The Sesame Street Engine Co. is the neighborhood firehouse that attends to fires and related emergencies on Sesame Street. However, it has neither an engine nor company number, as is customary with New York City firehouses.

The Engine Co. first appeared in the 1983 book A Visit to the Sesame Street Firehouse, when they were called to respond to a blaze in an abandoned building opposite Hooper's Store. Big Bird, Ernie, and Grover tour the firehouse, as the guests of the Chief.

The Sesame Street Engine Co. and its crew appeared again in the 1990 video Sesame Street Home Video Visits the Firehouse. This time, Chief Kirby leads the brigade, investigating smoke in Oscar's trash can, and again allowing the cast to tour the station.

The Sesame Street Engine Co. returned to action in the 2001 book Sesame Street Firehouse, and also appeared in Murray's First Book of Words (2010).

The Engine Co. was not called into duty in 2002 when a blaze occurred at Hooper's in episode 3981 (released on video as Elmo Visits the Firehouse); instead, actual New York City firefighters and their station house were used.

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