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Sesame Street Humans' Alternate Identities

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Alter egos assumed by the human cast of Sesame Street.

Picture Name Portrayer Notes
Charliechaplinme Charlie Chaplin's The Tramp Maria Maria, with moustache and cane, in a series of silent film homages.
Bob the Blob Bob Bob disguises himself as a Grouch to appear on Oscar's game show Real Grouches. He plays the flute and harmonica and is booed by the Grouch audience.
Grouch Bob Bob as a Grouch in Grouch Eye for the Nice Guy.
Prairie Dawn Bob Bob as Prairie Dawn.
Grouches.ichies Trash Gordon Gordon Gordon as the star of Slimey's favorite bedtime story.
Trianglebob TriangleBob TrianglePants Bob Bob as the star of Telly's favorite TV show.

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