Songs from Sesam Stasjon
Released 1995
Format CD
Label Universal Music Norway
Cat no. SSCD5

This was the fifth CD with original songs from Sesam Stasjon, released in 1995 by Universal Music. The album is also the first with an actual title, and another notable difference is that it doesn't contain dialog between the music tracks.


  1. Tog og tid (Train and time)
  2. Sirkus Sesam (Circus Sesame)
  3. Max må være her (Max got to be here)
  4. Jeg er et lite spøkelse (I am a little ghost)
  5. Ranselen min (My bag)
  6. Furtesang (sulk song)
  7. Trøstevise (comfort song)
  8. Reise bort (traveling away)
  9. Jeg er så glad i deg (I love you so much)
  10. Når vi leker (When we play)
  11. Joggesang (jogging song)
  12. Sykkelvise (syckle song)
  13. Sprellemann (jumping jack)
  14. Så rart det er å være meg (It's so strange to be me)
  15. Smart med bokstaver (Nice with letters)
  16. Skriv en lapp (Write a note)
  17. Tenk så mange bøker (Imagine so many books)
  18. Makrellakvarell 
  19. Former og fasonger (forms and shapes)
  20. Bollesang (bun song)
  21. Vaffelsang (waffle song)
  22. Høstsang (Autumn Song)
  23. Optimistsang 


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