar to a horse. (film) (SSvideo)
  70. Horse Sense” – Judy Collins and Fred sing about common sense. (SSvideo)
  71. Hortense Series: 1 Drum -- A song about the number one. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  72. Hortense Series: 3 Peas -- Hortense and three peas or trees. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  73. Hortense Series: 4 Ants -- Hortense and four dancing ants. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  74. Hortense Series: 5 Brooms -- Hortense and five waltzing brooms. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  75. Hot Dog – ‘Hot dog’ begins with the ‘huh’ sound. (cartoon by Paul Fierlinger) (SSvideo)
  76. Hot In The City” -- Kids cool off by playing with water and ice. (film) (SSvideo)
  77. House Building -- A fast motion video of men building a house. (film) (SSvideo)
  78. How A Scale Works -- It shows He and She how to measure weight. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  79. How A Trumpet Works – Fred Mills shares his trumpet with some kids. (SSvideo)
  80. How Does Santa Get In? -- Kermit and Grover interview kids. (from Christmas Eve on Sesame Street) (SSvideo)
  81. How Hard It Is To Be 15 -- Fifteen sings about being the hardest teen. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  82. How Plants Travel – Plant seeds travel in many different ways. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  83. How To Get From Here To There” -- A song about using feet, buses, and planes. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  84. "How To Get To Yellowstone Park" -- Don Music and Kermit write a song together. (w/ Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats) (SSvideo)
  85. How To Sign ‘Closed’ – Linda teaches a boy how to sign ‘closed’. (SSvideo)
  86. How To Sign ‘Don’t Walk’ – Linda teaches a boy how to sign ‘don’t walk’. (SSvideo)
  87. How To Sign ‘One Way’ – Linda teaches a boy how to sign ‘one way’. (SSvideo)
  88. How To Sign ‘Open’ – Linda teaches a boy how to sign ‘open’. (SSvideo)
  89. How To Sign ‘Wet Paint’ – Linda teaches a boy how to sign ‘wet paint’. (SSvideo)
  90. Howard Coolsell In Exercise -- Exercise makes you strong and healthy. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  91. Hummingbird Helicopter -- The hummingbird inspired helicopter design. (cartoon) (SSvideo)


  1. I Am Somebody -- Jesse Jackson encourages kids to be proud. (SSvideo)
  2. I Can Remember -- A girl has to remember mom's grocery list. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  3. "I Don't Want To Live On The Moon" -- Ernie sings about places he'd like to visit. (SSvideo)
  4. "I Get There" -- A slow turtle sings "I get there." (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  5. I Got It Alphabet – One man recites the alphabet to another man. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  6. "I Gotta Be Clean" -- Bert sings about being clean. (SSvideo)
  7. "I Hate Christmas!" -- Oscar sings about the holidays. (from ‘’Christmas Eve on Sesame Street’’) (SSvideo)
  8. I Just Adore Four” – Big Bird sings a ballad about the number ‘4.’ (SSvideo)
  9. I Like / I Don’t Like” – Bob sings about changing his mind. (SSvideo)
  10. I Like Alaska” -- Lots of kids like to live and play in Alaska. (film) (SSvideo)
  11. I Like My Name” – Bob and Olivia are proud of their names. (This video currently does not have a “classic” label.) (SSvideo)
  12. "I Love A March" -- March along and sing with Bert. (w/ Ernie and Olivia) (SSvideo)
  13. I Love Trash” – Oscar sings about the garbage he loves. (1991 version) (SSvideo)
  14. I Love You – How to say “I love you” in sign language. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  15. "I Make Up Songs" -- Helen Reddy makes up a song. (SSvideo)
  16. I Stand Up Straight And Tall” – Grover sings about the letter ‘i’. (SSvideo)
  17. "I Think That It Is Wonderful" -- Muppets sing about life's wonders. (w/ Bert, Ernie) (SSvideo)
  18. I Thought A Big Thought -- A man's big thoughts become animated. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  19. I Wanna Be Me Song” -- Cecille sings about being me. (animation) (SSvideo)
  20. I Wonder Why – A man has questions about things around him. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  21. "I Wish I Had a Friend" -- Bert is feeling lonely. (w/ Ernie) (SSvideo)
  22. Ice Skating Whistle -- Everyone wonders where a sound is coming from. (w/ Oscar, Bert, Betty Lou, the Count, Grover, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster; from the Ice Follies) (SSvideo)
  23. "If I Was A Cloud In The Sky" -- Snuffy dresses like a cloud for a play! (w/ Big Bird) (SSvideo)
  24. "I'll Love You In Springtime" -- A song about the seasons and love. (w/ Guy Smiley) (SSvideo)
  25. I’m A Big Girl Now” – Olivia tells Gordon she’s not a kid anymore. (SSvideo)
  26. I’m Cold” – A girl shivers outdoors in winter. (Anything Muppet) (SSvideo)
  27. I’m Going Somewhere” – Bob sings about going to sleep. (SSvideo)
  28. I’m Going To Get My Haircut” – Cookie Monster tells Jeff not to be afraid. (SSvideo)
  29. I’m Gonna Be A Country Girl” – Buffy Sainte-Marie sings about the country. (w/ Gladys the Cow) (SSvideo)
  30. I’m Six – A mouse is excited about his sixth birthday. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  31. I'm Special With Bert & Ernie -- Bert helps Ernie feel special. (SSvideo)
  32. I've Got A Mind -- A rhyming story a fish and using your mind. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  33. I-beam – A stell construction beam is manufactured. (film) (SSvideo)
  34. "I-in The Sky" -- A song about the letter "I". (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  35. I: A Dog’s Bone – A dog mistakes the letter ‘I’ for a bone. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  36. I: Alphabet Dancers – Kids dance and form the leter ‘I.’ (SSvideo)
  37. I: Alphabet Dancers – Kids dance and form the letter ‘i.’ (SSvideo)
  38. I: Letter Candles – Two candles shaped like ‘I’ and ‘i’. (SSvideo)
  39. Ice – An animation of the word ‘ICE’. (SSvideo)
  40. Ice Cream Cone – Ernie orders a very special ice cream cone. (SSvideo)
  41. Ice Cream Map -- A man asks for directions to a parking area. (cartoon by Paul Fierlinger) (SSvideo)
  42. If I Had A Kid Like You” – Gordon sings wistfully about fatherhood. (SSvideo)
  43. "If The Moon Were A Cookie" -- Cookie Monster sings a ballad. (SSvideo)
  44. "Image That" with Ernie -- Ernie imagines himself in different roles. (SSvideo)
  45. Imagining A Land Of E -- The ways to spell & rhyme with the letter E. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  46. Imagination Girl -- A girl shows what imagination can do. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  47. "Imagination With Elmo" -- Elmo sings about where imagination takes you. (w/ Hoots the Owl, Wolfgang the Seal) (SSvideo)
  48. “In And Out Fever” – Monsters dance the in and out disco boogie. (SSvideo)
  49. In My Book” – Many magic things exist in one boy’s book. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  50. In On The Hill – A man reads the word ‘in’, then goes inside. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  51. In The Middle Of Your Face” – Elmo sings about parts of the face. (SSvideo)
  52. "In & Out Song" -- Barkley can't decide if he wants in or out! (w/ Maria) (SSvideo)
  53. Inchworm Measures -- An inchworm measures the length of toys. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  54. Indians Pride -- Not everything in movies and on TV is true. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  55. Ingrid Counts In Spanish -- The Count learns to count in Spanish. (SSvideo)
  56. Is Snow Cold? -- A boy tells us: "Yes!" Snow is cold. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  57. Is This Me? – A boy shows things that are not ‘me.’ (w/ Farley) (SSvideo)
  58. Island Map – People explore a Caribbean island. (film/animation) (SSvideo)
  59. Island Song - An island is surrounded by water. (animation) (SSvideo)
  60. It's Alive” – Kermit sings about what is alive. (SSvideo)
  61. It’s A Circle” – Herry and Cookie Monster sing about circles. (SSvideo)
  62. It’s A Dog’s World – Maria imagines life surrounded by only dogs. (w/ Barkley) (SSvideo)
  63. It's Alive! -- How to tell if you're rock is a dinosaur! (cartoon w/ added sound effects) (SSvideo)
  64. "It's Hip To Be A Square" -- It's really hip to be a square. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  65. It's Zydeco” – A band plays a song about zydeco music. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  66. Itzhak Perlman: Easy / Hard – Itzhak Perlman and a girl demonstrate. (SSvideo)
  67. Itzhak, Rafael And Big Bird – Itzhak and Rafael talk about disabilities. (SSvideo)


  1. J Friends” – Muppets sing about words that start with “J”. (Anything Muppets) (This video currently does not have a “classic” label.) (SSvideo)
  2. J Train - The letter J makes words. (cartoon)
  3. J: Jaguar – ‘Jaguar’ begins with the ‘juh’ sound. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  4. J: Juggle – The word ‘juggle’ begins with the letter ‘j’. (w/ Bob) (SSvideo)
  5. J: Jump - A talking typewriter types "j" for jump.
  6. James Earl Jones: Alphabet -- James Earl Jones says the alphabet.
  7. James Earl Jones: Counting -- Counting 1-10 with James Earl Jones. (SSvideo)
  8. Jay Leno Prepares For A Ride – Jay Leno talks about his safety gear. (w/ Big Bird) (SSvideo)
  9. Jazz Number 4 -- An animated song about the number four. (SSvideo)
  10. Jazz Number 7 – An animated song about the number seven. (SSvideo)
  11. Jill Went Up The Hill – A rhyme about Jill who went up the hill. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  12. Joe Williams: “Birdland Jump” – Joe Williams performs at the Birdland Club. (w/ Hoots the Owl) (SSvideo)
  13. John John & Herry Up And Down – John John shows Herry what up and down means. (SSvideo)
  14. John Moschitta: Long Baby Name – This baby has a relly long name! (SSvideo)
  15. John Moschitta: P Products – This company sells things that start with ‘P’. (SSvideo)
  16. Johnny Cash: “Nasty Dan” – Johnny Cash sings a song that Oscar loves. (SSvideo)
  17. José Feliciano: “Four Fingers” – José Feliciano sings about finger symbols. (SSvideo)
  18. Judy Collins And Snuffy Sing – An opera about the alphabet. (w/ Big Bird/Judy intro and tag) (SSvideo)
  19. Julius & Jasper: Apple -- Julius asks Jasper to describe an apple. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  20. Julius & Jasper: Lost Elbow – Julius helps Jasper find his elbow. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  21. Julius & Jasper: Two Legs – Julius asks Jasper why one leg’s in the air. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  22. Jungle Add And Subtract – Animals add and subtract as they walk. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  23. Jungle Ladybugs And Lizards – Ladybugs and lizards add and subtract 5. (cartoon w/ new music) (SSvideo)
  24. Just Around The Corner” – People sing about places in the neighborhood. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  25. Just The Way You Are” – Billy Joel and Marlee Matlin sing with Oscar. (SSvideo)
  26. “Just The Way You Are” – Billy Joel and Marlee Matlin serenade Oscar. (SSvideo)
  27. "Just Throw It My Way" - Oscar sings a ballad about not littering. (SSvideo)
  28. Jyah's Dance Class -- Jyah takes us to her dance class. (film) (SSvideo)


