Sergei Obraztsov with Kermit the Frog and Jim Henson in Moscow, Russia in 1984.

Sergei Obraztsov is a Russian puppeteer. He was featured in an episode of Jim Henson Presents[1]:

Along with the Boerwinkels and Bruce Schwartz, the other puppeteers presented in the series were Philippe Genty of France, Albrecht Roser of Germany, Richard Bradshaw of Australia, and Sergei Obraztsov of Russia. Jim enjoyed collaborating with all of these artists, but meeting Obraztsov had a special importance to Jim. As a teenager learning to make puppets, Jim checked out some books from the public library for instruction – one was Obrtazov’s 1950 book, My Profession.

"Obraztsov’s ensemble of more than 300 actors, musicians, puppet makers, and technicians performs excerpts from three of his productions before a live audience in Moscow." taken from the World of Puppetry VHS release.


  1. 5/14-17/1984 - 'In Holland for Triangel - Henk and Ans Boerwinkel for J.H. Presents - John H. comes along.' | Jim Henson's Red Book

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