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A collection of words originating from Muppet productions

  • Bunsonium (n)
An atomic element discovered by and named after Dr. Bunsen Honeydew which, when taken internally, causes one's head to deflate
Origin: The Muppet Show episode 212
  • Gribbaziggy (v)
A medieval form of Gribbazoogum
Origin: The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence
  • Muppetational (adj)
Origin: "The Muppet Show Theme"
  • Pantransitphobia (n)
A dread fear of traveling through the state of Pennsylvania
Origin: The Muppet Show episode 117
  • Suppoose (v)
A variation of "suppose," used as a slant rhyme for "news"
Origin: Tales of the Tinkerdee

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