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A lawsuit is legal action that is often enacted in response to malicious or unapproved use of, for example: television characters, governmental entities, or intellectual property of an organization.

List of Muppet/Henson lawsuits

  • In 1999, the The Jim Henson Company sued the Canadian media company, Cinar, claiming that they infringed on their puppet designs by creating Wimzie's House, a children's program that, like Sesame Street, aired on PBS, and wanted to have the former show taken off the air entirely. The court, agreeing with Cinar, ruled that since it was not a Henson property, the company did not have control over said entity, and so the two parties settled out of court, terms were not disclosed. Cinar's puppets were actually created by 3DesignStudios in New York. The creative director said "We didn't want to just repeat history and rip off (the) Cookie Monster, we were going for something a little more egy visually." News story of the Cinar show's PBS debut