Since Sesame Street book and audio titles have been reissued many times since the original series on Sesame Street Records ended in 1983, I'm putting some raw data here to help me figure out what's been released more than once, in what year, on what format, and on what label.

Golden Book and Tapes (Sesame and Muppet)

Golden Combo Sets (1 tape with 2 books)

  • (Note: Watch out for different pairings)
  • Vegetable Soup/Don't Cry, Big Bird
  • Show and Tell/ The Sesame Street Pet Show
  • Grover Goes to School/Anybody Can Play
  • Ernie's Big Mess/When Is Saturday?
  • The Little Red Hen/Ernie Gets Lost
  • Grover Goes to School/Bert and the Missing Mop Mix-up
  • Ernie's Big Mess/Don't Cry, Big Bird

Sony Wonder Book and Tapes

Other Sony Wonder Book & Tape Sets (need to check if they're already here)

  • LT 67706- A,B,C (Chunky Book & Tape)
  • LT 67707- 1,2,3 (Chunky Book & Tape)
  • LT 67819- SLEEPY TIME (Boardbook & tape)

Other Stuff

British Muppet Babies Book & Record Sets (tapes too?)