  1. K Cheer -- Kids cheer about things that begin with 'K.' (film) (SSvideo)
  2. K: Kangaroo – A kangaroo shows words that start with ‘K’. (cartoon)
  3. K: Kangaroo – A man talks about kangaroos. (cartoon)
  4. K: Kangaroo – Kangaroo begins with the ‘kuh’ sound. (cartoon)
  5. K: Kick -- A football player kicks a 'k'. (cartoon)
  6. K: The Cheer -- Fans cheer for the letter K. (Anything Muppets)
  7. K: The Kiss -- An animated letter "K" gives a duck a kiss.
  8. Kate And Grover Make Faces – Kate and Grover show emotions with their faces.
  9. Kate And Grover Talk About Snow – Kate tells Grover about snow.
  10. Kate And Grover: I Like You – Kate and Grover hug and kiss.
  11. Katie And The King – Olivia reads about a king who liked ‘K.” (w/ Anything Muppets)
  12. Katydids -- Can you count the katydids?
  13. "Keep Christmas with You" -- Linda and the kids surprise Bob. (from Christmas Eve on Sesame Street)
  14. Keep Nature Clean -- Cookie Monster takes care of his trash. (w/ Baby Bear; from Sing-Along Earth Songs) (SSvideo)
  15. Keith Haring: Exit – Everybody exits, even the painted characters. (film/animation)
  16. Keith Haring: Telephone – Painted characters use a telephone. (cartoon)
  17. Kermit & Grover Short & Long -- Kermit & Grover sing, hop and tickle. (SSvideo)
  18. Kermit And Alfonso Discuss Exit – Alfonso and Kermit talk about the word ‘exit.’
  19. Kermit And Brian Loud/soft – Brian demonstrates soft and loud for Kermit.
  20. Kermit And Chris Count Ears – Chris and Stephanie both have two ears.
  21. Kermit And Chris Count To 20 – Chris counts from 1 to 20 for Kermit.
  22. Kermit And Elmo Loud And Quiet – Elmo helps Kermit talk about loud and quiet.
  23. Kermit And Girls: Giraffes – Kermit tries to talk to girls about giraffes.
  24. Kermit And Grover Here There – Grover tries to set some bricks down ‘there’.
  25. Kermit And Joey Alphabet – Kermit and Joey say the alphabet.(SSvideo)
  26. Kermit And Joey Body Parts – Joey and Kermit label their body parts.(SSvideo)
  27. Kermit And Joey Count to 20 – Kermit and Joey count from 1 to 20.(SSvideo)
  28. Kermit And Joey: Up and Down – Joey and Kermit talk about up and down.(SSvideo)
  29. Kermit And John John: Sounds - Kermit and John John show loud and soft.
  30. Kermit And Julia Animal Sounds -- Kermit and Julia identify different animal sounds.
  31. Kermit And The Three PigsThe Wolf retells the classic tale.
  32. Kermit Calls a Plumber -- Grover and Kermit discuss size.
  33. Kermit Counts 1 - 10 -- Kermit and a young girl count to ten.
  34. Kermit Counts Monkeys – Kermit manages some monkey business.
  35. Kermit Counts To Five -- Kermit and Tracy count to five.
  36. Kermit Explains Big And Little -- Kermit compares monsters' sizes. (w/ Beautiful Day Monster and Splurge) (SSvideo)
  37. Kermit Explains Round -- Kermit talks about things balls can do.
  38. Kermit Explains Short And Tall – Sam and Harry help Kermit demonstrate.
  39. Kermit Guesses From Clues -- Kermit figures things out by observing. (w/ Beautiful Day Monster)
  40. Kermit News: 1st Day of School – Kermit learns not to be afraid of school. (w/ Cookie Monster)
  41. Kermit News: Cinderella -- The prince shows off his fancy things.
  42. Kermit News: Daycare – Kermit asks kids what they want to be. (w/ Cookie Monster)
  43. Kermit News: Elmo’s Idea – Elmo shares his new game idea with Kermit.
  44. Kermti News: Goody Basket – Little Red Riding Hood’s basket. (w/ Cookie Monster)
  45. Kermit News: Humpty Dumpty – Kermit reports on Humpty Dumpty’s fall.
  46. Kermit News: Jack And Jill -- Kermit covers Jack and Jill. (SSvideo)
  47. Kermit News: Old Macdonald - Kermit investigates a spaceship. (w/ Martians)
  48. Kermit News: Report with Telly – Telly and Kermit report on cooperation.
  49. Kermit News: Santa Claus – Kermit tries to get an interview with Santa.
  50. Kermit News: Six Dollar Man – A scientist has built a man from spare parts.
  51. Kermit News: Sleeping Beauty – The Prince comes near to wake the Princess.
  52. Kermit News: Sleeping Beauty – Prince Charming fails to wake Sleeping Beauty.
  53. Kermit Shala Fanny: Next To – Shala, Fanny and Kermit show ‘next to’.
  54. Kermit Shows The Letter B – Cookie Monster keeps eating Kermit’s letter.
  55. Kermit Subtracts Eggs – Subtracting hatching eggs and leaving chicks.
  56. Kermit Talks About Feet -- Kermit talks about feet. (SSvideo)
  57. Kermit Telephone – Kermit reads the word ‘telephone’.
  58. Kermit’s Telephone Demo – Kermit and Forgetful Jones use a telephone.
  59. Kermit & Jennifer: Knees -- Kermit and Jenifer bend their knees. (w/ Grover) (SSvideo)
  60. Kermit: "Bein' Green" -- Kermit sings about being green. (1969 version)
  61. Kermit: "Bein' Green" -- Kermit sings about being green. (1970s version)
  62. Kermit: Z -- Kermit works with a "Z" or an "N".
  63. Kid Paints Letter X – A kid stamps and paints the letter ‘x’. (animation)
  64. Kids Build Sand Castles – Kids make all kinds of things in the sand. (film)
  65. Kids Demonstrate Open – Kids demonstrate the word ‘open’. (cartoon)
  66. Kids Far & Wide- Bali -- A girl describes a cultural holiday in Bali. (cartoon)
  67. Kids Far & Wide: Colombia -- Sports and the marketplace in Colombia. (cartoon)
  68. Kids Far & Wide: India -- A boy describes his daily life in India. (cartoon)
  69. Kids Far & Wide: Sierra Leone -- A boy fishes all day in Sierra Leone. (cartoon)
  70. Kids Far & Wide: Thailand -- A celebration of beginnings in Thailand. (cartoon)
  71. Kids Form A Rectangle – 4 kids lie down in the shape of a rectangle. (w/ Big Bird, Olivia)
  72. Kids Form A Square – Four kids lie down in the shape of a square. (w/ Big Bird, Olivia)
  73. Kids Form A Triangle – 3 kids lie down in the shape of a triangle. (w/ Big Bird, Olivia)
  74. Kids Just Love To Brush” – A musical number about brushing teeth. (Anything Muppets)
  75. Kids Looking At Themselves – Kids examine their own images. (cartoon)
  76. Kids Make Cornbread – Students mix the ingredients for cornbread. (film)
  77. King of 8” – The King of Eight thinks “8” is great. (animation)
  78. King Minus – King Minus defeats dragons with subtraction. (cartoon)
  79. Kiss Me Sounds -- A man comes across a sign and sounds it out. (cartoon)
  80. Kittens – Boys talk about kittens in English and Spanish. (film)
  81. “Knees, Shoulders And Ankles” – Silly scarecrows sing a song about body parts. (w/ David, Maria, Luis, Bob)


  1. L: Alphabet Dancers – Kids dance and form the letter ‘L.’
  2. L: Light – The word ‘light’ begins with the letter ‘l’. (cartoon)
  3. L: Lion – Lion begins with the letter L. (cartoon)
  4. L: Lion – A talking typewriter types an “l” for lion.
  5. L: Lips – The word ‘lips’ starts with the letter ‘l.’
  6. "Ladybugs' Picnic" – Twelve ladybugs have a picnic. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  7. "Lambaba!" With Count -- The Count has an up-tempo bedtime song. (SSvideo)
  8. Lena Horne Sings the Alphabet – Lena Horne sings with the Muppets. (SSvideo)
  9. Lena Horne: "Bein' Green" – Lena Horne sings with Kermit the Frog. (SSvideo)
  10. Lena Horne: "How Do You Do?" – Grover learns not to be shy. (SSvideo)
  11. "Let's Go Driving" -- Let's take a ride in a car! (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  12. "Let's Go Tubbing" - It's tub time. (film)
  13. "Let's Make A Face" – Bob and Luis sing about facial expressions. (SSvideo)
  14. Letter For Me – Kids try to figure out who a letter is for. (cartoon)
  15. Letter O In Grocery Store Sign – A man tries to fix his grocery store sign. (cartoon)
  16. Letter O Tag – Madeline Kahn says the letter ‘O.’
  17. Letters Make Words: B – Kids talk about words that begin with ‘B’. (film)
  18. Levitation Magic – The Amazing Mumford performs. (w/ Grover, Herry)
  19. License Plate Back And Front – Maria helps Oscar install his license plate.
  20. Life Without Bert - Ernie imagines if Bert wasn't around.
  21. Lifestyles Of The Big & Little -- A tour of homes of big and little creatures. (Anything Muppets)
  22. Linda The Wind-Up Toy – Linda signs the word ‘toy’. (w/ Big Bird)
  23. Lines Construction -- A little girl draws buildings. (cartoon)
  24. Lion And Mouse -- A mouse and lion help each other. (cartoon; 1970s version)
  25. Listen For Traffic – A man listens to noise on the street. (cartoon)
  26. Listen To The Bells” – A boy sings about different types of bells. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  27. "Listen to the Wind" - A song about listening to the wind. (w/ Buffy) (SSvideo)
  28. Listening To Danger – Listening can tell you many things. (cartoon)
  29. Little Bird Imagination Game - Little Bird plays the imagination game. (w/Herry) (SSvideo)
  30. "Little Plant Song" – Ernie cares for his indoor house plant. (SSvideo)
  31. Lobster Fisherman – A video about lobster fishing.
  32. "Lonely" – A Muppet sings about how lonely he is. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  33. Long Time No See: Haircut” – A long haired man gets a haircut. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  34. Lost Boy Remembers Way Home -- A boy figures out how to get back home. (cartoon)
  35. Love Bird -- A man shows the word "love" and its meaning. (cartoon)
  36. Love My Bones -- Learning about bones. (cartoon)
  37. "Lowercase L Words" -- Bert and Ernie sing about the letter "L". (SSvideo)
  38. Luis And Maria Love Each Other - Maria and Luis decide to get married. (w/ Big Bird)
  39. Luis Looks For Agua – ‘Agua’ is the Spanish word for ‘water’.
  40. Luis Talks About Tools – Luis shows kids his tools at the Fix-It Shop.
  41. Luis The Magician – Luis counts 1, 2, and 3 people. (w/ David and Maria)
  42. Luis Teaches About Love -- Luis tells Sam the Robot about love. (SSvideo)
  1. Lunchbox Alphabet – Construction workers have an unusual lunch. (cartoon)


