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*[[Episode 4325]] -- Build a Better Basket
*[[Episode 4325]] -- Build a Better Basket
*[[Episode 4326]] -- Great Vibrations
*[[Episode 4326]] -- Great Vibrations
*[[Episode 4327]] -- Sesame Street Gets Through A Storm (repeat)
*[[Episode 4327]] -- Sesame Street Gets Through a Storm (repeat)
*The end of the episodes now feature a fake sponsor segment, culling stock footage from various ''Sesame Street'' films and animations.
*The end of the episodes now feature a fake sponsor segment, culling stock footage from various ''Sesame Street'' films and animations.
*Episode 4327 is a repeat of the 2001 episode about the hurricane that hit Sesame Street and damaged Big Bird's nest.

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Sesame Street
Premiere September 24, 2012 (4301)
Finale April 11, 2013 (4326)
Episodes 27

"Elmo the Musical" replaces "Elmo's World" this season.

Blake Griffin on Sesame Street00:40

Blake Griffin on Sesame Street

Behind-the-scenes with Blake Griffin

Sesame Street Count Me In02:47

Sesame Street Count Me In

A remake of the 1998 song, "Count Me In," debuted this season.


Filming with Matt Kemp and Abby Cadabby


The "Sesame Street-O-Saurus."


Birdwalk Empire

Sesame Street's 43rd season debuted on September 24, 2012.[1] The first half of street stories were filmed during the season 42 production period, with the second half being filmed during the season 44 period (started on September 20, 2012).[2] Inserts for the season were filmed between January and April 2012.[2] Filming for new Word on the Street and other tune-in segments took place in various New York locals in late May.[3] One new tune-in segment focuses on the "people in your neighborhood." (YouTube)

Season overview

Season 43 continues Sesame Workshop's STEM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), expanding it to STEAM (adding Art). "What's the Word on the Street?" returns for its 6th season, featuring 22 new words (4 of which are re-used from season 39 and season 41). The season also deals with self-regulation, promoting dealing with feelings, following directions, staying on task, and self-control.

Replacing the long-running "Elmo's World" segment is a brand-new segment, "Elmo the Musical." The 11 minute segment features Elmo imagining himself in many musical adventures that teach math skills, such as counting and geometry. 10 segments have been produced. Also appearing are new installments of Abby's Flying Fairy School and "Super Grover 2.0."


New parody segments this season include The Voice, "Birdwalk Empire" (spoofing Boardwalk Empire), "Upside Down Abbey" (spoofing Downton Abbey) and "Five By," a spoof of Train's "Drive By."


26 Episodes (4301-4326)


  • The end of the episodes now feature a fake sponsor segment, culling stock footage from various Sesame Street films and animations.


Muppets™ Of Sesame Street

Pam Arciero, Jennifer Barnhart, Rickey Boyd, Fran Brill, Tyler Bunch, Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, Kevin Clash, Bruce Connelly, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Eric Jacobson, John Kennedy, Peter Linz, Jim Martin, Joey Mazzarino, Paul McGinnis, Jerry Nelson, Carmen Osbahr, Frank Oz, Martin P. Robinson, David Rudman, John Tartaglia, Matt Vogel, Steve Whitmire, Bryant Young

Guest stars[1]



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