Sesame Street Revisited
Written by Thomas D. Cook, Hilary Appleton, Ross F. Conner, Ann Shaffer, Gary Tamkin, and Stephen J. Weber
Published 1975
Publisher Russell Sage Foundation
ISBN 871542072

Sesame Street Revisited is a book of criticism that attempts to analyze and reevaluate data from the Educational Testing Service's original evaluation of Sesame Street. The book makes a number of strong criticisms that dogged the Children's Television Workshop in the following years.

In an epilogue to the book, Samuel Ball and Gerry Ann Bogatz, the original evaluators from ETS, respond to this re-evaluation.


  1. Objectives and a Summary of the Major Findings
  2. The General Objectives of Sesame Street and of Our Evaluation
  3. Formative and Summative Evaluation Research in the Context of Sesame Street
  4. Preliminary Descriptive Analyses of the First-Year ETS Data
  5. The Effects of Encouragement-and-Viewing in the First-Year Evaluation
  6. The Effects of Encouragement-and-Viewing in the Second Season of Sesame Street
  7. The Effects of Viewing Sesame Street without Encouragement-to-View
  8. The Probable Effects of Sesame Street on the National Achievement Gap
  9. The Dollar Costs of Sesame Street
  10. Placing a Value on Sesame Street and on Three National Objectives for Preschool Programs
  11. Some Implications of Our Evaluation for Social Policy Relevant to Sesame Street
Some Thoughts on this Secondary Evaluation, by Samuel Ball and Gerry Ann Bogatz