  1. M With Herb Birdsfoot -- Herb Birdsfoot has an uncooperative letter M.
  2. M: Art Supplies – Art supplies make the letters ‘M’ and ‘m’. (animation)
  3. M: Letter Sound – Peanut butter makes Grover say “Mmmmm.” (w/ Herbert Birdsfoot)
  4. M: Magic – A talking typewriter types an ‘m’ for magic.
  5. M: Melvin The Moving Man – Melvin moves things that begin with ‘M’. (cartoon)
  6. M: Milk -- Milk starts with a lowercase m. (cartoon)
  7. M: Mom -- The letter 'M' begins 'mom' and 'milk'. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  8. M: Moon – The word ‘moon’ begins with the letter ‘m’. (cartoon)
  9. Mr. Hooper In The Hospital -- Mr. Hooper takes a picture with kids in the hospital. (from episode 0823, w/ Susan) (SSvideo)
  10. Macneil Report -- Robert Macneil interviews Cookie Monster. (w/ Kermit the Frog) (SSvideo)
  11. Mad Painter # 3 – Painter paints the number 3 with condiments. (film)
  12. Madrigal Alphabet - A song about the alphabet. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  13. Madeline Kahn Sings “me” – Madeline Kahn sings and speaks the word “me.”
  14. Madeline Kahn: Counting To 20 – Two women count to twenty together.
  15. Magic Finger K – Kermit shows how to write the letter “K”. (w/ Grover)
  16. Magic Finger Q – Kermit shows how to write the letter “Q”. (w/ Grover)
  17. Magician Addition 1-10 -- Addition of one is like a magic trick. (cartoon)
  18. Mailman Drawing -- Children describe how to draw a mailman. (cartoon w/ sound effects)
  19. Mailman Drawing – Children direct how to draw a mailman. (cartoon)
  20. Making A Face -- A musical stage production about the face. (w/ Prairie Dawn, Ernie, Herry Monster, Cookie Monster, Bert, Grover)
  21. Making A Stool In Appalachia -- How to make a stool from scratch. (film) (SSvideo)
  22. Making Bird Feeders – People make bird feeders from sunflower seeds. (film)
  23. Making Crayons – A video about how crayons are made.
  24. Mandrill Mother and Baby – A mandrill mother looks after her baby. (film)
  25. Manhole - Abierto -- A boy pulls "abierto" out of an OPEN manhole. (cartoon)
  26. Man Walks Forward And Backward -- Everything in the city runs backwards! (film)
  27. Many Me's -- A boy describes his different emotions. (cartoon)
  28. Map Maker – A woman uses aerial photos to make a map. (film)
  29. Mapping A Trip To Mexico -- A friend takes a trip to Mexico. (cartoon)
  30. Marbles - Children in Africa play games. (film)
  31. Marching Band Circle - A marching band makes a circle. (film)
  32. Marching Band 1 - Drum one time. (film)
  33. Marching Band 2 - Drum two times. (film)
  34. Marching Band 4 - Drum four times. (film)
  35. Marching Band Counts 1-20 - A marching band counts from 1-20. (film)
  36. Maria Builds With Blocks – Maria tries to copy a house with blocks.
  37. Maria Buys Some Shoes – Maria decides on a pair of shoes. (w/ Grundgetta and Andrea Martin)
  38. Marshal Grover -- Marshal Grover is on horseback backwards!
  39. Martian Music -- A band from outer space performs. (cartoon w/ original sound effects)
  40. Martian Trees – A martian makes two trees match. (cartoon)
  41. Martians And The Telephone -- The aliens encounter a ringing phone.
  42. Martians Discover Love -- The Martians discover love. (w/ Maria and Luis)
  43. Martians Find The Earth – Martians use a book to help identify Earth.
  44. Martians Meet A Clock – The Martians confuse a clock with a person.
  45. Martians Radio -- The Martians discover a radio.
  46. Martians Read Book -- Martians discover a book..yup!
  47. Mary Had A Little Lamb” – Don Music and Kermit write a song together.
  48. Mary Lou Williams: Scatting – Mary Lou Williams teaches some kids to scat.
  49. Mary Sunshine #11” – A song about animals in groups of 11. (cartoon)
  50. Mayonnaise Jar -- Jars get made, used, reused, and recycled. (animation)
  51. Me Girl and Witch – A witch can’t stop the girl from being ‘me.’ (cartoon)
  52. "Me Gotta Be Blue" -- Cookie Monster sings a song about being blue. (SSvideo)
  53. "Me And My Chair" -- A boy sings about things he can do. (film)
  54. "Me And You Song – Two rhinos at a zoo. (film)
  55. Me Lost Me Cookie At The Disco” – Cookie sings about his missing cookie.
  56. Me Monolith – Cavemen argue with the word ‘me’. (cartoon w/ sound effects)
  57. Me Monolith -- Cavemen explain what the word "me" means. (cartoon)
  58. Me On TV – A man wants everyone to know he is on TV. (cartoon)
  59. Me Sign On TV -- Hey look, a big "me" sign on TV! (cartoon w/ new music)
  60. Me Snowshoe – A man spells ‘me’ in the snow. (film)
  61. Me Tarzan You Parrot – Tarzan has a disagreement with his parrot. (cartoon)
  62. Me: Grover -- Grover sees and yells the word "ME."
  63. Meal First, Next and Last – Grover serves a meal in the wrong order.
  64. Measuring Devices -- Devices we can use to measure things. (cartoon)
  65. Measuring Distance -- Two friends measure the distance between them. (Anything Muppets)
  66. Meet The Martians -- Ernie imagines Bert went to Mars. (w/ Martians)
  67. Mice & Elephant Monster -- Mice use imagination to describe an elephant. (cartoon)
  68. Milk – Maria reads the word ‘milk’. (animation)
  69. Miners And Mules: Subtraction -- Miners subtract mules in this short cartoon.
  70. Mix-up Game Show: School – A woman must unscramble the word ‘school’. (w/ Guy Smiley)
  71. Mixed Up Body Parts – Animals find their body parts are switched. (cartoon)
  72. Mixed Up Town -- A traffic cop sorts some confused deliveries. (cartoon)
  73. "Mo Yet" Song -- Harry Belafonte sings a song.
  74. Model Airplane – A model airplane needs 2 wings the same size. (w/ Gordon)
  75. "Mom And Me" -- A girl sings about different families. (film) (SSvideo)
  76. Mom’s Having a Baby – There’s a brand new baby at Katie’s house. (film)
  77. Monkey Baby Swing -- A baby monkey hangs and swings around a cage. (film)
  78. Monster Best Friend -- Walking dogs is exercise for them and you. (w/ Grover)
  79. Monster Fixit Team -- Monsters repair at Kermit's. (w/ Grover and Herry)
  80. Monster In The Mirror” – Celebrities sing with Grover.
  81. "Monster In The Mirror" -- Grover sings Wubba Wubba Woo.
  82. Monster On / In / Under – A Monsterpiece Theatre presentation.
  83. Morning Chores -- Children in city and country both do chores. (film)
  84. Mother Goose: The Shoe People – Mother Goose writes a verse. (Anything Muppets)
  85. Mother Goose: "When I Grow Up" -- Mother Goose sings about nursery rhymes. (w/ Maria) (SSvideo)
  86. Mother Tucks Child Into Beds – Girls in 2 countries talk about their mothers.
  87. Mr. and Mrs. Snow -- Labelling parts of a snowman and snowwoman. (film)
  88. Mumford Demonstrates Surprise – The Amazing Mumford explains ‘surprise’. (w/ Herry)
  89. Mumford’s Rhyming Trick – Mumford pulls things from his hat that rhyme. (w/ Grover)
  90. Muppets Rhyme In School” -- Muppet students sing a rhyming song. (Anything Muppets)
  91. Murphy Brownbag – Cookie Monster and Murphy discuss lunch.
  92. My Cat Story -- A girl writes about her cat. (cartoon)
  93. My Dog Pete -- A girl tells us all about her dog, Pete. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  94. My Favorite Letter P” -- Song about words that start with "P". (Anything Muppets)
  95. My Rock Show And Tell -- Bert sings about his rock at show and tell. (SSvideo)
  96. My Skin -- A girl tells us about her skin. (cartoon)
  97. My Street” – Big Bird and Olivia sing about their home. (w/ Mr. Hooper)
  98. Mysterious Theatre: Toast -- Sherlock Hemlock investigates missing food. (SSvideo)
  99. Mystery Box -- Kermit and Cookie Monster play a guessing game.
  100. Mystery Mix-up Game Show – A contestant must make the word ‘school’. (w/ Guy Smiley)


  1. N-tv -- A music video about the letter N. (Anything Muppets)
  2. N: Nose – The word ‘nose’ begins with the ‘nuh’ sound. (cartoon)
  3. N: Nose – A talking typewriter types an “n” for nose.
  4. N: The Interview -- A reporter interviews the letter n. (cartoon)
  5. N: "The Lonely N Song" -- A song of two lonely lower-case letter "n"s. (cartoon)
  6. Name That Food! -- Name that food - and eat it! (cartoon)
  7. Name That Sound! – Grover on a game show with Guy Smiley.
  8. Native American Boy – James talks about his family, school and home. (film)
  9. New Baby” – A monster becomes an older sister.
  10. New Ball In Town -- A new ball makes friends with three others. (cartoon)
  11. "New Way To Walk" – The Oinker Sisters walk with pride.
  12. News: Angry Reporter -- No one on the street will talk to Kermit. (w/ Grover)
  13. News: Boston T Party -- Kermit helps colonists with their "T" party.
  14. News: Children's Zoo -- Kermit reports on favorite animals.
  15. News: Hickory Dickory Dock -- Kermit watches a horse try to run up a clock. (w/ Gladys the Cow)
  16. News: Jack & The Beanstalk -- Kermit climbs up and down the beanstalk.
  17. News: Jack Jumps Over -- Jack jumps all over the candlestick. (w/ Kermit)
  18. News: Mother Hubbard -- Old Mother Hubbard can't feed her dog a bone. (w/ Kermit)
  19. News: Pinocchio -- Kermit talks about "long" and "short".
  20. News: Rapunzel -- Prince Charming isn't loud enough. (w/ Kermit)
  21. News: Rumpelstiltskin -- Kermit is taken by Rumpelstiltskin.
  22. News: The Princess & Mattress -- Kermit reports on the princess' mattress.
  23. News: Three Little Pigs – The Count's counting ruins Kermit's report.
  24. News: Three Pigs -- Kermit reports on the Three Little Pigs.
  25. News: Tortoise & Hare -- Kermit reports on a tortoise and hare race.
  26. Newspaper -- You'll find lots of things in a newspaper! (cartoon)
  27. Newspaper Hat News -- Grover learns a newspaper is for reading.
  28. Newspaper Interruption – Ernie waits to ask Bert a question.
  29. Next To Little Bird -- Little Bird is surprised by who is "next to" him. (w/ Cookie Monster)
  30. Nim Matches Teddy Bear Nose – A chimpanzee touches his nose. (film)
  31. Nim Places His Nose – A chimpanzee puts the nose on a picture. (film)
  32. No – A boy tries to find his ‘no’. (film)
  33. No A Go Go – A man can’t catch the word ‘no’. (cartoon)
  34. No A Go Go -- A man chases after the word "NO." (cartoon w/ music added)
  35. No Excitement At The Zoo - Ernie tells Bert about his trip to the zoo.
  36. No Joke – Herry, Bert, and Ernie with a no sign.
  37. No Park – A woman says ‘no’ to a gorilla. (film)
  38. Noses On Animals, Noses On Man -- A face has different noses drawn on it. (cartoon)
  39. Nothing To Count” – The Count imagines things to count.
  40. Nursing Baby Animals - Baby animals drink milk from their mothers. (film)


