Sesame Street
Premiere November 21, 1983 (1836)
Finale May 18, 1984 (1965)
Episodes 130

A drawing of Mr. Hooper by Caroll Spinney, featured in Episode 1839


Maria shows Telly how to use the computer.


"I Don't Want to Live on the Moon"


Teeny Little Super Guy


The cast of Sesame Street, as drawn by Al Hirschfeld.

Sesame Street Season 15 aired from November 21, 1983 to May 18, 1984.


This season "attempts to explain death and computers to its young viewer."[1]


Episodes 1836 - 1965 (130 episodes)


  • This is the first season to have the Sesame Street sign and the CTW logos [with the debut of it's then new font] appear on-screen. The in-credit logos would appear in a still frame of a random scene from an episode.
  • After a nine year absence, Joe Raposo returned to his old job as musical director and would remain with the show until his death.
  • This was the first season with the Muppets Inc. copyright, in addition to the Children's Television Workshop copyright, at the end of the episodes.
  • Despite being released between seasons 16 and 17, the filming of the Sesame Street movie Follow That Bird commenced shortly after this season had finished.


Muppet Characters

Anything Muppets, Barkley, Bert, Betty Lou, Big Bird, Buster the Horse, Captain Vegetable, Dr. Nobel Price, Elmo, Ernie, Forgetful Jones, Fred the Wonder Horse, Gilbert and Sullivan, Gladys the Cow, Grover, GrundgettaHonkers, Kermit the Frog, Oscar the Grouch, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Telly Monster

Human Characters

Gordon, Susan, David, Maria, Luis, Linda, Bob, Olivia


Linda Bove, Northern Calloway, Emilio Delgado, Loretta Long, Sonia Manzano, Bob McGrath, Roscoe Orman, Alaina Reed


Caroll Spinney, Fran Brill, Jim Henson, Richard Hunt, Jim Kroupa (uncredited), Noel MacNeal (uncredited), Brian Muehl, Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz, Martin P. Robinson, Bryant Young,



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