Sesame Street
Premiere November 27, 1978 (1186)
Finale May 25, 1979 (1315)
Episodes 130
Season 10 with fruit

The Sesame Street cast of season 10.


Mr. Hooper and David meet Telly Monster, a monster obsessed with watching television.


Bert teaches his pet pigeon Bernice how to play checkers.


Many segments take the cast out on-location in New York City.


Sesame Street Season 10 aired from November 27, 1978 to May 25, 1979.


The season's main curriculum elements include pre-reading, science concepts, health and nutrition.

New Muppet characters introduced this season include Barkley, Telly Monster, Bruno the Trashman, Polly Darton, the Polka Dot People, a family of Muppets who teach cultural diversity and a physically disabled Muppet.

The season's locations also extend beyond the basic street set. New locations such as a hospital, day care, the rooftop and basement of 123, and the apartments of the human cast are explored. Several segments of the show are shot on-location in various New York City hot spots, including Central Park, Lincoln Center and Chinatown.[1]


Episodes 1186 - 1315 (130 episodes)


  • For the tenth season, Jim Henson and Michael Frith were given the task of coming up with some new Muppet characters to revitalize the show. One of Frith's suggestions was a living pile of trash who would act as a font of wisdom. This idea was rejected by the Sesame Street team, but was recycled a few years later to become Fraggle Rock's Marjory the Trash Heap.[2]
  • Starting with this season (all the way up to 1982), an alternate version of the Children's Television Workshop logo is featured. The exact same Roman-style plaque is used, except that it was printed with standard font (in the same font as the show's letters and numbers) as opposed to the crudely-painted text on the earlier logo.



Season 10 credit crawl

Season 10 credit crawl

credit crawl


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