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The sandwich board outside Hooper's advertises "Loaf of bread / Container of milk / Stick of butter", seen throughout the season.

Hidden Gems are special, fan-geared throwbacks to classic Sesame Street moments, including characters and staff seen during the street scenes of the 40th Anniversary season.

In a 2009 interview by the fansite Tough Pigs, head writer Joey Mazzarino promised:

We're trying to do what we call a gem in every episode. That's for you guys, the fans. Little things like Biff and Sully in a scene, or some other stuff that I won't tell you about that will be hidden in the scene. There's one, the writing on the sandwich board outside of Hooper’s Store reads, "Loaf of bread / Container of milk / Stick of butter". We'll try to get one of those in most of the episodes this season.[1]

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