Sesame Street Countdown - NES Gameplay04:14

Sesame Street Countdown - NES Gameplay

Sesame Street Countdown gameplay.

Sesame Street Countdown is a Sesame Street video game published in 1991 by Hi Tech Expressions for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It features digitalized sound clips of the voice of Count von Count, Jerry Nelson.


When you start the game, you can choose to control the Count with one of two control types, "Hop" (leap through the entire level) or "Run" (run and jump) Every level starts with a spinning wheel filled with numbers 1 through 10. When you hit the wheel, the Count will announce the number you hit, and then you must find the number, or groups of objects that add up to the number. If you find a balloon, you can ride it to one of the two bonus levels, one is a game where you add and subtract numbers in a jar, and the other is a game where you must find the right number in one of many barrels. When you reach the end of a level, the Count will count the objects you've collected, and you'll move on to the next stage.

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