Written by Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller
Date 1957
Source Youngblood/Searchin' (The Coasters single)

"Searchin'" is about a man who, likening himself to famous detectives like Charlie Chan and Dragnet's Sergeant Friday, is looking for the girl of his dreams. It was a top ten hit for the the Coasters as the B-side of their "Youngblood" single, and was later covered by the Beatles.

Floyd Pepper performed "Searchin'" on episode 120 of The Muppet Show as he scoured a forest for an elusive Mary Louise, who, dressed in a yellow toga with a wreath of flowers on her head, always seemed to pop up behind Floyd when he was looking in the other direction.

He was aided in his pursuit by two Whatnot detectives, one green and one blue, who wore trenchcoats and sported goatees and red pupils. Both Whatnots were performed simultaneously by Richard Hunt, a la the Snowths.

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