Ben Cooper was a Halloween costume company that was popular in department stores from the 1960s through the early 90s. The company produced a wide variety of costumes, including many characters from television shows, cartoons and comic strips.

Ben Cooper began producing Sesame Street costumes in 1980, with a set of seven: Big Bird, Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Super Grover and the Count. The costumes included a mask, a vinyl smock, and a trick or treat bag.

In 1981, Ben Cooper produced another set of three costumes, in a one-piece poncho style: Big Bird, Cookie Monster and Oscar.

The company produced a Honkers costume in 1983, a one-piece costume with a full-face character mask. The mask had a built-in noise maker in the nose that would honk when it was squeezed. Ben Cooper also produced a Marshal Grover costume, sold as "Western Grover".

In 1985, Ben Cooper produced a "Dodo Bird" costume, based on Marie Dodo, Big Bird's adoptive sister in Follow That Bird.

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