  1. O: A Horse And An O – A funny story about a lowercase ‘o.’ (cartoon)
  2. O Imagination Song” -- An imaginative song about the letter O. (cartoon)
  3. Octagon Umbrella Stop Sign -- Two common octagonal objects. (animation)
  4. "Octopus Blues" -- An octopus is sad.
  5. Octopus Film Tag – Shala hugs Kermit.
  6. Oh What A Fabulous Party -- Strange guests sit next to each other at a party. (cartoon)
  7. Old King Cole Adds Up to 3 – Ernie adds fiddlers until there are three. (w/ Anything Muppets)
  8. "On My Pond" -- Kermit sings to keep his pond clean.
  9. "One Banana Can't Grow Alone" -- Bananas always grow in bunches. (Anything Muppets)
  10. "One Fine Face" -- Elmo and Ernie show off their faces.
  11. One Of These Things Spies – Bob and Maria meet down by the docks.
  12. "One Potato" - The Count counts potatoes and other things. (SSvideo)
  13. One Thing Leads To Another” – Judy Collins and Biff sing together.
  14. "One, Two, Three" -- Song about one, two, three. (w/ Deadly Nightshade)
  15. One Way -- A man reads a one way sign out loud. (cartoon)
  16. One Way Signs – A boy finds his way with ‘one way’ signs. (cartoon)
  17. One Way Sounds -- A man comes across a sign and sounds it out. (cartoon w/ added sound effects)
  18. One Way Traffic – Kids follow a one way sign. (film)
  19. Ookyook Song -- It's "ookyook" in the Alaskan winter. (film)
  20. Open – A man reads the word ‘open’. (cartoon)
  21. Open – The word ‘open’ is demonstrated. (film)
  22. Open The Toy Closet – Harvey Kneeslapper’s plan backfires. (Anything Muppets)
  23. Opera Blending -- An opera that sounds out words. (w/ Madame Schwartzhead)
  24. Operatic Orange – An orange sings Habanera from Carmen. (animation)
  25. Opposite Song” -- Cecille sings about opposites. (cartoon)
  26. Opposite Stuff” – A man sings and demonstrates opposites. (Anything Muppets)
  27. Orange Commercial – A poem about ways to enjoy an orange. (animation)
  28. Orange - unpeeled/peeled -- An adult cuts and kids eat an orange. (animation w/ revised music)
  29. "Oscar's Junk Band" - Oscar has his own band. (edited) (SSvideo)
  30. Oscar And The Chicken – A chicken lays an egg on Oscar’s head. (w/ David)
  31. Othmar the Grouch Lands On Sesame Street – Oscar welcomes a Grouch from outer space. (w/ Olivia, Linda, Luis)
  32. Otters Swim – Otters swim and play in the water. (film)
  33. Out – Characters run out of the word ‘out’. (cartoon)
  34. Over, Under, Around, Through -- A tennis match with Martina Navratilova. (w/ Maria and Luis) (SSvideo)
  35. "Over And Under And Through" -- Grover runs around a set of swinging doors.
  36. Oysters & Castles -- Baby oysters by the seashore. (cartoon)


  1. P: Pencil – A talking typewriter types a ‘p’ for pencil.
  2. P: Penguin – ‘Penguin’ begins with the ‘puh’ sound. (cartoon)
  3. P: Picnic -- A picnic of foods that all begin with P. (cartoon)
  4. Painting the Letter B -- Kids paint things that begin with 'B'. (edited film w/ new music) (SSvideo)
  5. Panda – A giant panda eats and walks around. (film)
  6. Paper Bag Game – Maria has to guess what’s in the paper bag. (w/ Luis)
  7. Paper Clip Song” – Bert sings about why he loves paper clips. (w/ Ernie)
  8. Park Ranger: Nature Detectives -- Kids discover animals in a city park. (film)
  9. Parrot Shadow Puppet – Hands form a shadow puppet on the wall. (film)
  10. Parts Of An Apple – All, none, and some of an apple. (animation)
  11. Pass The Football On 1 – Pass the football with Joe Namath. (SSvideo)
  12. Paul Simon: “Me & Julio” – Kids enjoy a song with Paul Simon.
  13. Paying Attention Song” – Sometimes it’s nice to be quiet and listen. (film)
  14. Peanut Butter And Bread – Bert and Ernie decide to share what they have.
  15. "Peanut Butter Factory" -- How peanut butter is made. (film; 1980s version)
  16. Peggy Fleming: Letter O – Peggy Fleming skates a letter ‘o’. (film)
  17. Peggy Fleming: Number 6 – Peggy Fleming skates a numeral 6. (film)
  18. Peggy Fleming: Under – Peggy Fleming skates under two partners. (film)
  19. Peligro Bird -- An owl warns a boy of "peligro." (cartoon)
  20. Penguins 1-20 -- Kids count as 20 penguins slide into a pool.
  21. Penguins Take A Bath -- Penguins swim around and take a bath.
  22. "People In Your Neighborhood" (from Sesame Street, Special; w/ Bob, Oscar, Bruno, Barbara Walters, Martina Navratilova, Ralph Nader) (SSvideo)
  23. "People In Your Neighborhood" -- Bob meets a dentist and a bus driver.
  24. “People In Your Neighborhood” – Bob meets a teacher and a newsdealer.
  25. "People In Your Neighborhood" -- Bob meets a grocer and a doctor.
  26. "People In Your Neighborhood" -- Learn who works at night. (w/ Hoots and Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  27. "People In Your Neighborhood" -- A librarian and a plumber are your neighbors. (w/ David and Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  28. Peter’s Chair – Barbara Bush reads a book aloud. (w/ Big Bird and the Count)
  29. Phone Book Alphabet” – Bob and Big Bird sing names in a phone book.
  30. Piano Practice -- Practicing helps you play piano better. (film)
  31. Pig In A China Shop -- Animals barge into a fragile store. (w/ Simon Soundman)
  32. Pigeons On Parade” – Bert and his pigeons put on a show. (w/ Big Bird, Olivia, Mr. Hooper, Luis)
  33. "Piggies Alphabet" -- A boogie-woogie farm ABC song. (w/ The Oinker Sisters)
  34. Ping Pong Paddle – David can’t play without a paddle. (w/ Maria)
  35. Pink Elephant -- A man has trouble getting a balloon through a door. (cartoon)
  36. Pirates Plan Ahead -- Pirates bring along extra supplies. (cartoon)
  37. PIYN: Lifeguard and Carpenter -- Bob meets two people in your neighborhood.
  38. "Placido Peligro" – Placido sings about dangers.
  39. Planning Clothes To Wear -- A girl plans what she will wear in the snow. (cartoon)
  40. Planning For The Flood – Ernie prepares for a chance of rain. (w/ Bert)
  41. Planting Letters F – A girl grows ‘F’ and ‘f’ in her garden. (animation)
  42. Playing Chopsticks – The Two Headed Monster plays the piano.
  43. "Please Be Careful" -- Be careful when you cross the street. (w/ The Four Tops) (SSvideo)
  44. Poem About Hands - Elmo recites a poem he wrote. (w/ Luis, David, Big Bird, Oscar and Linda)
  45. Policeman Drawing – Kids direct how to draw a police officer. (animation)
  46. Practice Riding Eggbeaters – Teeny Little Super Guy helps Jane practice.
  47. Practice Violin – A boy practices playing his violin. (cartoon)
  48. Prairie Dawn Invites 3 -- Prairie Dawn invites monsters over for dinner. (w/ Cookie Monster, Grover, Herry Monster) (SSvideo)
  49. Prairie Dog -- Prairie dogs playing in a video set to music.
  50. Pretenting With Grover -- Playing pretend is out of this world! (SSvideo)
  51. "Pretty Little Song" -- A man tries to remember how a song ends. (Anything Muppets)
  52. Prince And Princess Fairytale – Fairy godmonster Grover tells a story. (w/ David, Maria, Kermit, Gladys the Cow)
  53. Prince Charming And Oscar - Prince Charming cannot find Sleeping Beauty. (w/Bob) (SSvideo)
  54. Professor Fred’s Body Parts – Fred the Horse and kids talk about body parts.
  55. Professor Grover Listens -- Professor Grover on the importance of listening.
  56. Professor Grover: School -- Grover tries to teach kids about school.
  57. Professor Grover: Tub Tips -- Grover teaches us about taking a bath.
  58. Proud Of Me” – Grover is proud to be himself.
  59. "Proud to be a Cow" -- Gladys is proud to be a cow. (w/Buster the Horse and Fred the Wonder Horse)
  60. Put Down The Duckie” – Ernie has to set Rubber Duckie down to play. (celebrity version w/o Paul Reubens)
  61. "Put Down The Duckie" -- Ernie puts down the duck and picks up a sax. (w/ Hoots the Owl)
  62. Puzzle Cowboy & Horse -- A cowboy's horse literally falls to pieces. (cartoon)


  1. Q: Herry And John John – Herry and John John talk about the letter ‘Q’. (SSvideo)
  2. Q: Quarter – The letter “Q” and the word “quarter”. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  3. Q: Quiet – A talking typewriter types a “q” for quiet. (SSvideo)
  4. Q: Quiet – Grover and his friends spell out ‘walk.’ (SSvideo)
  5. Queen Latifah: “The Letter O” – Queen Latifah raps with Prairie and Telly. (w/ Merry Monster) (SSvideo)
  6. Queen Of 6” – The Queen of Six has a lovely garden. (SSvideo)
  7. Quiet Is” – Gordon and Olivia sing a song about quiet. (SSvideo)
  8. "Quiet Time" With Ernie -- Ernie takes some time to rest and relax. (w/ Gladys the Cow) (SSvideo)


