In the 2016 Sesame Street special, Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas, Louie tells Elmo a story taking place on Sesame Street in the 19th Century. As such, many of the present-day characters great-great grandfathers (or monsters, grouches and birds) appear, whose names and physical appearances are mostly identical.

Picture Description

Grover's great-great grandmonster, who lives a couple of blocks away from Sesame Street, is a traveling salesman.

His appearance is identical to his future relative, but with a larger, light purple nose and blue eyelids.

Oscar the Grouch

Oscar's ancestor is named "Oscar the Malcontent." Due to the unfriendly nature of the street at the time, Oscar is ironically considered the nicest guy in town.

Compared to Oscar the Grouch, this variation has an added hairdo. His present day dumpster unit is replaced with boxes and rags akin to his trash can area used from season 6 to season 45.

Mr. Johnson

Mr. Johnson's ancestor, not given a name in the story, is the local constable and father of Becky.

He has much more hair than his distant relative, with a much longer mustache.

Two-Headed Monster
Cookie Monster
Big Bird
Ernie and Bert

Ernie and Bert's grandfathers are portrayed as a duo of traveling performers.

Bert is given a thick, handlebar mustache with curved edges on his unibrow. Ernie is given a pair of muttonchop sideburns.

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