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(they won't have anything planned for the 44th anniversary -- but 45 is coming up! :))
(30th anniversary (1998-1999))
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* Magazine: ''[[Vanity Fair]]''
* Magazine: ''[[Vanity Fair]]''
* Magazine: ''[[People]]''
* Magazine: ''[[People]]''
* Magazine: ''[[Quilt]]'' sampler quilt
==35th anniversary (2004)==
==35th anniversary (2004)==

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A list of special projects celebrating Sesame Street's anniversaries.

See Sesame Street: 40th Anniversary for more information about the 2009 celebration.

10th anniversary (1979)

20th anniversary (1989)

25th anniversary (1993-1994)

30th anniversary (1998-1999)

35th anniversary (2004)


40th anniversary (2009)

Sesame Street 40th Logo


  1. O'Donnell told Entertainment Weekly: "I wanted to do something to celebrate their 30th year"

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