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Written by  Sarah Albee
Illustrator  Joe Ewers
Published  2001
Publisher  Reader's Digest
Series  Elmo's Neighborhood

Sesame Street House of Beauty is a 2001 book in the "Elmo's Neighborhood" series, in which Elmo follows a little black puppy all over Sesame Street. It was reissued in 2009 as The Hair Salon, in the "Where is the Puppy?" series.

Elmo decides to check at the Sesame Street House of Beauty to see if they have seen the little lost puppy. However, everybody in the noisy salon mishears his questions. He ends up getting a fur cut, monster manicure, massage, cup of tea, and blue color rinse as he tries to get somebody to understand his question. When he finally pays his bill and leaves, Zoe almost doesn't recognize him with his blue-tinged fur. Luckily it will "rinse right out" and it's raining outside.


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