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Sesame Street
Air date July 1969
Sponsors D, R, W, 2, 3
W Lecture -1
This episode page has been compiled from materials at the CTW Archives.
  • Cartoon: "1 2 Erase My Shoe" -- A boy counts to ten and erases objects.
  • Ernie attempts to draw a llama and the number 3 in a three-part sketch.
  • Cartoon: "Story of R" -- A man and his dog play a film about the letter R, involving a robber who steals a rooster and escapes by rowboat. (shown twice)
  • Magician James Randi performs a trick with the letter "R".
  • Hi-Cam: Bubbles
  • Film: "ROUND"
  • Cartoon: Ten little greeblies are counted down from ten to one.
  • Kermit talks again about the letter W, which comes alive during the lecture.
  • Film: A group of kids play follow the leader and go over, around and through various obstacles, but one of them takes a while to catch on.
  • Studio: Bear Cubs
  • Everybody Dance
  • Child sings the alphabet
  • Gordon fixes window
  • Bob and kids play a card game
  • Gordon names R things
  • Gordon reads "What Kind of Feet do a Bear Have?"

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