  1. R-un Blending -- Muppets sound out the word "run".
  2. R: Rhinoceros – Rhinoceros begins with the ‘ruh’ sound. (cartoon)
  3. R: Rope – A talking typewriter types an “r” for rope.
  4. R: Run, Roar -- Telly and a lion make the letter R sound.
  5. Rain Dance -- A family on a farm waits for rain. (clay animation)
  6. Rainy Day Memories – Oscar tells the story of when he met Slimey.
  7. Rainy Day Song” – Rain is important in many different ways. (film)(SSvideo)
  8. "Raise Your Hand" -- A song about raising your hand in class. (with Little Chrissy) (SSvideo)
  9. "Rappin' Alphabet" -- Grover break dances with an alphabet rap. (w/ Ferlinghetti Donizetti) (SSvideo)
  10. Rat, Mat And Fat – Ernie and Jason make words that end with –at.
  11. Rattlers Short and Long -- Being long isn't better than being short. (cartoon)
  12. Ray Charles Sings The Alphabet – Ray Charles performs with kids.
  13. Ray Charles: “I Got A Song” – Bert and Ernie perform with Ray Charles.
  14. Reach Your Hand Up High” – A song about reaching for things. (film)
  15. "Readers of the Open Range" -- Two cowboys and one cowgirl read signs.
  16. Reading And Jumping Rope – One of these kids is doing his own thing.
  17. Reading Lesson -- Aristotle shows how to read braille. (w/Big Bird) (SSvideo)
  18. Real Grouches Don't Dance -- Tito Puente plays the drums. (w/ Oscar) (SSvideo)
  19. Recycling Aluminum Cans -- Cans go to a plant to get made into new cans. (film) (SSvideo)
  20. Recycling Newspaper -- A girl learns how newspaper is recycled. (film) (SSvideo)
  21. Redwood Tree Song -- Three turtles sing a round of music. (cartoon)
  22. Remember I Love You” – Forgetful Jones always remembers love. (w/ Clementine)
  23. Remember The Loaf Of Bread -- A boy remembers to buy a loaf of bread. (cartoon)
  24. Rhinoceros Tag – Madeline Kahn loves rhinoceroces.
  25. Rhinos In Love - "Pretty Baby" -- A song about two rhinos in love. (film)
  26. "Rhyme Out" - A song about rhyming. (w/ Maria, Luis and Big Bird) (SSvideo)
  27. Rhyming And Stealing -- He shows who took his clothes! (cartoon)
  28. Rhyme: Animals Clothes -- A man's wardrobe is taken by rhymes! (cartoon)
  29. Rhyming: Cat Bat -- A fat cat chases a rat with a baseball bat. (cartoon)
  30. Rhythm In Names – A teacher sounds out children’s names. (film)
  31. River -- Animals and people depend on the river.
  32. Robot Star – People work together to shoot a movie. (cartoon)
  33. Rock Music School – Different ways to sing the word ‘baby’. (w/ Olivia and Anything Muppets)
  34. Rock 'N Roll Star - Little Jerry comes to Sesame Street. (w/Gina, David, and Big Jeffy) (SSvideo)
  35. "Rocking Rocks" -- Spin around with these rotating rocks! (animation) (SSvideo)
  36. Rocks Do Somersaults – Rocks learn to tumble. (animation)
  37. Rocks Number 12 -- Counting to twelve with talking rocks. (animation)
  38. "Rolling On the River" -- A man rows down the river. (animation)
  39. Romancing The Q -- Jeff Goldblume discusses the letter Q. (from episode 2687)
  40. Room Cerrado -- A Spanish-language clip about open & closed. (cartoon)
  41. Roosevelt Franklin: Here/There – Roosevelt tells his class about here and there.
  42. Rosie And Elmo's Alphabet - Rosie and Elmo say the alphabet.
  43. Rosita Meets Prairie Dawn – Prairie Dawn meets Rosita for the first time. (from episode 2888)
  44. Rubber Duckie” – Ernie sings to his rubber duck in the bath. (1970 version)
  45. Rube Numbers -- Counting to 20. (cartoon)


  1. S: Grover And Debo – Debo and Grover look at the letter ‘S’. (SSvideo)
  2. S: Snail – The word ‘snail’ begins with the ‘sss’ sound. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  3. S: Snake – A snake talks about the letter ‘s’. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  4. S: Spring – A talking typewriter types a ‘s’ for spring. (SSvideo)
  5. "Sad" -- Little Jerry and the Monotones sing. (SSvideo)
  6. "Sad" With Herry -- Herry overslept and missed playing baseball. (SSvideo)
  7. Salida – Luis finds a door with a ‘salida’ sign. (SSvideo)
  8. Salida Sign – Kids exit through a door marked ‘salida’. (film) (SSvideo)
  9. “Salute To The Banana” – A song about ways to enjoy a banana. (animation) (SSvideo)
  10. Sam the Robot Falls In Love -- Sam the Robot falls in love again. (w/Luis and Gordon) (SSvideo)
  11. Same And Different – Kermit and Kimberly talk about same and different. (SSvideo)
  12. Same & Different Song -- Twin performers sing about being the same. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  13. Same & Different With Ernie -- In some ways, Cookie Monster and Ernie are the same. (SSvideo)
  14. Same & Different With Kermit -- Cookie Monster eats things that are the same. (w/ Kermit) (SSvideo)
  15. Same As Yours – The Fonz points out his body parts. (film) (SSvideo)
  16. "Sammy The Snake" – Sammy looks and sounds like the letter "S." (SSvideo)
  17. Sand Animation -- Lowercase and uppercase "I" in moving sand. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  18. "Save Your Energy For Me" -- Polly Darton asks us to conserve electricity. (SSvideo)
  19. Savion Glover Rhymes & Taps – Savion taps, claps, snaps, and flaps. (early 1990s version) (SSvideo)
  20. Say the Word Game Show: Stop – Will he say the word before the buzzer? (w/ Guy Smiley and Maurice Monster) (SSvideo)
  21. Scarecrow -- Kids on a farm build a scarecrow. (film) (SSvideo)
  22. Scared Myself -- A boy befriends his fear of the dark. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  23. School – The sign ‘school’ is in front of a school. (film) (SSvideo)
  24. School Game Quiz Show -- Guy Smiley hosts a game show about school. (SSvideo)
  25. School Pageant: Flower -- Prairie Dawn's play about how to grow a flower. (w/ Ernie, Herry Monster, Cookie Monster, Bert) (SSvideo)
  26. School Pageant: Food – Elmo, Leo, Telly and Herry portray food. (w/ Prairie Dawn; ending edited out) (SSvideo)
  27. School Pageant: Seasons -- Prairie Dawn's pageant of "The Four Seasons". (w/ Grover, Bert, Ernie, Herry, Cookie Monster) (SSvideo)
  28. School Song” – A film of students in a school. (SSvideo)
  29. School Sounds -- A man rearranges letters to spell school. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  30. School Stop Action – Things in a classroom prepare for class. (animation) (SSvideo)
  31. Scratch My Back” -- Monsters take turns scratching backs. (w/ Bip Bippadotta) (SSvideo)
  32. Secret Drawing: Camel -- Kids instruct how to draw a camel. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  33. Secret Drawing: Fireman -- Kids describe how to draw a fire fighter. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  34. Secret Drawing: Nurse -- Children describe how to draw a nurse. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  35. Secrets Of The Pyramids -- How the pyramids were built using a seesaw. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  36. Seven Giant Teeth – A girl mistakes teeth for fence boards. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  37. Sewing The King's Pants -- A needle and thread cooperate. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  38. Sh: Falling Leaves – The wind blows leaves and makes the shh sound. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  39. Shala, Bert & Ernie Make Faces – Bert, Ernie and Shala show emotions. (SSvideo)
  40. Sharing” -- Grover and Prairie Dawn share like friends. (SSvideo)
  41. Sharing A Bicycle – Cookie Monster and Herry share a bicycle. (w/ Kermit) (SSvideo)
  42. Sharing Swing Song” – A boy asks another boy for a turn on a swing. (film) (SSvideo)
  43. Sheep Jumping Over Creek – Seven sheep hop right over a creek. (film) (SSvideo)
  44. Shoe Factory -- A pair of shoes is manufactured. (film)
  45. Shoeing A Horse -- A girl and her grandpa put shoes on a horse. (film) (SSvideo)
  46. Showing Angry – Andrea Martin and Oscar argue about anger. (w/ Maria) (SSvideo)
  47. Sick With The Flu -- A man talks about when he had the flu. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  48. Signing Alphabet – The American Sign Language alphabet. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  49. "Sing After Me" – Madeline Kahn and Grover sing a duet. (SSvideo)
  50. Singing In The Rain -- Grover and Prairie sing in the rain. (SSvideo)
  51. Sitting In For Johnny – Jay Leno plays because Johnny is unavailable. (w/ Big Bird) (SSvideo)
  52. “Six Kids Subtract In Classroom” – Kids wait for adults to pick them up. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  53. Skating 1-20 – Maria counts kids as they skate by. (film) (SSvideo)
  54. Sleeping Beauty Is Found -- Prince Charming wakes up Sleeping Beauty. (SSvideo)
  55. Sleeping Grouch – Oscar kisses the sleeping grouch to wake her. (w/ Grundgetta) (SSvideo)
  56. Slimey Crosses The Street – Slimey practices crossing the street. (w/ Gordon) (SSvideo)
  57. Slow Motion Adding Chairs – Mr. Hooper adds chairs in slow motion. (SSvideo)
  58. Small, Smaller, Smallest -- Each creature is smaller than the last! (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  59. Small, Smaller And Smallest -- A ball brags about being the smallest. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  60. Smokey Robinson: “It Takes Time” – Smokey Robinson tells Telly to be patient. (SSvideo)
  61. Snakercise” – A snake finds exercises he can do. (animation) (SSvideo)
  62. Snow Dance - Kids dance in the falling snow. (w/ Gordon, Bob, Maria and Oscar)
  63. Snow White – Snow White tries counting Dwarves. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  64. The Snuffle Shuffle” – Snuffleupagus teaches a simple dance. (w/ Susan and the Kids) (SSvideo)
  65. Snuffle-upa-bus – Snuffleupagus takes a different bus. (w/ Gordon, Linda) (SSvideo)
  66. Snuffy & Barkley At The Park – Barkley and Snuffy play outdoors. (SSvideo)
  67. Snuffy And Joey Alphabet – Joey helps Snuffy remember the alphabet. (SSvideo)
  68. Snuffy Finds Fluffy -- Telly tries to convince Snuffy is real. (w/ David and Gordon)
  69. Snuffy Revealed -- Sesame Street sees Mr. Snuffleupagus face-to-face for the first time. (Street scenes from Episode 2096) (SSvideo)
  70. Snuffy’s First Steps – Snuffy shows a home movie of his first steps. (w/ Big Bird, Susan, Gordon) (SSvideo)
  71. Sofa Imagines -- Imagination becomes a girl's entertainment. (cartoon w/ added sound effects) (SSvideo)
  72. Someone To Play With – Stephanie says she will play with Grover. (SSvideo)
  73. Someone To Watch Over Me -- Ernie watches Bert read a book. (SSvideo)
  74. Something Is Missing -- Complete a pattern with "ribbit" or "woof." (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  75. Song Of The Count” – The Count sings of his love for counting. (SSvideo)
  76. Song For Judith” – Judy Collins sings a song about friendship. (SSvideo)
  77. Song: "Amigo" -- Greeting a new friend who speaks Spanish. (w/ Betty Lou) (SSvideo)
  78. Song: Birds Count 1 - 20 -- 20 animated birds are counted in this song. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  79. Song: “Bus Stop Sign” – That sign says ‘bus stop’. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  80. Song: "Count It Higher" -- A song about counting higher and higher. (w/ Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats) (SSvideo)
  81. Song: “El Condor Pasa” – Paul Simon performs on Sesame Street. (SSvideo)
  82. Song: “Look Around” -- A song about a plant in different seasons. (film) (SSvideo)
  83. Song: "Proud" – A band sings of what makes them feel proud. (SSvideo)
  84. Song: "Subway" -- A large cast sings about riding the subway. (w/ Bert, Kermit) (SSvideo)
  85. Song: "Women Can Be" -- Women sing about their wonderful jobs. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  86. Sorting A Family -- A family sorts themselves in different ways. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  87. Sorting Shapes – Maria and Gordon sort shapes by type and color. (SSvideo)
  88. Sound Man Buys A Saw – A noisy guy has trouble buying a saw. (SSvideo)
  89. Sound Man Buys A Saw – A shopkeeper figures out a request. (SSvideo)
  90. Sound Of Letters – A man plays music with different letters. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  91. Sound Man Buys A Trumpet -- A noisy guy has trouble buying a trumpet. (SSvideo)
  92. Spaceship Surprise -- Exploring the planet "CH". (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  93. Spaceship Surprise: Planet H -- The crew members arrive on the planet H.
  94. Special Of The Day: 9 -- Grover recites the menu for a customer. (SSvideo)
  95. Special Olympics -- Everyone has different strengths. (film)
  96. Speedo Skato Bridge -- A short video of an ice skating race. (SSvideo)
  97. Speedy Maria Subtracts Chairs – Maria takes one chair away. (SSvideo)
  98. Spinning A Top -- A thumb must work with fingers to spin a top. (Muppet hands) (SSvideo)
  99. Split Screen Alphabet – Characters recite the alphabet. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  100. Spring In The Woods -- A film about the forest in springtime. (SSvideo)
  101. "Spring Is Here" -- Everyone sings about the arrival of spring. (w/ Telly, Big Bird, Elmo, The Count, Gordon, Maria, Bob, Forgetful Jones, Oscar, Luis, Oscar and Susan) (SSvideo)
  102. "Spring Song" -- Sing a spring song. (film) (SSvideo)
  103. Stair Scales – A ball plays scales on a musical staircase. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  104. "Stand By Your Can" – Hammy Swinette sings about using trashcans. (SSvideo)
  105. Starfish Song” -- Girl sings about a starfish. (film) (SSvideo)
  106. Start And Stop The Race – This race has to stop before it starts. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  107. Staten Island Ferry Ride – Two brothers ride the ferry together. (film) (SSvideo)
  108. Steamroller – A steamroller and other tools make a street. (film) (SSvideo)
  109. Steamshovel – A steamshovel moves dirt. (film) (SSvideo)
  110. Steel Drum Rhythm -- The world flows to a rhythm. (film)
  111. Stevie Wonder With Grover – Grover and Stevie Wonder skat. (SSvideo)
  112. Stevie Wonder: Loud & Soft – Grover and Stevie Wonder sing loud and soft. (SSvideo)
  113. Stevie Wonder: Short And Long – Grover and Stevie sing short and long notes. (SSvideo)
  114. Sticky Four – Harvey Kneeslapper plays a joke. (SSvideo)
  115. "Still, We Like Each Other" -- Grover sings that friends can be different. (SSvideo)
  116. Stones Don't Grow” -- A song about being alive. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  117. Stop – The letter o in the word stop stops bouncing. (animation w/ sound effects) (SSvideo)
  118. Stop – A quick animation of the word ‘stop’. (SSvideo)
  119. Stop And Dance – Kids tell dancers when to stop. (w/ Anne Marie and Skeeter Rabbit) (SSvideo)
  120. Stop And Go – Humphrey teaches Natasha ‘stop’ and ‘go.’ (SSvideo)
  121. Stop Dance Kids – Dancing kids freeze when they hear “stop”. (film) (SSvideo)
  122. Stop Sign – Abstract animation of a stop sign. (SSvideo)
  123. Stop Sign – A picture of a sign that says ‘stop’. (film) (SSvideo)
  124. Stop That Bus Stop – Grouches install a bus stop in Kermit’s home. (w/ Oscar) (SSvideo)
  125. Stop The Music – A conductor tells the violinist to stop. (film) (SSvideo)
  126. Story Of Seven Mice – Bob reads a story of seven mice. (w/ Street intro) (SSvideo)
  127. Story Of Sheep -- A story about how sheep are raised. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  128. Stranger And The City -- A man lost in a desert finds the city. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  129. Street Bunny -- A bunny reads a ‘street’ sign before crossing. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  130. Street Bunny -- A bunny tells us about the word "street". (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  131. Street Garden Cooperation” – Making a garden takes cooperation. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  132. Subtraction Bowl Round One – A girl wins by writing a subtraction sentence. (w/ Gordon, Maria, Luis, Mr. Hooper) (SSvideo)
  133. Subtraction Bowl Round Two – A girl wins by subracting on her fingers. (SSvideo)
  134. Sugar Beets” – Sugar is harvested from sugar beets. (film) (SSvideo)
  135. Sully Supplies Music – Sully builds a piano for Biff. (SSvideo)
  136. Sunflower Growing – A boy monitors how tall a sunflower grows. (film) (SSvideo)
  137. Sunglass Salesman -- Grover tries to sell Kermit sunglasses. (SSvideo)
  138. Super Grover Barber – Super Grover discovers haircuts don't hurt. (SSvideo)
  139. Super Grover Exit – A boy helps himself out of a fence gate. (SSvideo)
  140. Super Grover Stops The Fight -- Grover sees two boys fighting in the park. (w/ new intro) (SSvideo)
  141. Super Grover Taking A Bus – A boy figures out how to catch a bus home. (w/ new intro) (SSvideo)
  142. Super Grover Taking A Bus – A boy figures out how to catch a bus home. (SSvideo)
  143. Super Grover Telephone – A lost girl calls her mother on the telephone. (SSvideo)
  144. Super Grover's Boxes -- Super Grover helps a girl move heavy boxes. (SSvideo)
  145. Super Grover: Broken Bag – Super Grover helps a girl carry her groceries. (w/ new intro) (SSvideo)
  146. Super Grover: Cross the Street -- A girl needs help to cross the street. (SSvideo)
  147. Surprising The British -- George Washington and Grover prepare. (SSvideo)
  148. Susan Sarandon Counting Knocks – Susan Sarandon and the Count knock on a door. (SSvideo)
  149. Swamp Mushy Muddy” – Oscar sings a ballad about a swamp he loves. (SSvideo)
  150. Swan Shadow Puppet – Kids guess what animal a shadow puppet is. (film) (SSvideo)
  151. "Swim Like Animals -- Leap frog song. (film) (SSvideo)
  152. Swim Like Sea Lions” – Kids show how they can swim like sea lions. (film) (SSvideo)
  153. "Swimming Rabbit" -- A rabbit eats grapes and goes for a swim. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  154. Swingin’ Alphabet” – A song about letters that have fun at a club. (w/ Olivia, Susan, Maria) (SSvideo)


