Songs from Sesame Street
Released August 30, 2011
Format Digital download
Label Street Records
Cat no.

Sesame Street Music: Amazon Sampler is an exclusive downloadable sampler by It contains five songs from previous Sesame Street albums.

Track listing

  1. The Wheels on the Bus - Ernie, Bert and the Kids
    from Kids' Favorite Songs 2
  2. Ladybug's Picnic - Dwayne Wayne
    from The Count Counts
  3. Let's Go Tubbin' - The Bath Boys
    from Splish Splash: Bath Time Fun
  4. Oh, Look What Our Baby Can Do! - Humphrey, Ingrid and Natasha
    from Silly Songs
  5. What's the Name of That Song? - Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Savion, Bob, Gina, Gordon, Lillian, Luis, Maria, Merry Monster, Mr. Handford, Prairie Dawn, Rosita, Susan and Telly Monster
    from Platinum Too


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