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* [[Episode 0354]] -- Maria shows Big Bird how to plan his chores
* [[Episode 0354]] -- Maria shows Big Bird how to plan his chores
* [[Episode 0355]] -- A big rainstorm hits Sesame Street. Tom waters plants in the rain; Rafael puts on raingear; Molly worries that people will slip on the sidewalk.
* [[Episode 0355]] -- A big rainstorm hits Sesame Street. Tom waters plants in the rain; Rafael puts on raingear; Molly worries that people will slip on the sidewalk.
* [[Episode 0377]]
* [[Episode 0381]]
* [[Episode 0381]]

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Big Bird meets Mr. Snuffleupagus.


"C is for Cookie"


"I in the Sky"


"Would You Like to Buy an O?"


The Mad Painter first appeared during the third season.


The Martians discover a telephone.


Comedy duo Wally and Ralph.

Clip 4

The Amazing Mumford and his "assistant" Grover


"Ladybugs' Picnic"


"J Friends"


"The Alligator King"


Harvey Kneeslapper debuts.

Welcome-Bienvenidos Luis-Bob

Bob and Luis prepare to go to a party in episode 0333.


Sesame Street's illustrated closing sequence, which scrolls down a tall apartment building and ends at 123 Sesame Street.

Sesame Street Season 3 aired from November 8, 1971 to May 5, 1972.

Season Overview

The curriculum for Season 3 will focus on the subject of ecology. In an interview, Jon Stone said about the ecology segments will "stress the interdependence of living things and the finiteness of the earth's resources. Pre-schoolers are extremely curious about the world around them, so we think they'll be very interested in how things they see are related to each other." Season 3 will also focus on Spanish language and culture.[1]


Luis, Maria, David, Rafael, and Molly join the cast. Linda is introduced. Larry and Phyllis are now gone, and replaced by a new comedy duo, Wally and Ralph.

Kermit the Frog returns in new material, having been absent the previous year. A new Muppet character, Mr. Snuffleupagus, is introduced. During this season, Mr. Snuffleupagus has bright yellow eyes, and no eyebrows or eyelids. This will be changed by the next season. Also at this point, Mr. Snuffleupagus is thought by the adults to be Big Bird's imaginary friend.


In addition to Wally and Ralph, this season also features the debut of The Mad Painter, a man who would paint numbers on various objects. A recurring series of animated segments features Donnie Budd, a hillbilly fiddle player who sings about the numbers 2-6. These segments were created by Budd Luckey, who also created many other animated segments for this season, including The Alligator King and Ladybug Picnic.


Episodes 0276 - 0405 (130 episodes)