  1. T: Alphabet Dancers – Kids dance and form the letter ‘T.’ (SSvideo)
  2. T: Party – Some letter ‘T’s throw a T party. (Muppets) (SSvideo)
  3. T: Train – A talking typewriter types a ‘t’ for train. (SSvideo)
  4. T: Turtle – Turtle begins with the ‘tuh’ sound. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  5. Take A Breath” – All animals need to breathe. (remade film) (SSvideo)
  6. "Take Care Of That Smile" -- Kids and animals brush their teeth. (film) (SSvideo)
  7. Take My Hand” – A boy seeks help before he crosses a street. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  8. "Take A Rest" – Cookie Monster, Grover and Bert sing about resting after doing fun things. (SSvideo)
  9. "Take The Hand Of One You Love" -- Patti LaBelle sings about love.
  10. Taking Care Of My Pet -- Taking care of a dog is worth the work. (SSvideo)
  11. Taking A Nap – Bert, Ernie, and Shala try to take a nap. (SSvideo)
  12. Taking a Picture -- Olivia tries to take a picture of Ernestine. (SSvideo)
  13. Talking With Dolphins-- Kids learn to communicate with dolphins. (film) (SSvideo)
  14. Tall And Short Ducks -- Two ducks talk about their height. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  15. Tall, Taller, Tallest – Ernie explains tall, taller, and tallest. (w/ Bert and Big Bird) (SSvideo)
  16. Taming Of The Shoe -- A Monsterpiece Theater presentation. (w/ Grover) (SSvideo)
  17. Taxi Sounds – A man fixes a sign so it says "taxi." (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  18. Teeny Little Super Guy Game -- A girl finds the courage to ask kids to play. (SSvideo)
  19. Teeny Little Super Guy Traffic -- R.W. asks an adult to get his hat back. (SSvideo)
  20. Teeny Little Super Guy: Pets -- R.W. learns how to care for a pet. (SSvideo)
  21. Teeny Little Super Guy: School -- Eugene learns that school is fun. (SSvideo)
  22. Teeny Little Super Guy: Sleep -- Harry learns the importance of sleep. (SSvideo)
  23. Telephone – A man makes a call from a telephone booth. (film) (SSvideo)
  24. Telephone – Maria reads the word ‘telephone’. (animation) (SSvideo)
  25. Tell A Joke” – Harvey Kneeslapper sings about telling jokes. (w/ Luis, Susan, Bob) (SSvideo)
  26. Telly Is Cold – Telly makes the word ‘cold.’ (SSvideo)
  27. "Ten Commandments of Health" -- A musical guide to staying healthy. (w/ Dr. Thad and the Medications) (SSvideo)
  28. That Is Not A Rock -- A caveman discovers his rock is not a dinosaur. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  29. "That Only Happens At Birdland" - Olivia sings a jazz song with Hoots and the kids. (NOTE: the video this description is attached to what is actually a video featuring Bobby McFerrin scatting the alphabet with Hoots and David.) (SSvideo)
  30. "That's What Friends Are For" -- Bert wants to sleep, Ernie wants to sing. (SSvideo)
  31. The Aardvark Song” – An aardvark sings a song about himself. (1970s version) (SSvideo)
  32. The Abcs Of Cooperation -- 2-Headed Monsters cooperate with Jane Curtin. (SSvideo)
  33. The Addition GameHerry and contestants win by adding. (w/ Guy Smiley and Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  34. The Air Salesman – Ernie buys air from a sneaky salesman. (w/ Bert) (SSvideo)
  35. The Alien And The Boy – An alien asks a boy for directions. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  36. The Alphabet With Kermit – Kermit talks to Chris and Stephanie. (SSvideo)
  37. The Amazing Mumford: Rabbits – Grover interferes with Mumford’s practice. (SSvideo)
  38. The Audience Goes To Lunch - Guy Smiley takes his studio audience to lunch. (SSvideo)
  39. The Beach After A Storm – A boy explores the beach after a storm. (film) (SSvideo)
  40. The Beach Bully - A bully brings Bert ice cream to apologize. (w/ Ernie and Tough Eddie) (SSvideo)
  41. The Bite In The Apple – Sherlock Hemlock finds an apple's owner. (w/ Ernie) (SSvideo)
  42. The Box Salesman -- A salesman sells Ernie an empty box. (w/ Bert) (SSvideo)
  43. The Bridgekeeper -- The Bridgekeeper is looking for a triangle. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  44. The Broken Ukelele, Part One - Ernie tries to make a monster feel better. (w/ Beautiful Day Monster) (SSvideo)
  45. The Busby Twins Buy A Candle – A shopkeeper figures out what the boys want. (SSvideo)
  46. The Busby Twins Buy A Hammer – A shopkeeper figures out what the boys want. (SSvideo)
  47. The Busby Twins Buy A Rocket – A shopkeeper figures out what the boys want. (SSvideo)
  48. The Cooking Choir – Don Music helps liven up Hooper's Store. (w/ David) (SSvideo)
  49. ”The Cooperation Song -- Kids work together to build a fun fort. (film) (SSvideo)
  50. The Count Counts Apples – Cookie Monster eats the apples being counted. (SSvideo)
  51. The Count Counts Flowers – The Count counts first flowers, then sneezes. (SSvideo)
  52. The Count Proposes - The Count counts proposals. (SSvideo)
  53. The Count Sleeps Over 1 -- The Count has a sleepover with Bert and Ernie. (SSvideo)
  54. The Count Sleeps Over 2 -- The Count has a sleepover with Bert and Ernie. (SSvideo)
  55. The Count Subtracts Candles – The Count takes away candles until it’s dark. (SSvideo)
  56. The Count’s Picnic – The Count counts things that ants carry away. (SSvideo)
  57. The Count: 5 Telephone Rings -- The Count won't let Ernie answer the phone. (SSvideo)
  58. The Count: Mailbags 1-12 -- The Count counts letters he wrote to himself. (SSvideo)
  59. The Desert – Plants grow in the dry desert. (film) (SSvideo)
  60. "The Disco Song" -- Cookie Monster sings a disco song. (SSvideo)
  61. The Dog And The Bone – A dog loses his bone while acting greedy. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  62. The Dog Who Said No – A dog refuses to say yes. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  63. The Earmuff Salesman -- Grover tries to sell Kermit some earmuffs. (SSvideo)
  64. The Electric Fan -- Ernie's cool fan makes Bert hot and bothered. (SSvideo)
  65. The Emotions Robot -- A robot that expresses different emotions. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  66. The Empty Box – Prairie Dawn has a trash adventure. (SSvideo)
  67. The Exercise Song -- A bug sings a song to exercise to. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  68. The Fairy Godmother -- Cookie Monster is turned into a prince. (SSvideo)
  69. The Fisherman & The Clam -- Big fish need little fis, which need plants. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  70. The Fox & The Grapes – A fox can’t reach the grapes he wants to eat. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  71. “The Garden Song” – Gardening and farming, spring to fall. (film) (SSvideo)
  72. The Google Bugle Song” – Cookie Monster performs a silly song. (w/ Kermit) (SSvideo)
  73. The Great Cookie Thief -- Cookie Monster can't be the cookie thief! (SSvideo)
  74. The Grouch Explorers” – The Grouch Explorers sing their theme song. (w/ Oscar) (SSvideo)
  75. The Half-eaten Sandwich – Sherlock Hemlock investigates Ernie’s lunch. (SSvideo)
  76. The Ice Capades -- Figure skaters perform a routine. (film) (SSvideo)
  77. The Ice Cream Salesman -- Ernie buys an invisible ice cream cone. (w/ Lefty the Salesman) (SSvideo)
  78. The Important Call – An ape boxx will only take important calls. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  79. The Itchy Panda -- A panda has an itch that needs scratching. (film) (SSvideo)
  80. The King And I – A Monsterpiece Theatre presentation. (SSvideo)
  81. The King Who Ate Only Chicken -- A king learns about eating a balanced meal. (w/ Luis and Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  82. The King Gives A Picnic – Everyone shows up with the same food! (w/ Maria and Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  83. The Klutzy Spider -- A very klutzy spider makes his web. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  84. The Land Of No Shoelaces -- Edna Lovelaces invents shoelaces. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  85. The Leaky Faucet – Martians like the drip of a leaky faucet. (SSvideo)
  86. The Letter O – Madeline Kahn says the letter ‘o.’ (surprised version) (SSvideo)
  87. The Letter O – Madeline Kahn says the letter ‘o.’ (questioning version) (SSvideo)
  88. The Letter O – Madeline Kahn says the letter ‘o.’ (understanding version) (SSvideo)
  89. The Letter O – Madeline Kahn says the letter ‘o.’ (bashful version) (SSvideo)
  90. The Lion And The Mouse -- Lion and mouse help one other in unique ways. (1980s cartoon) (SSvideo)
  91. The Lost Elephant -- An elephant asks for directions to the zoo. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  92. The Lost Kid -- A lost boy finds a policeman to help him. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  93. The Love Hug -- The word "love" is hugged by a pair of arms. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  94. "The Mad Goat Song" -- A goat knows it's ok to get mad sometimes. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  95. The Magic Apple – Ernie helps Bob tell a story. (w/ Bert, Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  96. The Magic Counting Cloth - Cookie Monster discovers a magic cloth. (w/ Kermit)
  97. The Magic Finger Square -- Kermit draws a square with his finger. (SSvideo)
