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Songs from Sesame Street
Released 1973
Format LP
Label Columbia Records
Cat no. KC 32343

The special quad-fold record sleeve

Released in 1973, the first edition of Sesame Street LIVE! featured a unique package design that included a quad-fold record sleeve. The front of the sleeve contained a cut-out of Big Bird standing next to the Sesame Street lightpost which, when opened, would fold over and create a new scene with the picture on the other side. The packaging also included a large poster, created by Terry Anderson, featuring the lyrics to all of the songs, as well as cartoon drawings of the characters. In 1976, this album was released on a set of consecutively numbered 45's. A book of sheet music of songs from the album was available separately. This album reached #211 on Billboard's Bubbling Under the Top LP's chart. It won a Grammy Award for Best Recording for Children. In 1977 the album was reissued as Concert: On Stage-Live!.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Sesame Street Theme - The Gang
    Music by Joe Raposo, Lyrics by Joe Raposo, Jon Stone, and Bruce Hart
  2. Welcome! - David, Mr. Hooper, Bob, Maria, Luis, Gordon and Susan
    Music and Lyrics by Joe Raposo
  3. The Arm - David
    by Joe Raposo and Jeff Moss
  4. How Do I Know I'm Here? - Big Bird, Luis, Bob, Susan and Gordon
    Music and Lyrics by Joe Raposo
  5. Tu Me Gustas - Maria
    by Joe Raposo and Jeff Moss
  6. Show Me How You Feel - Gordon
    Music and Lyrics by Jeff Moss
  7. Mr. Hooper's Poem - Mr. Hooper
    Written by Jeff Moss
  8. C Is for Cookie - Cookie Monster
    Music and Lyrics by Joe Raposo

Side Two

  1. My Little Game - Susan
    Music and Lyrics by Joe Raposo
  2. Believe in Yourself - Luis
    Music and Lyrics by Joe Raposo
  3. What Can I Do? - Bob
    Music and Lyrics by Joe Raposo
  4. Still We Like Each Other - Grover
    Music and Lyrics by Jeff Moss
  5. My Name Is David - David, Susan, Luis and Bob
    Music and Lyrics by Jeff Moss
  6. Nobody - Mr. Snuffleupagus
    Music and Lyrics by Joe Raposo
  7. Sing - Bob and the Cast
    Music and Lyrics by Joe Raposo


  • The first pressings of this album have a custom label that looks similar to the subsequent Sesame Street Records label. Later pressings have the standard red Columbia label.
  • This was the only album recorded during Hal Miller's tenure as Gordon.

Other releases

International releases


Production credits

  • Album Produced by Joe Raposo
  • Written and Directed by Jeffrey Moss
  • Live Show Produced by David Connell
  • Project Director: Christopher Cerf
  • Musical director: Joe Raposo
  • Music coordinator: Danny Epstein
  • Assistant to the music director: Dave Conner
  • Production coordinators: Lynn Klugman, Joan Lufrano, Jacquie Turner, Geri Van Rees, Evangeline Vaughn
  • Properties director: Nat Mongioi
  • Banner and crepe hanging/Supervised For Columbia Records by Arthur Shimkin
  • Studio control and editing by James Timmens
  • Engineering by Frank Laico and Arthur Kendy
  • Album Concept & Design: Pacific Eye & Ear
  • Poster illustration: Jerry Anderson
  • Photography: Judy Ross & Sandy Speiser

1977 reissue

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