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Nearly every Muppet wears the same outfit on a regular basis, normally only wearing different outfits when neccessary. They dress differently when playing a role, wear winter gear when it's winter, wear tropical clothes on vacation, pajamas at bedtime, and so on. But there are a handful of Muppets who have had different regular outfits over time. 

This list does not include one-time outfits that might have been the "standard" outfit for a character in a given production (such as the sweaters worn by Kermit, Fozzie, and Gonzo in Letters to Santa: A Muppets Christmas), nor does it count recurring outfits that a character might only wear under certain circumstances (such as Miss Piggy's Pigs in Space uniform, the scrubs worn by the cast of Veterinarian's Hospital, Cookie Monster's robe when playing Alistair Cookie, or the trenchcoat worn by Kermit when he's a reporter). 

It should be noted that on The Muppets, each character (aside from some Naked Muppets) generally wear different clothes on a day-to-day basis, sometimes wearing regular outfits from the past. 

The Muppets

Miss Piggy

  • During the first two seasons of The Muppet Show, Miss Piggy was normally dressed in a white and blue sleeveless dress with purple gloves. While the gloves would remain, after the second season Piggy would normally be seen in a different outfit on a regular basis (not counting her costumes worn in recurring sketches such as Veterinarian's Hospital or Pigs in Space).
  • Until the late-1990s, Miss Piggy always wore purple gloves. Starting in the late-1990s, she began wearing gloves of a variety of different colors.


  • Throughout the run of The Muppet Show, Gonzo regularly wore a purple tuxedo. His purple tuxedo has returned on-and-off since 2008, starting in the viral video "Musical Chickens".
  • Starting in The Muppet Movie, Gonzo began to wear a light blue shirt and a black vest. Starting in season four of The Muppet Show, Gonzo would alternate between this and his tuxedo.
  • Starting in The Great Muppet Caper and lasting until around The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson and returning from time-to-time since The Muppets, Gonzo's standard outfit was a white shirt and a plaid vest.
  • Starting around Muppet Classic Theater, Gonzo would begin wearing clothes with checkered patterns or chilli peppers.

See also: Gonzo's stunt gear.


  • While a Muppet Show Fan Club newsletter article mentions that Rizzo's goal was to wear a different outfit in each appearance, during the early years Rizzo was often naked, often wearing only a yellow hat. Rizzo also wore a purple shirt with his name on it from time to time, including episode 523, Rocky Mountain Holiday and The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show.
  • Starting in The Muppets Take Manhattan, Rizzo would begin wearing a red baseball cap backwards, while otherwise wearing different clothes from appearance-to-appearance, rarely if ever appearing naked otherwise.
  • Around Muppet Classic Theater, Rizzo would begin wearing a jacket and a white undershirt, along with his red hat. At first the jacket would be blue with red sleeves. Starting with Muppets Tonight, Rizzo's jacket would change to red with white sleeves, and his hat would be replaced with a yellow hat.

Dr. Teeth

  • His original outfit was an orange and pink striped shirt, a fuzzy pink vest, and a top hat. This outfit was worn throughout the run of The Muppet Show and into the early 1980s. Dr. Teeth would return to this outfit on-and-off starting in Muppets from Space.
  • Starting with The Muppets Take Manhattan, his fuzzy vest was replaced with a tuxedo with the sleeves torn off, his shirt underneath changed from a pink and orange stripped shirt to a black and red stripped shirt, and his hat is now black. His attire would remain this way throughout the decade.

Floyd Pepper

  • Floyd's original outfit was based on the clothes worn by The Beatles on the cover of their Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album. From the beginning, he has also worn a green hat, which has remained with most of his outfits. Floyd wore this outfit until the fifth season, going back to it at Muppetfest (though he remarked that it's a new suit) and wearing it from time to time.
  • In the last season of The Muppet Show, Floyd started wearing a red jacket, often with a different shirt underneath. This outfit lasted until The Muppets Take Manhattan.
  • In Rocky Mountain Holiday and A Muppet Family Christmas, he wore a red and black checkered jacket.
  • Starting with a 1999 Muppetism, Floyd has from time to time worn a bluejean jacket and a brown hat.


  • Animal's original outfit was a red and brown shirt, opened in the front with strings holding it together. Animal wore this until the early 1980s, and has worn it again from time to time over the years. Most of his outfits have often included a spiked collar with a chain attached.
  • In The Muppets Take Manhattan and The Muppet Revue, Animal wore a long-sleeved red shirt.


  • Janice's original outfit was a pink tank top and a green hat, worn up until the last season of The Muppet Show. She would wear this outfit again in The Muppets and Muppets Most Wanted.
  • Sometime during the last season of The Muppet Show, she started wearing a stripped sweater, and stopped wearing her hat.
  • While she wore her previous outfit at the beginning of The Muppets Take Manhattan, that movie also introduced a new outfit for Janice. She also started having a pony tail.
  • Around It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie, Janice started wearing a short-sleeved white shirt, while still having her hair in a pony tail.


  • His original shirt was a yellowish-brown shirt, which he wore until the last season of The Muppet Show. For the most part, he has kept his sunglasses and fedora, though he's been sporting a different pair of sunglasses on The Muppets.
  • Starting in the last season of The Muppet Show, Zoot began wearing a zoot suit.
  • In The Muppets Take Manhattan and A Muppet Family Christmas, Zoot wore a blue shirt.

Sesame Street


  • From 1993-2001, Zoe was naked, with the exception of some jewlery. In 2002, she began wearing a tutu regularly.