  98. The Magic Finger Triangle -- Kermit teaches kids about triangles. (SSvideo)
  99. The Most Beautiful Woman -- A man leads a search for a lost boy's mother. (w/ Bob and Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  100. The Mountain Of Love” – Little Jerry and the Monotones climb and sing. (SSvideo)
  101. The Mouse and Elephant -- What if a mouse and elephant switched places? (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  102. The Mystery Of The 4 Dragons - A son must find 4 dragons before midnight. (SSvideo)
  103. The National Bird – How the Bald Eagle was chosen. (w/ Herry, Elmo, Telly, Ernie, Bert, Oscar) (SSvideo)
  104. The Number 5 Song -- A song about the number five. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  105. The Once And Purple King – Savion reads a story about diversity. (w/ Telly, Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  106. "The Opposites Song" -- A song about differences and opposites. (Little Chrissy) (SSvideo)
  107. The Other Shoe – Ernie won’t sleep until the second shoe drops. (w/ Bert) (SSvideo)
  108. The Ponca Dance -- The Ponca have a dance contest. (film) (SSvideo)
  109. The Post Office – A mail carrier describes how mail gets sent. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  110. "The Q-question Song" -- A song about words that begin with Q. (w/ Grover) (SSvideo)
  111. The Rectangle With Kermit – Kermit describes a rectangle. (w/ Cookie Monster) (SSvideo)
  112. The Scale Salesman -- A salesman tries to sell Ernie a scale. (SSvideo)
  113. The Scary Movie -- Ernie can't keep his feelings quiet enough. (w/ Bert) (SSvideo)
  114. The Sculptor -- What will he create from the block? (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  115. The Seahorses -- A video of seahorses in water, set to music. (SSvideo)
  116. The Shagri-Las - The shagri-las sing about their shaggy parts. (w/ Athena the Owl) (SSvideo)
  117. The Skeleton Fish -- Skeleton fish glow and swim in this video. (SSvideo)
  118. "The Skin Song" -- Close up shots of skin. (film)
  119. The Sound That’s In The Air” – Elmo sings about sounds heard all around. (SSvideo)
  120. The Stop Sign Salesman -- A salesman tries to sell Ernie a stop sign. (SSvideo)
  121. The Stop Song -- The letter O in STOP needs to stop bouncing. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  122. The Story of Umeko And Kuma - A Japanese folk tale about hidden beauty. (w/ Bob, Oscar and Slimey)
  123. The Subtraction Tappers – Tap dancers start disappearing one by one. (film) (SSvideo)
  124. The Telephone Aligator -- An alligator uses the telephone. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  125. The Telephone Call -- Someone calls Ernie about a strange picnic. (w/ Bert) (SSvideo)
  126. The Tire Pump -- A man pumps up a balloon with more air. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  127. The Trading Game – Guy Smiley hosts a game show. (w/ Oscar) (SSvideo)
  128. The Trash Hunt -- Hiroshi makes trash out of art. (w/Oscar, Bruno the Trashman, Gina, Luis, and Maria) (SSvideo)
  129. The Tree Surgeon -- A tree surgeon takes care of a tree. (film) (SSvideo)
  130. The Up and Downhill -- Slimey skies up and down a hill. (from episode 3061)
  131. The Waking Plant – Plants need water to live. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  132. The Walrus – A video of walruses swimming around. (SSvideo)
  133. The Word Is NoGina and Maria sing a song about ‘no’. (SSvideo)
  134. There’s A Hole In The Bucket” – Liza tells Henry how to fix the bucket. (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)
  135. There's A Zoo in Me -- A boy models his emotions after animals. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  136. There’s No Place Like Home – Mary thinks about places she could live. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  137. These Shoes are Too Big – A girl pulls pairs of shoes out of the closet. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  138. "They Can’t Take That Away" -- Cookie Monster's cookies are taken away. (w/ Guy Smiley) (SSvideo)
  139. "This Frog" - Kermit sings about his hopes and dreams. (SSvideo)
  140. Thomas Jefferson Needs a Quill – How the Declaration of Independence began. (w/ Don Music and Grover) (SSvideo)
  141. Three Black Birds In A Tree -- Three blackbirds with three eggs. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  142. Three Plus One – A mathematical showing of three plus one. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  143. Tickle Stop Game – Christopher and Grover play a tickle game. (SSvideo)
  144. Tiger At School – Tiger talks about reasons to go to school. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  145. Tim Robbins: Seasons Pageant -- Prairie Dawn and Tim Robbins present seasons. (SSvideo)
  146. Tim Robbins: Surprise – Elmo tries to surprise Tim Robbins. (SSvideo)
  147. Tito Puente: El Timbalon – Tito Puente plays the drums on Sesame Street. (SSvideo)
  148. To Tell a Face Game Show -- Baby Bobby picks his grandmother. (w/ Guy Smiley) (SSvideo)
  149. To The Moon, Oscar – Oscar and Othmar blast off to the moon. (w/ Olivia) (SSvideo)
  150. Tony Danza Gets Mad With Oscar – Tony Danza gets mad with Oscar. (SSvideo)
  151. Tony Danza Jumps -- Tony Danza talks about jumping rope. (SSvideo)
  152. Tony Danza: Twenty Love – Big Bird and Tony Danza play tennis. (SSvideo)
  153. Tools For Writing – Kids talk about things they use to write with. (film) (SSvideo)
  154. Tortillas - Women make tortillas in a competition. (film) (SSvideo)
  155. "Touch and Feel" - Kids pet animals at a petting zoo. (film) (SSvideo)
  156. Toy – Maria reads the word ‘toy.’ (animation) (SSvideo)
  157. Toymaker Airplane -- Watch a carpenter make a wooden airplane. (film) (SSvideo)
  158. Tracy And Kermit Close and Far – Kermit and Tracy talk about close and far. (SSvideo)
  159. Trapeze Add And Subtract – Trapeze artists add and subract people. (film) (SSvideo)
  160. Trapeze Add & Subtract – Trapeze artists combine and separate. (film) (SSvideo)
  161. Trapeze Up and Down – Trapeze artists demonstrate up and down. (film) (SSvideo)
  162. Tree Fashion Report -- Ernie reports what trees will be wearing this year. (SSvideo)
  163. Triangle Is Right Game Show -- A game show about the triangle. (w/ Guy Smiley, Prairie Dawn, Gladys the Cow) (SSvideo)
  164. Tricycle Workings – It’ explains how a tricycle works. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  165. True Blue Miracle” – A song about what happens at Christmas. (from ‘’Christmas Eve on Sesame Street’’) (SSvideo)
  166. Tuba Or Not Tuba -- Bert tries to make the sound of a tuba. (w/ Simon Soundman and Gladys the Cow) (SSvideo)
  167. Tug O’war -- Circles work together to move a giant square. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  168. Twinkle Twinkle -- Don Music sings Twinkle Twinkle. (w/ Kermit)
  169. Twelve Angry Men – A Monsterpiece Theater presentation. (SSvideo)
  170. Twiddlebugs Party - Kermit counts 6 Twiddlebugs. (SSvideo)
  171. Twiddlebugs Postage Stamp – The Twiddlebugs hang a new picture. (SSvideo)
  172. Twiddlebugs Using the Door -- Twiddlebugs get outside by using the door. (SSvideo)
  173. Two And Three Mix-up – Maria and David solve a problem. (SSvideo)
  174. Two Boys Play And Eat -- A boy has dinner at his friend Jamal's house. (film) (SSvideo)
  175. Two Headed Monster Shares – The two headed monster shares a pillow. (SSvideo)
  176. Two Headed Monster Telephone -- The two headed monster answers the telephone. (SSvideo)
  177. Two Headed Monster: Bubbles -- The two headed monster tries to blow bubbles. (SSvideo)
  178. Two Headed Monster: Emotions -- The two headed monster shows emotions. (SSvideo)
  179. Two Headed Monster: Feet -- The two headed monster builds the word 'feet'. (SSvideo)
  180. Two Headed Monster: Honk – The two headed monster reads the word ‘honk.’ (w/ Honkers) (SSvideo)
  181. Two Headed Monster: Lullaby – One monster sings a lullaby for another. (SSvideo)
  182. Two Headed Monster: Mirrors – The two headed monster finds similarities. (SSvideo)
  183. Two Headed Monster: Mountains -- The 2-headed Monster makes travel plans. (w/ Cookie Monster) (SSvideo)
  184. Two Headed Monster: Pencil – The two headed monster plays with a pencil. (SSvideo)
  185. Two Headed Monster: Pop – The two headed monster reads the word ‘pop.’ (SSvideo)
  186. Two Headed Monster: School – The 2-headed monster reads the word ‘school.’ (SSvideo)
  187. Two Headed Monster: Soup -- The two headed monster eats with a spoon. (SSvideo)
  188. Two Headed Monster: Toothbrush – The two headed monster brushes his teeth. (SSvideo)
  189. Two Headed Monster: Wash – The two headed monster takes a bath. (SSvideo)
  190. Two-headed Monster Cooperation -- Olivia reads a story about cooperation. (w/ Count Von Count) (SSvideo)
  191. Two-headed Monster School -- Telly & Elmo act like the Two-Headed Monster. (SSvideo)
  192. Two Plus One – A mathematical showing of two plus one. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  193. Tying Your Shoelace” – Savion teaches Elmo how to tie his shoes. (This video currently does not have a “classic” label.) (SSvideo)
  194. Typewriter Alphabet – Ernie reads Bert the alphabet story he wrote. (1970s version) (SSvideo)


