Sesame street phono-viewer program 1970

In 1970, General Learning Corporation released two sets of Sesame Street Phono-Viewer Programs, one for letters and one for numbers. Each program consisted of a record and a film strip, showing an early Sesame Street cartoon, and was intended to be played on a machine similar to the G.E. Show 'n Tell.

The General Learning Corporation specialized in providing curricula and training for teachers to integrate new technologies into classrooms. It is likely that these programs were sold directly to schools and not commercially released.

Letters Titles

  • The Alphabet Robe from A to Z
  • Sing A Song of Letters from A through L
  • Sing a Song of Letters from M through Z
  • Alice the Alphawitch and her Apple
  • Learning Not to Leap on a Lying Leopard
  • The Proud Pirate and the Fortunate Fish
  • Ape, Open Balloon, and Bicycle Bear
  • Fishing for Letters from the Alphabet Dock
  • The Pin, the N-Crow, and the Violin
  • A Zipper, a Kitten, and an X-ray
  • The Rooster Robber and Mister Q
  • A Silly Story and Naughty Nickie
  • Digbey and Dudley Learn About D and J
  • Ice Cream, the Valley, and a Yo-Yo
  • T is for Toys, Tigers, Tops, Teeth, and Texas
  • Ladder Louie, Television, and a Gorilla
  • Baskets and Boxes All Along the Wall
  • The Snake, the Worm, and the Hole
  • An Egg, a Cat, and a Lunchbox
  • The Goat, the Fly, and the Jack-in-the-Box
  • D. Dudley, the Umbrella, and the Mailbox
  • The Frog, the Train, and the Magic Radio
  • The Clipper's Cargo and the Kitchen Kitten
  • A Puppy in the Park and the Useful U
  • Oglethorpe O Ormsby and his Extra O
  • The Horse, the Mouse, and the Butterfly

Numbers Titles

  • Count Up for the Rocket
  • Count Down for the Rocket
  • Singing and Counting from One to Ten
  • The Sad, Sad Tale of the Ten
  • A Bears Bee Count Adds Up to Trouble
  • One to Ten and First to Tenth
  • Eleven to Twenty and Eleventh to Twentieth
  • Taking an Elevator to the Tenth Floor
  • Counting Down from Ten and Back Up Again
  • One to Ten with the One Man Band