Instructions for creating episode guides on The Muppet Show pages.

Note: Referring to the guest star on episode guide pages by their first name is acceptable as this is how they are referred to on screen in most cases. Elsewhere on the wiki, articles should refer to people by their last name.


  • The episode guide should appear as this:
Picture Description
Cold Open: Guest star John Cleese is tied up and gagged. "It's no use struggling, Mr. Cleese," Scooter says. "You can't leave until you've done the show."
  • Episode guides should avoid spoiling all punchlines for a reader. Although it is only natural to include some of the episode's jokes, they should be limited to those which help a reader follow the episode's storyline.
  • Scenes involving Statler and Waldorf's balcony jokes should not be included in the episode guide unless relevant to the episode's storyline or unless there is something notable visually in the scene. The same rule applies to Kermit's introductions and Fozzie's opening jokes (only applicable during Season One).



Picture Description
Statler: What's wrong with you?
Waldorf: I've got a sore thumb.
Statler: Why don't you get it taken care of?
Waldorf: It helps keep my mind off the show.


Picture Description
After the credits, Statler asks Waldorf what he thought. The Chef and chicken run through the balcony again and Waldorf adds "I hate running gags!"