  • Episode 0276 -- Season 3 premiere: New cast members; Big Bird meets Mr. Snuffleupagus.
  • Episode 0277 -- Oscar fights litter
  • Episode 0278 -- Mr. Hooper misses Mr. Snuffleupagus
  • Episode 0279 -- Oscar tries to grow pickle ice cream
  • Episode 0280 -- Construction workers fill Sesame Street
  • Episode 0281
  • Episode 0286
  • Episode 0288
  • Episode 0289
  • Episode 0291 -- Big Bird helps when Mr. Snuffleupagus gets his trunk stuck in the mailbox.
  • Episode 0292 -- Big Bird asks Tom not to use the bug spray.
  • Episode 0293 -- Mr. Snuffleupagus wants to move in with Big Bird.
  • Episode 0294 -- Big Bird tries to get everyone to stop littering.
  • Episode 0295 -- Grover tells Molly that he'd like to try being a letter carrier.
  • Episode 0296 -- The fire inspector teaches Gordon how to prevent fires.
  • Episode 0297 -- Oscar puts up too many "NO" signs.
  • Episode 0298 -- Mr. Snuffleupagus is afraid of fruit.
  • Episode 0299 -- Oscar has an "OPEN" sign; Mr. Snuffleupagus gets a cold.
  • Episode 0300 -- Big Bird makes a mess in Hooper's Store.
  • Episode 0301 -- Big Bird's paper airplane is stuck in a tree.
  • Episode 0302 -- Big Bird gets a present from his mommy.
  • Episode 0303 -- Oscar watches the kids finger paint.
  • Episode 0304 -- Mr. Snuffleupagus wants a glass of water.
  • Episode 0305 -- Big Bird wants to imitate a rooster, and plans to wake Susan at 8 o'clock.
  • Episode 0306 -- Big Bird finds a suitcase outside of 123 Sesame Street.
  • Episode 0307 -- Big Bird gets a pet triangle.
  • Episode 0308 -- Molly's favorite K word is "kiss."
  • Episode 0309 -- Mr. Snuffleupagus sprays water on Susan's laundry.
  • Episode 0310 -- Big Bird sits on the lower-case letter h.
  • Episode 0311 -- Luis plays "Simple Simon" with Big Bird and the kids.
  • Episode 0312 -- Oscar decides to move away from Sesame Street.
  • Episode 0313 -- Big Bird learns that people have supper and go to bed at about the same time.
  • Episode 0314 -- Big Bird uses a Sound Machine to make strange sounds.
  • Episode 0315 -- Gordon puts up a neighborhood bulletin board.
  • Episode 0316 -- Tom, dressed as Super-Duper Man, tries to remember how to take off.
  • Episode 0317 -- Maria pretends that she can't speak.
  • Episode 0318 -- Big Bird falls asleep and has a bad dream.
  • Episode 0319 -- Oscar and Bob both like the rain, but for different reasons.
  • Episode 0320 -- Big Bird opens a Bike Wash business.
  • Episode 0321 -- Big Bird hears a dripping sound.
  • Episode 0322 -- Luis starts a homemade button craze.
  • Episode 0323 -- Big Bird takes a picture of Snuffleupagus to prove that his friend exists.
  • Episode 0324 -- Cookie Monster is left alone with Susan's cookies.
  • Episode 0325 -- Oscar decides to move his trash can.
  • Episode 0326 -- Linda moves to Sesame Street.
  • Episode 0327 -- Mr. Hooper imagines being the only person on Sesame Street.
  • Episode 0328 -- Oscar wants a job that allows him to blast a siren.
  • Episode 0329 -- The Mudman tries to sell his mud to Oscar and Tom.
  • Episode 0330 -- Luis and Rafael open a Fix-It Shop.
  • Episode 0331 -- Molly and Oscar catch colds/ Mr. Snuffleupagus celebrates his 2nd birthday
  • Episode 0332 -- Big Bird looks around Sesame Street looking for a screwdriver for Luis
  • Episode 0333 -- Everybody celebrates Antonio's birthday with a traditional mexican fiesta
  • Episode 0334 -- Mr. Hooper asks Oscar to take care of the trash in the basement
  • Episode 0335 -- Oscar accidently locks himself out of his trash can
  • Episode 0336 -- Luis fixes things "the grouchy way" at the Fix-It Shop
  • Episode 0337 -- Big Bird is mad because Lillian won't play with him
  • Episode 0338 -- Oscar is afraid of Tough Eddie
  • Episode 0339 -- Big Bird imagines an upside-down Sesame Street
  • Episode 0340 -- Big Bird helps Susan fix a leaky faucet
  • Episode 0341 -- Mr. Snuffleupagus helps to find Rafael's glasses
  • Episode 0342 -- Mr. Hooper teaches Big Bird about paying bills
  • Episode 0343 -- Everybody on Sesame Street gets vaccinated for measles
  • Episode 0344 -- Molly has two packages with no address
  • Episode 0345 -- Mr. Snuffleupagus wants to surprise Big Bird
  • Episode 0346 -- Big Bird tries to help a lost boy get home
  • Episode 0347 -- Pete Seeger visits Sesame Street
  • Episode 0348 -- Big Bird and Snuffleupagus play softball
  • Episode 0349 -- Oscar hires Cookie Monster to make grouch food
  • Episode 0350 -- David saves Maria's ring from getting lost in the drain
  • Episode 0351 -- Big Bird sets up a spaghetti trap for Mr. Snuffleupagus
  • Episode 0352 -- Cookie Monster loses his memory
  • Episode 0353 -- Oscar makes a deal with Bob to be nice and helpful all morning
  • Episode 0354 -- Maria shows Big Bird how to plan his chores
  • Episode 0355 -- A big rainstorm hits Sesame Street. Tom waters plants in the rain; Rafael puts on raingear; Molly worries that people will slip on the sidewalk.
  • Episode 0377
  • Episode 0381

