Sesam for norske barn
Written by Eli Åm
Illustrator Runar Jenssen
Published 1991
Publisher Norsk senter for barneforskning
ISBN 0802-6319 (ISSN not ISBN)

Sesame for Norske barn: Reaksjoner i møte med et nytt TV-program (Sesame for Norwegian children: Reactions to encountering a new TV program) is the result of a report made by Norsk senter for barneforskning for NRK, before the airing of Sesam Stasjon started on Norwegian TV.

The book describes how researchers got episode #3 of Sesam Stasjon to use in a test screening in 7 daycare centers around Norway. They had 6 areas they wanted to investigate:

1. Observation of the kids watching the screening. The kids were divided into small groups. These groups were recorded on video while watching the show with two adults.

2. The adults' reactions. The adults were asked to give their opinion about the show, and about how they saw the kids react to it.

3. An adult that hasn't seen the episode was asked to interview each kid about the show. This would also be recorded on video.

4. The kids would receive an offer to see the show again the next day. The reactions from the kids would be noted.

5. Play. Pictures and other effects related to the show would be placed in the daycare center; the adults were asked to make a note of how they used these to inspire the kids to play.

The test episode was divided into 22 chapters, and the kids' reactions were based on each chapter. One interesting thing about this showed that the kids responded most to the Bert and Ernie sketch (Radio Knob sketch from Season 2 of Sesame Street ), which was included in the test episode.

A panel of experts were also asked to watch the test episode from Sesam Stasjon and give their opinion of it. They also analyzed an American episode of Sesame Street and then compared the two.

There is a minor error in the book: it says that Sesame Street has been running in the US since 1967.

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