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From Season 1 onward, in addition to Muppet and cartoon inserts, Sesame Street made extensive use of film footage of live animals. These films were often either accompanied by a purely orchestral score (usually by Joe Raposo), or occasionally turned into a narrative song, often "performed" by the animal itself through voice-over.

Picture Summary Earliest Known Appearance Animals
Wombat Four legs. Episode 0008 Wombat from Australia
"Swinging Gibbons" Episode 0009 Gibbons
Zooelephant Parts of an elephant. Episode 0034 Elephant
"Somebody Come and Play" Episode 0047 Baby orangutan
2096d "Dressed Up" Episode 0355 Various birds
Warthogfilm A running warthog. Episode 0406 Warthog
Film.hippo Music by Joe Raposo Episode 0415 Hippopotamus
There's a Bird on Me! "There's a Bird on Me" Episode 0536 Birds, rhinoceros, giraffes, elephants, etc.
A flock of flamingos. Episode 0817 Flamingos
Aardvark edited
"I'm an Aardvark" Episode 2125 Aardvark

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