Season 3 Cast


Matt Robinson, Loretta Long, Will Lee, Bob McGrath, Northern Calloway, Emilio Delgado, Sonia Manzano, Raul Julia, Charlotte Rae, Larry Block, Panchito Gómez

Muppet Performers:

Caroll Spinney, Frank Oz, Jim Henson, Jerry Nelson, Fran Brill


Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Ernie, Bert, Kermit the Frog, Cookie Monster, Grover, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Herbert Birdsfoot, Mr. Johnson, Harvey Kneeslapper, Farley, Herry Monster, Mumford, The Martians, Guy Smiley, Sherlock Hemlock, Anything Muppets

Season 3 Credits

  • Executive Producer: David D. Connell
  • Producer: Jon Stone
  • Directors: Joost Van Rees
  • Writers: Jeff Moss, Bob Oksner, Ray Sipherd, Jerry Juhl, Daniel Wilcox, Emily Perl Kingsley, Norman Stiles, Jon Stone
  • Music Director: Joe Raposo
  • Supervising Film Producer: Edith Zornow
  • Film Producer: Shyrlee Dallara
  • Film Production Crew: Dorothy Tod, Madeline Anderson, Margaret M. Murphy
  • Associate Producers: Dulcy Singer, Joan Lufrano, Aida Monares
  • Muppet Costume Designers: Kermit Love, Caroly Wilcox
  • Music Coordinator: Danny Epstein
  • Special Songs: Jeffrey Moss, Joe Raposo
  • Muppet Associate Director: Richard C. Pepperman
  • Associate Director: Emily Squires
  • Illustrator: Peggy Owens Skillen
  • Production Supervisor: Lynn Klugman
  • Art Director: Alan J. Compton
  • Production Stage Manager: Chet O'Brien
  • Stage Manager: Jimmy Baylor
  • Property Coordinator: Nat Mongioi
  • Graphics: Elaine Booth Marin
  • Costume Designer: Ramsee Mostoller
  • Senior Scenic Artist: Victor Di Napoli
  • Production Assistants: Lisa Simon, Ozzie Alfonso, Laurie Krosney
  • Director of Operations: Ronald L. Weaver
  • Unit Manager: Glenda Jones
  • Technical Director: Bob Brooks
  • Technical Supervisor: Walt Rauffer
  • Lighting Director: George Risenberger
  • Sound Effects: Terry Ross, Barbara Wood
  • Audio: Mike Shoskes, Bob Freeman
  • Video: Bob Squittheri
  • Videotape Editors: Vincent Sims, John Hutchison, Jack Langan, Joe Commare
  • Make-Up: Phyllis Grens Sternick
  • Hair Stylist: Mickey G. Lawrence
  • Wardrobe: Ruby Hawkins
  • Director of Research: Edward L. Palmer
  • Chairman, Board of Advisors: Gerald S. Lesser
  • Recorded at Teletape's 81st. Street Studio


  • This is the first season where the credits acknowledge the fact that Caroll Spinney performs both Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch.
  • Despite being credited the previous season, Fran Brill is not credited this season.
  • Season 3 was set to air "about 300 stations, more than broadcast any other program on American TV".[2]
  • This is the last season to feature Matt Robinson as Gordon.
  • This is the last season to have Friday episodes end with the last street continuing as the credits rolled. Later into the season, a new illustrated credit crawl was introduced.


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  2. Andrew H. Malcolm (New York Times Service), "Educators gearing up for Sesame Street 'alumni'" St. Petersburg Times, October 18, 1971.

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