  1. U Really Got A Hold On Me” –- Smokey Robinson sings about the letter ‘U.’ (SSvideo)
  2. U/v Salesman – A salesman tries to sell Ernie a letter. (SSvideo)
  3. U: The Dog -- An animated letter "U" shows a dog "U" words. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  4. U: Umbrella – A talking typewriter types a ‘u’ for umbrella. (SSvideo)
  5. Underwater Ten To One – Animated sea creatures help count backwards. (SSvideo)
  6. Up & Down: Balls -- Balls fall "up" and "down" in this animation. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  7. Up & Down: Window Shade -- An animation about the words "up" and "down." (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  8. "Up And Down" -- Herry sings about up and down. (w/ Cookie Monster) (SSvideo)
  9. Upside Down & Right Side Up – One of these kids is doing her own thing. (SSvideo)
  10. Upstairs, Downstairs -- A Monsterpiece Theater presentation. (w/ Grover) (SSvideo)
  11. Uses Of An Object -- A family's big black pot gets a lot of use. (cartoon w/ revised audio) (SSvideo)


  1. V: Alphabet Dancers – Kids dance and form the leter ‘v.’ (SSvideo)
  2. V: Va-voom! – Some words that begin with the letter ‘V.’(cartoon) (SSvideo)
  3. V: Vacuum – A talking typewriter types a ‘v’ for vacuum. (SSvideo)
  4. V: Violin – The word violin begins with the ‘vuh’ sound. (Consonant Sound cartoon) (SSvideo)
  5. Vacuum Cleaner Workings -- How a vacuum cleaner works. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  6. Valentine - I Love You -- A girl writes "I love you" in a heart. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  7. Victor Borge: Practicing -- Victor Borge talks about practicing. (SSvideo)
  8. Visiting The Baby – A boy visits his new brother at the hospital. (film) (SSvideo)


  1. W: Debo And Kermit – Debo knows that the letter ‘W.’
  2. W: Little Girl -- A little girl introduces us to capital "W." (cartoon)
  3. W: Wall – A talking typewriter types a ‘w’ for wall.
  4. W: Witch – The word ‘witch’ begins with the sound ‘wuh.’ (cartoon)
  5. Waiting For Lefty’s 3 Knocks – Lefty can’t remember the secret knock. (Anything Muppets)
  6. Walk – People cross when the sign says ‘walk.’ (film)
  7. Walk Animals – Different creatures can all walk. (cartoon)
  8. Walk Cars – Cars walk across an intersection. (cartoon)
  9. Walk On Grover – The word ‘walk’ walks on Grover.
  10. Wanda the Witch - W -- Wanda the Witch's story is full of "W" words. (cartoon)
  11. Wanna Buy An Eight? – Salesman tries to sell Ernie the number 8.
  12. "Wash Your Hands" -- A song about the importance of washing hands. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  13. "Wash Your Hands Before You Eat" - Olivia sings a song about washing hands. (w/ Big Bird) (SSvideo)
  14. Washing The Dog” – Neighborhood dogs all get a bath. (film)
  15. "Watching All The Triangles Go By" - Telly sings about watching triangles go by. (w/ Luis, Lillian, Savion and Gabi)
  16. Water Conservation – Turn off the faucet to save water! (cartoon)
  17. Water Fowl – A film of ducks, swans, geese, and flamingoes.
  18. "Ways to Get to School" -- There are lots of ways to get to school. (film)
  19. "We All Sing The Same Song" -- Kids sing a song about similarities. (film) (SSvideo)
  20. "We Are All Earthlings" -- A song about how we are all part of the Earth. (w/ Elmo and Big Bird)
  21. "Wedding Day" -- A song about a wedding day. (from episode 2485) (SSvideo)
  22. We'll Watch Out for You” – Bob, Maria and Gordon play police officers. (w/ Leo, Telly, Dexter)(SSvideo)
  23. We’re A Family” – Not all families are the same. (w/ David and Anything Muppets)
  24. "We’re All The Same" -- A song about how kids have the same feelings. (film)
  25. Wet And Dry” – Little Chrissie has fun if he’s wet or dry. (w/ Mr. Handford, Maria)
  26. "Wet Paint" -- A music video about wet paint. (w/ / How Now Brown and the Moo Wave)
  27. Wet Paint Lion – A painter paints a lion. (cartoon)
  28. “Wet Paint Music Video” – A music video all about wet paint. (w/ Anything Muppet introduction)
  29. Whales Swimming And Diving -- Kids observe whales at sea. (SSvideo)
  30. Whales Swimming And Diving -- Whales are different from fish. (film w/ added music) (SSvideo)
  31. What's Inside Herry - Kermit shows what's inside Herry.
  32. What Comes After Three?” – The Count forgets how to count.
  33. "What Do I Do When I Am Alone" -- Grover sings of things he does if he's alone.
  34. What Does This Lever Do? – A detective speculates what a lever might do. (cartoon)
  35. What Does Love Mean? – Christopher explains love to Grover.
  36. What Happens Next Machine – Kermit has a machine that turns on the radio.
  37. What Is Love? – Chelsea explains love to Grover.
  38. What Is Marriage? – Grover and Jesse discuss what marriage is.
  39. What Rhymes With Bert? -- Ernie writes a poem.
  40. “What’s Inside?” – Looking inside containers in the kitchen. (w/ Cookie Monster)
  41. What's My Part? – Guy Smiley hosts a body part game show. (Mr. Foot version)
  42. "What's New Spring Song" -- Singing a spring song. (film) (SSvideo)
  43. What’s The Name Of That Song?” – Forgetful Jones sings with his friends. (w/ Clementine)
  44. “What’s the Name of That Song?” – No one can remember a song’s name. (1974 version)
  45. “What’s the Name of That Song?” – What is that song called? (1991 version)
  46. What’s That Line? – A fish is drawn from lines and shapes. (cartoon)
  47. "When Bert's Not Here" -- Ernie tries to sleep in the room alone.
  48. Where Do I Belong? -- Contestants learn where they belong. (w/ Guy Smiley)
  49. Where's Mr. Hooper -- Why is Mr. Hooper's store closed? (from episode 0871, w/ Big Bird, Bob, Gordon and Mr. Hooper) (SSvideo)
  50. Whoopi Goldberg Is Proud – Hoots and Whoopi are proud of their bodies.
  51. Whoopi Goldberg: Whoopee! -- Whoopi shows the WH sound. (SSvideo)
  52. Whoopi’s Skin & Elmo’s Fur – Whoopi Goldberg and Elmo compare skin and fur.
  53. Why Bears Smile -- A bear covers her nose when sneezing. (cartoon)
  54. "Why We Love W" – The National Association of W Lovers meet. (w/ Bert)
  55. Wind -- Children witness the wind in several ways. (film)
  56. Winter Clotes And Shorts – One of these kids is dressed differently.
  57. Without Bert – Ernie plays in ways that would annoy Bert.
  58. Wolves – A live action film of wolves.
  59. Wonderful, Yucky” – Some things you like, others may not like. (w/ Anything Muppets, Little Bird, Mr. Hooper, Oscar)
  60. World Without Music” – What would the world be like without music? (w/ José Feliciano)
  61. "Would You Like To Buy An O?" -- A singing salesman sells Ernie the letter "O".
  62. Write It Down -- Maria and the gang write and rap. (w/Luis, David, and Forgetful Jones) (SSvideo)
  63. Writing A Story -- Big Bird and Snuffy write a story together. (SSvideo)
  64. Wrong Way Grover – Grover explains about a ‘one way’ sign.
  65. Wynkin, Blynkin And Nod” – Buffy Ste. Marie sings a song about 3 boys.


  1. "X Marks The Spot" – Sherlock Hemlock sings about the letter X. (SSvideo)
  2. X: Alphabet Dancers – Kids dance and form the letter ‘X.’ (SSvideo)
  3. X: Debo, Grover and Kermit – Grover and Debo identify the letter ‘X.’ (SSvideo)
  4. X: X-ray – A talking typewriter types an ‘x’ for x-ray. (SSvideo)


  1. Y: The Yak -- A "yakkity" yak talks about letter "y". (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  2. Y: Yak -- An animation about the letter "Y" sound. (SSvideo)
  3. Y: Yo-yo – A talking typewriter types a “y” for yo-yo. (SSvideo)
  4. Yankee Doodle – Don Music and Kermit write a song together. (w/ Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats) (SSvideo)
  5. Yes Chase – A man and the word ‘yes’ run. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  6. Yes Machine – A computer that can only answer ‘yes.’ (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  7. Yes Park – A womak keeps saying ‘yes’ when to bananas. (film) (SSvideo)
  8. Yes Sculptor – A man chisels the word ‘yes.’ (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  9. "Yes We Can" -- The Pointer Sisters sing that they can.
  10. "Yes We Can Can" -- The Pointer Sisters sing about cooperation. (SSvideo)
  11. Yes/no Dog – A smart dog answers yes/no questions. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  12. "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" -- Judy Collins sings about time. (SSvideo)
  13. Yo Yo Ma: The Jam Session – Yo-Yo Ma plays for Hoots in the arbor. (SSvideo)
  14. Yoga for Kids – Gordon and kids do some yoga stretches. (film) (SSvideo)
  15. You Can Be A Birdketeer” – Big Bird sings a Birdketeer song. (SSvideo)
  16. You Say Yummy; I Say Yucky - Gordon and Oscar like different things. (w/Susan and Fluffy) (SSvideo)
  17. Your Mind -- A boy explains things to do with your mind. (w/ Herry Monster) (SSvideo)
  18. "Young Gifted And Black" -- A song about being proud. (w/ Nina Simone) (SSvideo)


  1. Z: Climbing -- Mountaineers climb the letter Z. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  2. Z: Zebu – The word ‘zebu’ beginz with the ‘zuh’ sound. (cartoon) (SSvideo)
  3. Z: Zoo – A talking typewriter types a ‘z’ for zoo. (SSvideo)
  4. "Zz Blues" -- There aren't enough Z words for the blues! (Anything Muppets) (SSvideo)

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